In a recent interview, Jay Leno said that if he were still a late night host, there would be less Trump bashing. “I enjoy bringing people together,” he said, “If [mocking the president] is a constant thing on a nightly basis, eventually you’re all doing the same joke” (via Celebrity Insider).

The former late night host explained that comedians are only alienating half of their potential fans by recycling the same tired Trump jokes again and again.

The repetition of inane jabs aimed at President Trump reveals that the mainstream media entertainment industry is more interested in generating propaganda than they are in making people laugh.

Late night hosts and other celebrities have backed themselves into a corner. Poking fun at the President is a time-honored tradition in American politics, but the current climate has gone way too far.

Our political system is intentionally designed to prevent demagoguery. Elected officials should be the legitimate target of ridicule preventing them from obtaining sacred status and comedians are protected under the First Amendment.

However, the constant barrage of inaccurate and tasteless jokes creates an environment where half of the American people feel like they are being attacked by the other half.

President Trump even made fun of himself during his speech at the Al Smith charity dinner in New York. A healthy sense of humor is important to check the egos of elected officials.

However, late night comedians have gone well past a healthy sense of humor and are now certifiably obsessed. Measured jokes jettisoned for baseless insults such as attacking the First Lady as a “prostitute” or Stephen Colbert’s accusation that President Trump has engaged sexually with Vladimir Putin.

The one-sidedness of the attacks completely destroys any credibility of the comedians as professionals; revealing them as the partisan hacks of the Democrat Party that they truly are. Fans quickly grow tired when attacks on President Trump is the only joke in an hour-long comedy show.

Even Jay Leno’s replacement, Jimmy Fallon, is getting sick of the constant anti-Trump approach. He recently joked that he was relieved when only half of his monolog was dedicated to President Trump.

We tune into late night shows for a chance to relax and laugh. If we wanted baseless lies against President Trump, we could just watch CNN.