HuffPo Scrambles to Hide GOP Execution Evidence… But We’ve Got a Copy

In the wake of the Alexandria shooting on Wednesday, the Huffington Post is scrambling to minimize the damage from a piece that appeared on their website which called for the execution of President Donald Trump and Republicans.

However, even though the publication is trying to hide the piece — titled “Impeachment Is No Longer Enough; Donald Trump Must Face Justice” — like most things on the internet, it won’t go away. And we have a copy of it.

According to The Daily Caller, the piece was published on Saturday and written by Huffington Post contributor Jason Fuller.

“Trump’s impeachment and removal from office are no longer enough,” Fuller wrote, according to the Washington Times.

Draining the swamp means not only ejecting Trump from the presidency, but also bringing himself and everyone assisting in his agenda up on charges of treason. They must be convicted (there is little room to doubt their guilt).

And then — upon receiving guilty verdicts — they must all be executed under the law. Anything less than capital punishment — or at least life imprisonment without parole in a maximum security detention facility — would send yet another message to the world that America has lost its moral compass.”

It wasn’t just the president and his advisers who he thought should be subject to kangaroo court trials and summary executions, either.

In the piece, Fuller also said Republicans ought to be summarily executed, too.

“Nothing would do more than to convict them of the highest offense defined by our Constitution, and then to deliver the ultimate punishment. Donald Trump deserves nothing less,” Fuller continued.

“Mitch McConnell, Steve Bannon, and Paul Ryan should also share Donald Trump’s fate, for they have done more than practically anyone to protect him and to throw our country under the proverbial bus. In order to survive, we as a nation must deliver the ultimate punishment under the law to all involved in its current destruction.”

While the Huffington Post was busy distancing itself from Fuller’s piece after the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise on Wednesday, Fuller himself refused to back down on insisting the president and Republicans be killed.

“What appears to have garnered the most vitriol was my opinion that President Trump and his co-conspirators within the government should be executed for treason if found guilty in a court of law,” he said in a piece on Medium, conveniently forgetting to mention he had more or less already deemed them guilty.

“In other words: I want President Trump to be fully investigated, face the charges of treason, and then executed under the law should a guilty verdict be attained. […] I 100 percent stand behind every word that I wrote and make no attempts to apologize or to appease the Trump supporters who are unable to comprehend those words.”

He also expressed disappointment that the Huffington Post had disowned the piece, since they had treated Trump “as a racist, misogynist, et al.”

Fuller’s sick embrace of fascism may have been disowned by the people at the HuffPo, but that doesn’t excuse them. It’s just the latest example of the left implying it’s OK to use violence against those with whom they disagree. Why are they so surprised someone took them seriously?

What are your thoughts on Fuller's article?

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jason fuller, how about you being arrested and convicted for Attempted Murder; you can spend the rest of your life in Prison where everyone like you should be.

I think the communist garbage Fuller and the Huffington Post should be investigated and he should be hung and the dirt rag publisher Huffington Post shut completely down. They encourage criminal activity and threaten the welfare of my nation, is that ok with this administration?
I don't know what it's going to take for the right to say enough. If and it probably will come to civil war the democrats are insane, the economy will collapse they won't have jobs, food, gasoline and electricity. How insane is that? Do they really think they will survive?
I really had no idea that democrats truthfully are so very very dumb. I'm not attempting to insult them it's true they are seriously stupid.
The non action by the Trump administration and especially the Dept. of Justice AG Jeff Sessions to set back and do nothing to stop this outrageous behavior from the left makes me wonder do they want the right to rise up and war with the left? Have the Washington right become equally mentally disturbed?
This situation is so disturbing it is difficult to believe but I warn all of you, we must begin to give this serious rational thought. Not that I desire the fight but rather we are able to consider what is truly about to happen in our America.
I am pleading with Trump to light a fire under this worthless AG and stop this incitement from the left to destroy our Constitutional Republic. The tears of enabling behavior from past administration's to weaken the will of the people and make them lazy worthless cry babies that want their free stuff and now that is threatened so they throw their temper tantrum threatening to kill Republicans the wealthy, Law Enforcement. The left have become delusional.

Alright I'll shut up and get off my rant, until next time Patriots.

God Bless America and the State of Israel

Live Free or Die

What I'm unknowledgeable about here.....  Would charges against the HuffPo come from just the state?   Haven't they also violated federal laws?  And just WHO brings the charges?  And why haven't they done it yet?  And WHAT can we do to push them to do their jobs?

18 USC sec.879 is very clear it is a felony punishment may very on severity and circumstances in the threat. It is unlawful to threaten the president the severity can be determined by many factors but in this case the threat is made in print and over the wireless communication that could also involved the FCC.
I don't think the AG is up to the task, he hasn't done his job up to now why would he suddenly change. Fire Sessions he is not performing. The least the FCC could shut Huffington Post down for good and the AG could charge Fuller and publishing editor.
Threats toward the President and use of mass media to incite violence within the population. This could be very serious but I doubt anything will come of it. Washington has garbage, so much garbage on one another that they have all become impotent in the performance of their duties.

God Bless America and the State of Israel

Live Free or Die

Protesters interrupt violent Julius Caesar Trump play

Laura Loomer protested the scene where a Trump lookalike is viciously assassinated in the Central Park rendition of “Julius Caesar.”

Two protesters interrupted the play Julius Caesar in New York’s Central Park to condemn violent leftist rhetoric against President Trump and his supporters.

Rebel TV’s Laura Loomer was arrested after rushing the stage during a scene where a Trump lookalike is stabbed and assassinated. “Stop leftist violence!” she urged before being yanked off stage by security.

“Stop the normalization of political violence against the right! This is unacceptable. You cannot promote this kind of violence against Donald Trump. Shame on the New York City Public Theater for doing this!”

Loomer, 24, was charged with criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct. Laura was released on bail and tweeted that she’s not sorry for what she did because she categorically condemns the political violence that has escalated on the left in recent months.

I'm out of jail, but I'm not apologetic. Thanks to everyone who is supporting me & condemning political violence. 

The other protester, Jack Posobiec, captured Loomer’s arrest on video while shouting, “The blood of Steve Scalise is on your hands!” He was escorted out of the theater but was not arrested.

Posobiec was referencing the shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise, who was gunned down this week by leftist assassin James Hodgkinson at a baseball practice. Scalise remains in the hospital in critical condition after narrowly escaping death.

Posobiec yelled to the booing crowd in Central Park: “You are all Goebbels! You are all Nazis like Joseph Goebbels. You are inciting terrorists!” Goebbels was the minister of propaganda in Nazi Germany.

Here’s another angle of Laura Loomer’s arrest:

While all this unfolded, the liberal Manhattan crowd at the Delacorte Theater booed the protesters while cheering their removal from the stage.

They also loudly cheered the scene where a Trump lookalike gets viciously stabbed and murdered on stage. Afterward, Loomer and Posobiec discussed their protest:

The Central Park Theater’s rendition of “Julius Caesar” made international headlines for its brutal on-stage assassination of a proxy for President Trump.

The play drew criticism for dialing up violent leftist propaganda against Trump amid widespread condemnation of comedian Kathy Griffin channeling an ISIS terrorist by holding up a severed head of the president.

Corporate sponsors Bank of America and American Express withdrew their funding of “Julius Caesar,” saying they do not condone violence.View image on Twitter

We are withdrawing our fundingView image on Twitter

The assassination attempts on Republican Congressmen earlier this week was the culmination of months of violent leftist propaganda by mainstream media and liberal celebrities, many of whom have called for Trump’s murder and violence against his supporters.

There have been an increasing number of assaults on Trump supporters around the country, much of which has gone ignored by mainstream media. Will liberals finally condemn leftist terrorism before more innocent people get hurt or killed?

Leftists are demented.
Mock Assassination of President Trump - GOOD!
Protesting Mock Assassination of President Trump - BAD!#FreeLaura

It's a sad day in America when a lady is arrested because she didn't want the President assassinated, and had the guts to say so. #FreeLaura

Antifa runs in packs, illegally masked, w weapons. They're just accommodated. Trump fan walks on stage & opens her mouth? Arrest. #FreeLaura

View image on Twitter

This needs to happen every night, with dozens and dozens of protesters until this play is shut down.View image on Twitter

Media Terrorists

Did the Congressional baseball game shooter heed to AG Loretta Lynch's call for more 'marching, blood, death on streets'? 
Words matter.View image on Twitter

The Left, MSM, Hillary,Bernie, Pelosi, Lynch & ALL who are spreading Propaganda & Lies against @POTUSHave Blood On their Hands! #Godless

sometimes it's really hard to admit to being the same species as these folks. other times it's damn near impossible.

I was born in Missouri................................SHOW ME the proof

;' /

AW...just as I thought.....being optimistic   ;o))

okay, here's some possible evidence we're not of the same species;
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and a “Morning Joe” panel on MSNBC burst …
isn't that something a shape shifting reptilian would say??   ;' /

I bow to your astute observations....

Related image

Isn't it amazing what is NOT being reported on MSM?

The assassination list of GOP names found in the baseball field shooter’s pocket

The list, recovered by the FBI, was found in James T. Hodgkinson’s pocket, according to The Daily Caller.

Handwritten on notepad paper, the list of names included Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks, South Carolina Rep. Jeff Duncan and Arizona Rep. Trent Franks, anonymous sources told the Daily Caller. Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, Tennessee Rep. Scott DesJarlais and Virginia Rep. Morgan Griffith were also included on that list, according to a separate report from Fox News.

Hse GOP names on Hodgkinson list written in pen found in van: DesJarlais, Franks, DuncanSC, Jordan, BrooksAL, Griffith

The named congressmen are all conservative members of the House Freedom Caucus, and the list appears to confirm that the shooting was not random but a premeditated attempt to assassinate the politicians.

Hodgkinson opened fire on congressman and their aides on Wednesday while they practiced at a baseball field in Alexandria. The 66 year-old, who apparently volunteered with Bernie Sanders’ failed presidential campaign, wounded four people including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, before being shot and killed by U.S. Capitol Police.

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway tweeted a comment Friday

The congressmen named on the list were notified by the FBI, the Daily Caller reported. Franks confirmed to Fox News on Friday’s “The Story with Martha MacCallum” that he was one of the names on the list.




Winning! Kroger Announces 11,000 New Jobs,
Increased Wages, Education Benefits
 Thanks To TRUMP Tax Cuts 

 Kroger CEO Rodney McMullen announced Monday that the Republican’s tax cut has allowed the company to raise wages and invest in its employees.

McMullen made the announcement on CNBC on Monday.

Democrats promise to take these tax cuts and benefits away if they take over Congress.
Guy Benson

ARMAGEDDON UPDATE: Major Ohio-based grocery chain announces 11,000 new jobs, $500 million in increased wages/benefits to workers & a substantial charitable investment, thanks to tax reform -- which Democrats would like to repeal.

Kroger sweetens employee benefits as it moves to ramp up hiring

The grocer plans to invest in education, wages and retirement benefits, saying tax law changes helped fund these efforts.

For the record… Every Democrat voted NO to the Trump tax cuts.

View image on Twitter
🇺🇸 Miguelifornia@michaelbeatty3



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