Pelosi: Obamacare Was ‘Bipartisan,’ Only Final ‘Tweaks’ Made in Reconciliation

Image result for nancy pelosi liarSpeaking to reporters at U.S. Capitol on Friday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said that only “tweaks” were made to the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, under a reconciliation bill before it was signed into law by President Barack Obama in 2010, and, in fact, the process was “bipartisan.”

Obamacare, which the incoming Trump administration wants to repeal, passed in the House of Representatives on March 21, 2010 by a vote of 219-212.  Not one Republican voted for the bill and 34 Democrats voted against it. asked Pelosi, “You expressed yesterday opposition to repealing Obamacare and defunding Planned Parenthood through reconciliation. How do you square that with that’s how the Democrats were able to put Obamacare in place in the first place?”

“Actually – thank you for asking that question,” Pelosi said. “The Affordable Care Act was passed not under reconciliation when it first came to the Congress.”

“So the main part of the bill – House and Senate – was not under reconciliation,” she said. “The final version, which was just some tweaks -- I would have liked more – were what were done under reconciliation.”

“But the bulk of the bill – if you look back to the history of it – the bulk of the bill was done … on the 60-vote rule, not under reconciliation,” Pelosi said.

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He probably has a   6'x8'   oil painting of this hanging on his livingroom wall.

this is 1 time i agree with anything said by a member of congress for  all i know is that this wasn't read by anyone before it was signed. if obamacare is so great then why is congress exempt from this. i am an independent voter and say thanks to my elected officials for imposing this insurance-tax on us

The only reason why this air head Nancy Pelosi is in the US Congress is because of her mob up family from the early sixties and the liberal/socialist voters out in La La land California ! 

brainless Bitch

Oh really, that's why NO Republican voted for it (with the exception of a Rhino).  Pelosi you can stop talking anytime, we already know your have dementia.

If you wispher in her ear, you could here your voice echo.
Obviously, liberal progressive democrats are no longer held to tell the truth.
Even in the face of a video replay of their lie
they lie.
How do you deal with a liar . . .
You point your finger at them and throw rocks.
Other liberal progressive democrats will follow suit.
What universe is this freak botox queen from? Not one Republican voted for this Obama care and thatd bipartisan? We have people in this country that actually believe this garbage.

Can U imagine putting this woman back in office?

Now U know they are nuts~

Bipartisan? What planet does she live on?
Actually I think the Botox Queen is entertaining. Leave her in office she is a constant reminder of how horribly stupid the idiots in San Fransisco really are. It makes no difference who is in office there. They have just been shown the largest state can not win an election. I encourage all demonrats move to california.

The Democrats are stupid enough to believe that we voters do not remember how "OBAMACARE"  was conceived and shoved down our throats, in  the dark of night, behind closed and locked doors, and without one Republican present. Something you might expect from a COMMUNIST BANANA REPUBLIC Government South of the Border.

The Dems forget that Social Media has a MEMORY that remembers the past and will not allow their LIES TO PASS FOR THE TRUTH !!!!!!

Now the Dems want us to play FAIR with them (now that we are in the Majority) and expect us to be STUPID and do so !!!! There may be some who would fall for that, but I'm NOT one of them, and I hope the Conservatives don't either !!!! We have been fooled too many times to risk any more attempts by the LEFT WING RADICAL MARXISTS to recoup and attack our REPUBLIC again after they gain their strength back.

Now is the time to DESTROY them once and for all so we can once again develop a two Party system that can maintain civility and BOTH work for the BEST INTERESTS of the COUNTRY and the PEOPLE, so as to work together with a common goal to "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN" !!!!!




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President insults leftists during social media summit

The president made reference to the Antifa attack on gay Asian journalist Andy Ngo in Portland last month.

“Do you ever notice they pick on certain people?” asked Trump.

Embedded video
Michael Sheridan@MSH3RIDAN

"Did you ever notice they don't come after Bikers For  Trump?"@realDonaldTrump calls out ANTIFA for the wussies that they are.

“He would tell you he’s not the toughest person physically in the world – they don’t go after Bikers For Trump, you ever notice that, they don’t go after our construction workers who love us, they don’t go after the police,” he added.

Trump went on to further insult far-leftists, joking, “They live in the basement of their mom’s home,” while asserting that they all had skinny arms.

“But they have the black masks on and they have sticks, they hit people in the face, in the head.”

“But you ever notice Antifa’s never there when we have a bikers rally….they’re never around, they’re always there when you have a single guy protesting in front of a school,” said Trump.

Trump then made reference to his administration’s move to withdraw federal funding from educational institutions that don’t allow free speech on campus.


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