George Soros – Ignore Trump And Cruz On Islamic Terrorism – Survival Isn’t Everything

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George Soros is playing a major role in enabling and orchestrating the Islamic invasion of Europe and North America and with it the social chaos and degradation that now threatens the very nature and survival of civilization across the globe.

For him it’s somehow personal, having taken a lead advocacy and funding position and laid out his own six-step plan for the invasion to continue and grow.

He argues for the unimpeded march to full Islamist domination of the planet, or at a minimum to the level that suits the achievement of whatever devious schemes of his are in the works.

He appears to recognize that the opposition to his destruction of our nation, our continents and whatever planetary harmony remains is building and identified the primary threats to his anti-American efforts.

It’s not surprising that those he is targeting are among the leadership of the political outsiders, those he has no control over, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

It’s ironic that the premise of his op-ed against rational self-defense and in support of submission to the invasion is predicated upon an insistence that we not give in to the instinct to survive.

He admits that even he, the most pervasive of political predators could only stop himself from an urge to respond to the terrorist threat that he is creating by remembering that it must be irrational to follow the wishes of your enemies.

He makes that ironic statement as a component of his effort to persuade us to do nothing; to simply wait to be victimized by the hordes of terrorists he and his UN, EU elitist comrades are pouring across the civilized West.

Liberal Marxists seem to be blind to their hypocrisy or to at a minimum believe their victims are.

Soros is the enemy of free men everywhere. It’s almost laughable that he urges us to follow his wishes as he applauds not following his wishes.

But it’s not funny.

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Let's send Soros home to Israel. 

No let him go in California so he can get killed by an Illegal Mexican !

Lets send soros to hell!

I believe that has already been arranged by a higher power!!!

What is this obscene Old Prick up to now? Deport this Monster.

I honestly sincerely wonder just why he was not indicted for war crimes after World War II because he was assisting the German Gestapo in Hungary by taking part in the selection of who was going to be sent to the concentration camps and he actually delivered the letters IN PERSON, to the families to report to the train station, the following morning.  Look it up as it is public record.  Do you not think it strange that he changed his name when the war ended?  He financed Barack Obama and controls "the Tides Foundation" which is behind the financing and control of "," "," "", the Annenburg Challenge, and is deeply involved in every Anti-American liberal group including "ACORN," "OCCUPY ***"".  He single-underhandedly almost destroyed the British Pound Sterling as a currency.  He is just bad news.  He does want a one-world government and is not shy about talking about it.  He is one of the richest people on the planet and wants to bring down every single free country.  He is one nasty dude!

He should be in jail along with Hillary and Bill, Obama Jarrett and I could go on.

And Kerry, don't forget John Kerry. His anti American behavior started way back during the Vietnam "Conflict".

Where is Michael Corleone when we need him most

I would add kicked out of Malaysia, and wanted as an International Terrorists by Russia. He hides a lot.

u ask that and Bill Ayers is still not in prison

No put him a row boat with one oar in the middle of the ocean with a bomb on board and set to explode 20 minutes later.




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