In Letter Sent Home To All Parents, Chicago Public Schools Promise To Obstruct ‘The Enforcement Of Federal Civil Immigration Law’

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Chicago Public SchoolsThe Chicago public school system has decided to openly defy the president of the United States. More than 392,000 students attend public schools in Chicago, and on Tuesday a letter was sent home with each of those students telling their parents that Chicago schools will not “assist in the enforcement of federal civil immigration law”. In fact, the letter actually says that federal officials will not even be allowed “to access CPS facilities”. In essence, every Chicago public school has now officially been declared to be a “sanctuary” for illegal immigrants. If you would like to see the original document, you can do so right here. This is just another example of how deeply divided we are as a nation. The entire public school system of one of our largest cities is now in open rebellion against the president, and that is a very dangerous sign.

Of course Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel had already established a precedent earlier this year when he pledged to defy Donald Trump and to continue to keep Chicago as a “sanctuary city” for illegal immigrants. The following comes from the Chicago Tribune

As President Donald Trump signed an executive order Wednesday to cut off some federal funding from sanctuary cities, Mayor Rahm Emanuel vowed Chicago would remain one and continue to protect immigrants from deportation.

“We’re gonna stay a sanctuary city,” Emanuel said in a news conference after Wednesday’s City Council meeting. “There is no stranger among us. We welcome people, whether you’re from Poland or Pakistan, whether you’re from Ireland or India or Israel and whether you’re from Mexico or Moldova, where my grandfather came from, you are welcome in Chicago as you pursue the American Dream.”

Emanuel makes it sound like you are “anti-immigrant” if you are against sanctuary cities. But that is not accurate at all. The truth is that America was built by immigrants, but for years we have had an immigration policy that is completely upside down.

We have allowed millions upon millions of people to pour across our borders illegally, but meanwhile we have made legal immigration a complete nightmare. I am familiar with the process that someone has to go through to legally immigrate to this country, and it is exceedingly complex and very expensive.

So we are keeping out the hard working, law abiding people that we should want to come here, but we have been keeping the back door wide open for criminals, gang members and those that are seeking to take advantage of the system.

What kind of sense does that make?

And the truth is that the Trump administration does not even want to deport all illegal immigrants. At this point, they are only focusing on those that have done something wrong, and that is very similar to the approach that was implemented under the Obama administration. The following comes from the Los Angeles Times

Immigration officers were directed to focus first on deporting convicted criminals or those charged with crimes. But Kelly also freed them to conduct more raids in immigrant communities and detain people who don’t have criminal convictions.

In addition to deporting those convicted of crimes, immigration officials will also target:

  • people in the country illegally who have been charged with crimes not yet adjudicated.
  • those who have not been charged but are believed to have committed “acts that constitute a chargeable criminal offense.” That would include the 6 million people believed to have entered without passing through an official border crossing.
  • those who receive an improper welfare benefit.
  • those who committed minor infractions such as driving without a license.

Unfortunately, if you speak out against illegal immigration these days, it could cost you your job.

This is becoming one of the most hotly contested political issues in the nation, and as we have already seen there are a lot of leftists that are not afraid to openly defy the federal government.

Of course the truth is that it is already probably too late to try to turn things around. It has been estimated that there are well over 100,000 gang members in the city of Chicago alone, and a very large percentage of them are illegal immigrants.

Someday when things get really bad in this country, gang violence will help fuel tremendous civil unrest all across the United States. The coming civil unrest is a major theme in my novel, and it is one of the reasons why so many concerned Americans have been moving away from the big urban centers.

And it isn’t just leftists that are openly defying Trump. This week, it is being reported that Mexico “will vigorously fight U.S. mass deportations of undocumented immigrants”…

Mexico will vigorously fight U.S. mass deportations of undocumented immigrants back to Mexico and refuse to accept any non-Mexicans expelled across the border, Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray vowed Wednesday.

A day after the Trump administration unveiled tough new guidelines for enforcing immigration laws, Videgaray said the treatment of Mexican migrants in the United States would top his country’s agenda when President Enrique Peña Nieto meets Thursday with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly.

Relations between the United States and Mexico are already the worst that they have been in my entire lifetime, and they could potentially get a whole lot worse in the months ahead.

When it comes to immigration, Donald Trump is trying to do things very differently from how Barack Obama was doing them, and that is causing a lot of chaos, pain and confusion.

We always need to remember that every single person on this planet is of extraordinary value no matter what they look like or where they are from. And we will always need people to immigrate to this country. It is just that we need to make sure that everyone comes in through the front door instead of sneaking through a back door that has been purposely left wide open by careless politicians.

Is there ANYBODY in Chicago with any brains?

And they wonder why they have the highest crime rate in the country...

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We had a lawless person in the WH for 8 years. He set the example for many who wish to defy the law. They saw that congress did not hold him accountable when he broke our laws daily. They concluded the law is "relative" or meaningless.  This Administration has the task of slamming down hard on those who continue to break our laws.  That is the only way for people to re learn that there are dire consequences for breaking the law.  Thank God we have Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.  The punks who tried to disrupt the Inauguration are now learning what the consequences of rioting In our Nations Capital will be.  Five years in jail and some hefty fines.  The ACLU may go bankrupt trying to defending all those charged with Sedition.

The idea of the ACLU going bankrupt made me smile, would like to see that.  Also the SPLC.

DITTO.  I wanna' do this to the ACLU & SPLC some day:

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2 Tim:3 is happening before our eyes.

Amen...followed by Revelations

i love the sanity of this. people are being shot and killed in chiraq at a record pace. i wonder how all this will impact the tourists industry ?

people need to be going to jail

We the people also have decided to defy the school system by home schooling our children. This is "OUR" responsibility to care for and educate our children. We will ask Trump to defund NEA and to give the funds to the parents so they can homeschool or send them to private schools of their choice.   Kiss your jobs good bye and we hope you move to the country you're educating principles agree with.

Chicago has been getting what it deserves.  If the parents keep approving of this, they deserve more. Let the slaughter go on.

This is easily dealt with ... let the Sec. of Education notify the Chicago Public Schools that misappropriation of government funds to educate illegal aliens will result in ALL FUNDS being Sequestured until the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois demonstrate they can run a lawful public schools system... then cut them off of all federal funding.

Treat the City of Chicago and any Public School System that threatens to unlawfully expend federal funds to support illegal aliens... just like a sanctuary city... cut them off from federal funding... withhold funds, sequester them until they comply with the laws regarding harboring illegal aliens and or aiding and abetting criminal conduct with federal funds.

The Left will threaten and abuse their power as long as Trump allows them to do so.. it may become necessary to start massive IMPEACHMENTS of Federal Judges... Trumps. DOJ and Congress need to coordinate these efforts in such a manner that the  Federal Judiciary gets the message and avoids this Constitutional show down... but one must occur if the Courts threaten the proper administration of the law as intended by Congress... we don't fund unlawful activity.

Give Trump time. Stop with the doom and gloom. Things are going our way. Of course the nazi democrats and bureaucrats are whining. But they will be arrested bybthis administration. Party on people and be thankful for our God given victory by the people with election of Trump.

Yeah... Elis.. how's that working...the arrests that is? Don't burry your head in the sand and ignore the problems... Trump is having a ball, at Key Largo... while the Capitol is on fire. I want to see some real progress... everything Trump has done so far has ended in a stalemate... in some court action or bureaucratic debacle.

Tell me how many illegal aliens have been deported... since Trump took office.  I will tell you... fewer than last year over the same period... how's that for reality. The MSM may not be the only ones dealing in fake news.

Party on people... is precisely what we don't need to be doing.  Partying is not getting the heavy lifting done.  God delivered His people out of Egypt only to find them going right back into bondage and 40yrs of wondering around in the wilderness.. Why?  They Party'd on... while Moses was absent... on the Mount.  I for one advise against over confidence and partying when your house is on fire. Put the fire out first and then think about rejoicing.




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