Taking a page out of Black Lives Matter’s playbook, Obamacare supporters entered a restaurant in Donald Trump’s New York City hotel and confronted diners on Sunday.

About 20 people staged a “cough-in,” interrupting patrons Sunday morning.

Video shows the liberal activists, called “Rise & Resist,” coughing repeatedly inside the Jean Georges restaurant at Trump International Hotel and Tower, and standing up and unfurling signs reading, “We Need Obamacare” and “Trumpcare Makes Us Sick.”

They chanted the same slogans as they exited the restaurant.

A lone voice could be heard responding, “You cannot keep your doctor.”

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They (the Left) has always been at war with the American culture. In 2008, they openly declared war on America with the dreaded fundamental transformation. Unfortunately, only some people paid attention. They continued their war through the 2012 presidential election and beyond. Seeing the destruction, more people finally began to understand the unwanted changes. By 2016, enough Americans went to the polls and demonstrated that they had enough of Obamanomics. Trump won in an electoral landslide.

However, the so-called all inclusive, tolerant Left goes bat-sh!t and blatantly steps up their war with America. Now there is no mistaking who these people really are. With the help from the corrupt media, clueless Hollywood, the various groups of radical malcontents, it was time to plot and plan violence. The deranged name calling, bully-racists were now tossing in-your-face threats everyday. Trump's inauguration at the collateral celebrations will be targeted.

We'll be facing ruthless intimidation at every turn. They hope to bring the spineless GOP into submission. They know it has worked in the past.  Just look at the first ones that will likely cave....John McCain, Lindsey Graham, for starters. AND, ...the Left plans to do this every single day, for the next four years. In the interim, they will be promoting impeachment and placing that demand on the table. The drip, drip, drip, of the Trump derangement syndrome - will be in the full swing mode. 

Just watch....................

I believe we knew this was coming? It's time we beat them back. Whatever it takes to rid ourselves of these degenerates. They must be crushed. Put a legal hurtin on them (on federal chain gangs) because there is no better way to deal with them, is there? Anyone see a meeting of the minds with these ignorant nasty SOB's? They are too indoctrinated too far gone to reason with without a confrontation.

Just when you think it's safe the Left wing loony's jump up in your face crying and throwing there tantrums! well I have always said they will stop at nothing to promote there sick socialist plan for there America, they are a very dangerous adversary because of the fact nothing not anything is to low in order to promote plan ! 

Rises to the level of assault and should be charged.

Sick, pathetic, nasty mouthed children.

if obamacare is great then why did congress exempt them self from this

That is what everyone should be asking  .. Because it is no good except for illegals and welfare.. We the people pay for them !

Oh wow, what it takes to be a moron!

this behavior is why they lost and will continue to lose

Hope they were arrested.  This is not protesting. This is domestic terrorism.  Obamaworld.

There can be no comprising with the communists and their useful idiots....we can only defeat them at every turn....

  we need to Dump obamacare it makes us poor !!!!.




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