NRA News Commentators | Ep. 96: Dom Raso “Pride and Ownership in the USA”

Dom Raso encourages Americans to hold themselves to the highest possible standard and to take pride and ownership in the land on which they stand. 

✡✝“United We Stand, Divided We Fall”✝✡

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Dianne Feinstein Promises Nationwide ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban

Feinstein doesn't run the US Senate nor does she hold the President's pen... it's time to inform her that nothing she sponsors is likely to get any further than the House.
Feinstein doesn't run the US Senate nor does she hold the President's pen... it's time to inform her that nothing she sponsors is likely to get any further than the House.
The blog is up Ronald, and the Feinstein this little Jewish nut from the EU UN Global Migration Agenda can not go forward while American's are armed and ready to go to war against the UN.

America doesn't need to go to war with the UN... besides, the UN is not a nation state, declaring war against the UN would require several hundred articles of war to be passed by Congress... as each member state is a separate sovereign nation.

 We The People do not need congress to declare war against the UN. The French did not against the UN, England is on course to war.

 Hey man how the hell do you figure we need congress to control our thoughts and actions. They think they are in control. In reality they are not.

Amazing.... all I can say is ignorance has its own reward.  Undeclared war, conducted by individual citizens or a private militia, is in fact TERRORISM... unlawful war.  This is what the Muslim jihadist do... They wage religious war on anyone who is not Muslim. They do so without a state sponsor or declared war, they engage in terrorist acts not warfare.

All I can say is if you and your militia friends decide to unilaterally declare war on the UN  expect to be labeled a terrorist... without any of the international protections, conventions and laws regulating warfare.  You will be a hunted criminal... and under the Patriot Act denied your Constitutional rights to a trial by jury... look out GITMO here comes Hank.

Ignorance is to even think some know what is taking place against the NWO..

It is not bending over to the UN to work within the UN Security Council to block anti-American policy and funding.  The Trump administration is not likely to do what the past 4 or 5 administrations have done with the UN...

In fact, Trump has boldly confronted them, face to face... declaring his administration is not going to put up with the crap the UN has pulled and will be rapidly defunding it.

President Trump signed an executive order that dramatically reduces U.S. funding to the United Nations.

The move comes a month after the UN Security Council’s egregious anti-Israel resolution, labeling the Old City of Jerusalem, the Western Wall, and the Jewish Quarter illegally occupied territory.

The New York Times reported Wednesday that Trump’s order, aptly entitled “Auditing and Reducing U.S. Funding of International Organizations, demands “at least a 40 percent overall decrease” in American funding for international organizations that violate certain criteria. One such criterion is whether a given UN body recognizes full membership to the Palestinian Liberation Organization and the Palestinian Authority, Islamist-inspired political projects accused of promoting terrorism and violence against Jews.

We don't need to withdraw from the UN... we need to defund it and use our VETO to keep it from interfering with the interest of the US and other world Democracies. Withdrawing from the UN will only put us on the outside looking in... instead of sitting on the Security Council where the US can Veto and Defund anti-American programs.. 



Some call you Ronald, and others different, I have watched all the comments and the blogs.

 This NRA blog, seeing how the UN has managed its foot hold on nations, and they have educational camps to send people to if they voice a opinion, against what they are doing. And this NRA will be gone forever.

 Every person here in America, has been seen by the people from the EU. I think if we do not support this legislation, in 4 to 8 years there are those within this Government that supports the agenda at work.

If we pull out of the UN it won't change what they do... The programs you cite are not supported by Pres. Trump and will be veto'd or the US will not sign on to them...

In the past both Republican and Democrat Administrations and Congress's have signed onto very bad UN policy and programs... Now that Trump is President the UN has been informed that we intend on withdrawing and defunding all UN programs that are anti-American. 

Trump is not pulling out of the UN he is managing the UN by remaining in the UN... while, withdrawing from all those scary UN programs you refer or allude too.

The UN can not outlaw the NRA... it is a US non-profit corporation, organized under and subject to US Law. The NRA is not subject to UN resolutions, treaties, or to international Law.  Any UN program aimed at destroying the NRA is unenforceable under US Law... and it takes the US Congress and President to pass and sign implementing US Law, before any UN policy has jurisdiction over US citizens and corporations… UN policy, resolutions or treaties, have no effect in the US without Congressional and Presidential approval in advance.




Political Cartoons by AF Branco

Political Cartoons by Tom Stiglich


‘Breaking: Supreme Court Sides With Trump Over Sanctuary Cities In Deportation Case

 The US Supreme Court sided with President Trump over sanctuary cities today in a 5-4 decision.

The court ruled the government has the power to detain people who are facing deportation because of the crimes they committed.

Chief Justice John Roberts joined justices Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch and Kavanaugh in the majority. reported:

A divided U.S. Supreme Court bolstered the government’s power to detain people who are facing deportation because of crimes they committed, siding with the Trump administration in a clash with implications for so-called sanctuary cities.

The case focused on non-citizen legal residents who serve a criminal sentence, get released and later are arrested by federal immigration agents.

The 5-4 ruling Tuesday said those people aren’t entitled to a bond hearing, and the possibility of re-release, while the Homeland Security Department presses its case for deportation. The ruling reversed a decision by the San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

In announcing the decision from the bench, Justice Samuel Alito said the lower court had made a “policy judgment” using reasoning that “makes a mockery” of the federal immigration laws…

…Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh joined the majority, but they splintered in their reasoning.

Thomas and Gorsuch didn’t agree with all of Alito’s opinion. They said courts lack power to consider issues involving the detention of non-citizens until those people are facing a deportation order.

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