Glenn Beck Calls for Obama's Impeachment Over Boston Terrorist Attack

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Isnt this like his 1527th impeachable offense? Every day we hear someone say hes committed an impeachable offense. If Benghazi and Fast and Furious didn't get him nothing will. We would need the Senate to impeach, And we know who controls the senate. It would be asking Reid to impeach his co conspirator. No matter what Obama does it aint gonna happen. There would also be riots and chaos and anarchy and carnage and looting and burning and killing across the entire country by the subs. We can forget impeachment. That's the bottom line.

With majority in the Senate, a bunch of traitor republicans in the House, Supreme Court under Obama's control, and billionaires such as George Soros, impeachment is near to IMPOSSIBLE...!  Let's be more objective: revolution, patriotism, deeds, not words...

You are absolutely right Mario. Your chances of winning the lottery 4 times in a row are better than Obama being impeached. Obama has stacked the deck in his favor. Sadly, all jokes aside, revolution is about the only way we can retake the country before its lost forever.

No. The absolute is to come against the liars in our Liberal media like stink on potty! Make them feel the American public outcry! We know this is why he is still in office! It is Liberal Commentators and just look at some of their words. Bill Meyer suggests the Second Amendment is BS! If one reports on "Fast and Furious" and how Obama came against Mexico and America by giving the felons of the Mexican Drug Cartel weapons, it is obvious that they are racist? It surely supported his supporters which are the MOB! Our US MOB is in every powerful union! This includes the UAW! We note that they are not into supporting their members but supporting Socialism! You do not have the right not to join a union! The unions have come against Americans because they do not support our Republic or our rights as citizens!

TOM AND MARIO - Why don't you HELP instead of give up GDammit ! There is EVERY way at least 4 impeachable crimes - high crimes and misdemeanors, can be pinned on this moron crafty radical snake.


CONTACT CONSERVATIVE MAJORITY FUND and get out there and HELP to impeach him !!!


I see the Blacks , the Hispanics, and the WHites in Jamaica Queens, NewYorkCity, NY change their point of view here, esp amidst the numerous arrests and jailings of the poisonus bas--rds here in new York City : mostly Dems, but 2 "R's" far.


START FIGHTING IN A MORE POWERFUL WAY, Guys...use your brains and your wallets and get out there and WORK on getting the jerk IMPEACHED !! NOW NOW NOWNOW NOW !!!!!!!!!!!

He welcomes that so he can call martial law. How like "Hunger Games" we are rapidly becoming.

Nothing is going to happen. People will go about and rely on do nothing wimp politicians who are running our country.

Arthur, if one reports facts against this President they are called racist! This is with the American media! When you come against someone that owns the media, even if you are an elected Representative you are dunged by the Liberal media! 

Tell us all, Arthur, how any President in office can commit 4 provable counts of treason and stay in office? He was charged with 5, if you remember, by an honorable Naval Officer, but the Liberal media would not report the facts! Hitler gained office because he controlled the media. Obama controls the media via his own Communist friends in it! he attacked his own people by helping to supply drugs to the inner city, by giving felons in Mexico assault weapons! What did our media say? Fox was the only one that reported! 

Let us go back to the times of Hitler. Hitler had a group that were called the Frankfurt Group! They were devout Communists! Obama got elected as part of that system! Note our colleges support absolute Socialism and basically, the destruction of our Republic! These German Communists sent reps in 1950! They are a supporter indirectly with the x KGB head, Putin, who is leader of the now, Russia!

I do have to honor Obama in one thing! He warned Americans and was trying to say how stupid one would be that voted for him! At his acceptance speech he said he would be "like" Reagan! He means he intends to bankrupt the American economy and his support is much of our media!

Excellent post, Virgil!  I hope that you publicize it either as a letter to the editor or at least some media outlet where others outside our circle of Tea Party friends can read it.  Thank you!

We The People have a fraud and usurper sitting in the White House going by the name of barack hussein obama using a stolen social security number , forged birth certificate and forged selective service registration card to prove he is a legal sitting US President .

We The People demand the US Congress honor their oath to the US Constitution and remove this fraud and usurper barack hussein obama from office under Article ll Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution .

Charles, get the media behind it instead of them calling factual reporting racist and that American supporting desire could come true! We need to get on our media like the smell from our morning constitution. We want facts and not restricted news that Putin has to approve! You say anything that is fact against Obama and you are racist! But the stupid Liberal media does not say what race! Obama is half white and half black. Which race do they mean? We have a media like Germany use to have before WWII! Fox is all that I see is left, except for some small companies. Our Nation is taken over by a super corrupt media!

Guys, if we do not get on the phone Monday morning and call our Congress and Senate Critters and demand impeachment, then we might as well disband this Tea Party.  What do we stand for????   Do it Monday or this Usurper will slip away from yet another gross atrocity.  Wake Up Tea Party! ! ! !




Bill and Hillary Clinton Brutally
Mocked After Defending

View image on Twitter

Crooked Bill and Hillary Clinton were brutally mocked Monday after defending the Clinton Foundation on social media.

The Clinton Foundation’s official Twitter account tweeted Saturday, “ICYMI: President @BillClinton wrote on Facebook this week about our work improving lives in the United States and around the world, from fighting climate change to combating the opioid crisis.”

Former President Bill Clinton’s Facebook post served to correct the record about so called fake news smearing the Clinton Foundation. Naturally, he linked to far left sites such as Snopes and Politifact to debunk the smears.

After touting all the charity the Clinton Foundation brings to hurricane victims, farmers in East Africa and combating Climate Change, Bill Clinton unleashed on Breitbart News for spreading conspiracy theories and false information about the Foundation.

Nevertheless, spreading false information about the Foundation continues, apparently as part of an ongoing strategy to distract attention from real problems and, over the long run, to completely erase the line between fact and fiction.

For example, just a few weeks ago on MSNBC, during a discussion of the President’s disparaging remarks about Haiti, his designated defender repeated the ridiculous assertion that I had taken money raised for Haiti for personal use and was responsible for the apparent suicide of a Haitian who knew all about it. Thankfully, the host cut her off, refusing to provide a forum for known false conspiracy theories. I’m proud of the work the Foundation and I have done in Haiti and will give you a more detailed report on that soon.

These attacks on the Foundation began in earnest with the 2015 publication of the Breitbart-inspired book, Clinton Cash. I thought the Foundation staff did a good job debunking the book’s charges, but they were published as written even in “mainstream” outlets, and even now the charges continue to be repeated online and in forums favorable to those who make them.

I have never responded personally to these charges, but out of respect for our donors, partners, and those who work at the Foundation, I think I should—because as we see, attacks, no matter how outrageous, can have a long life.

Bill Clinton also argued Chelsea’s wedding wasn’t paid for by Clinton Foundation donations nor do any of them receive salaries.

No, Foundation funds were not used to pay for Chelsea’s wedding. It’s not only untrue, it’s a personal insult to me, to Hillary, and to Chelsea and Marc. It was a wonderful day that Hillary and I were grateful to be able to pay for.

Clinton also argued the foundation was given 4 out 4 stars from Charity Navigator, Platinum from GuideStar, A from Charity Watch, and a 20 out of 20 score for meeting all of the Better Business Bureau’s good practice standards.

Hillary Clinton tweeted: Want to hear the real story of the @ClintonFdn? Read this: 

 Trump supporters savaged the Clintons.

How about when Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Oman donated MILLIONS to your foundation when you were Secretary of State and then you conducted official US business with them? 

What about how Haitian villages that you raised money for are STILL without the homes, schools and infrastructure you promised for them? Where did it go Hillary? Where's that money? Why did you plunder the great people of Haiti? 


Unless it explains

Benghazi 33,000 missing emails  Haiti  Destroyed electronics  Missing money
Uranium One Etc

Then no. Nope.  
Not on Presidents day.  

Care to tell us how much the Foundation pays out in salaries each year? 


Slush fund? Pay-to-play? Salaries for Sid Blumenthal?
Fraud in Haiti?  The vast majority of funds don't reach people in need?
That's the real story, right?   



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