U.S. civil rights advocates aired their concerns about the recent Michael Brown shooting to the United Nations in Geneva, according to a press call from the organizations on Wednesday.

“This issue was front and center,” Hilary O. Shelton, director of the NAACP Washington Bureau, explained during the call.

According to Shelton, Trayvon Martin’s mother Sabrina Fulton and Jordan Davis’s father Ron Davis told their stories about losing their teenage children in shootings in each of the pre-briefings of the process.

“I think that everyone was outraged and horrified to hear that, yet again, it had happened in St. Louis, Missouri,” he said.

The group of activists presented to a U.N. panel in Geneva, Switzerland, documenting their concerns of U.S. compliance with the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD) treaty.

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The Treaty, which was signed by the US in 1966 and ratified by the Senatin 1994:


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Does the NAACP have any idea what they're doing. Asking for the UN to stick their nose in our nations affairs is disastrous and just asking to start the OWG! I would suggest they move out of the country and then ask UN what ever they desire!!

We might start with the "Liberty Amendments" a book from Mark Levin and how to use the 5th Amendment to relieve the states of an oppressive federal government.  Basically, the founders were 100% right about a Federal Government with LIMITED powers. The elitists created this mess and we need to balance the federal budget and eliminate the vast leviathan.  Far too much power in too few hands.

The first time I had any dealings with the Un was back in the early seventies.  I learned real quick not to trust any of them.

How come the liberal media makes a big deal out of the shooting in Mo.How about killing's everyday in Baltimore and Chicago and other major cities.You have these black gang banger's across the country beating and killing white people young and old,mostly old the cowards and you dont hear nothing from the liberal media,jailbird Sharpton,Jessie Jackson,Evil Eric Holder,and of course his highness Obama.CNN is running this stuff into the ground,just like they did Bush.Their is no doubt in my mind that the mainstream media is getting paid off from somebody for not reporting how bad and evil this dictator is in the oval office.THIS IS THE CROW JIM ERA.I'm glad they locked up 2 liberal reporter's and now the rest of the left wing media is whinning.I wish I could fire all you pos for not exposing this very bad president.

Damn, our Country is really SCREWED UP! Say what you want about George W. but our Nation was up and running. Look at it now. ogoddamnbama has really put it to us...

Why doesn't Obamunist get involved in CHICAGO they have more black on black murders there than any state!!

Oh wait, what's that??

One of the most strict gun control states there is here in the USA Hmm

Need to do away with or make both the naacp & the congressional black caucus along with the un illegal to be in this  country.  All of them are racist or anit-American. 

THat is the most sensible thing since grandmas cookies . get rid of the expensive baggage. they cause MORE TROUBLE THAN THE PREVENT

Right. Like the UN is going to do something? they've done nothing about the genocide and famine in Africa. Or the genocide in Northern Iraq. Or Russia invading the Crimea, or the Ukraine, or shooting down an airliner. In Gaza, they criticize the victims for defending themselves and side with Hamas. When ever UN troops are deployed, and trouble breaks out. All you can see is the back of blue helmets. I'd like to see the UN send troops. They wouldn't stand a chance in any major US city.

now that the N A A C P has established that racisism exists we should exert our rights . every time a white gets beat up or mugged buy a black we should pull out the race card and riot in their HOOD we could use the skin heads  the K K K  the REDNECKS and a few other racists loving groups.if it is a race war they want then let them bring it on. I personaly am tired of their thugs starting trouble then gets killed then its MY BABY. MY very great good baby he did not do any thing . well put all of his substantial ,witnesses through the lie detector test and now see what really happened.

Birds of a feather flocking together:.America's premiere hate group the NAACP is appealing to the International global organized criminal organization, the UN. Something tells me that this riot is not just a spontaneous outcry against injustice. To the NAACP justice means black power and black dominance.They are nothing less than black supremists. Something tells me that this event has been organized, engineered, and exploited for the agenda of the left These people the NAACP have been imposing injustice on the nation for decades and have a blank check to virtually do what they want no matter who it hurts. This is the legacy of the NAACP. Enforcing the submission of disunited whites by intimidation and violence is nothing new. The largely exaggerated myths of their victimization have been used to enforce the submissiveness of the hated white race. A hatred that the NAACP encourages and propagates. 

During the LA riots agitators were seen with bullhorns agitating  the violence. Now it is spread by facebook and twitter. 

when in Rome do as the Romans do. So lets form representative groups that put the white mis treated at the top of the list and get connections in the media maybe start our own news media then we can forget to report on every thing in favor of the blacks. I am in favor of reverse racisism. we gonna cry out loud and holler racisism. start some law suits.




Political Cartoons by AF Branco


Rudy Fires Warning Shot – Going to Release Evidence on the Biden’s Millions in Corrupt Deeds!

President Trump’s personal attorney and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani dropped a bomb this morning warning that he is going to start revealing documents related to the Biden Family’s corrupt and criminal dealings in the Ukraine and elsewhere around the world.

Rudy tweeted:

Everything I tried to tell the press last March is now coming out, and more. I will now start to reveal the evidence directly to you, the People. The Biden Family Enterprise made millions by selling public office. Then when Joe was Obama’s Point Man, they ALL made millions.

Rudy Giuliani    @RudyGiuliani

Everything I tried to tell the press last March is now coming out, and more. I will now start to reveal the evidence directly to you, the People. The Biden Family Enterprise made millions by selling public office. Then when Joe was Obama’s Point Man, they ALL made millions.

It’s time to take these criminals from the Obama Administration to task.  The Bidens, Obamas and the Clintons were criminal enterprises.

Trump Speaks At March For Life Rally

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