Franklin Graham cites a ‘God factor’ in the outcome of the presidential election

Franklin Graham, seen here during a visit to Washington, D.C., is citing a "God factor" in the outcome of the presidential election. (AP Photo) ** FILE **

By Jennifer Harper - The Washington Times - Friday, November 11, 2016

While pollsters and the news media are still wondering how President-elect Donald Trump won the White House, evangelist Franklin Graham now cites the influence of faith and prayer in the outcome of a historic election.

“Did God show up? In watching the news after the election, the secular media keep asking ‘How did this happen?’ ‘What went wrong?’ ‘How did we miss this? Some are in shock. Political pundits are stunned. Many thought the Trump/Pence ticket didn’t have a chance. None of them understand the God-factor,” Mr. Graham wrote in a new Facebook post on Thursday.

“Hundreds of thousands of Christians from across the United States have been praying. This year they came out to every state capitol to pray for this election and for the future of America. Prayer groups were started. Families prayed. Churches prayed. Then Christians went to the polls, and God showed up,” he continued.

“While the media scratches their heads and tries to understand how this happened, I believe that God’s hand intervened Tuesday night to stop the godless, atheistic progressive agenda from taking control of our country,” Mr. Graham said.

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The earth, and every thing in it, belongs to God. He created it all. Both good, as well as evil. By creating the angels, and later mankind, both with free moral agency, He therefore created the potential for evil to come into being, and it has. Through Satan, who chose to lift himself above God and make himself God. Why? Because of his great beauty, and the power he was given as a super Archangel, one of only three mentioned in the Word of God, the Bible.

The other two are Gabriel, and Michael. Lucifer (means light bringer) and his angels, under his jurisdiction followed him, becoming demons. Lucifer's name was changed, by God, from Lucifer to Satan, meaning the prince of darkness, the adversary, and no longer light bringer. God names things what they are.

Satan is the god of this world and his influence is the reason mankind is a warmonger, with only brief periods of peace in between wars allowing mankind the time to rearm with even more deadly weapons of destruction.

Satan hates man, and is purposed to destroy mankind from the face of the earth. He hates man because of the potential God made man for, and that is to be a Son of God, truly in the image of God as ultimately an immortal Spirit Being. Like God. A member of the ever increasing Family of God.

Be fruitful and multiply He commands Man. And this through the Family process. Through marriage and the bearing of children. Not transgender mutilation or same sex unions. These are Satanic inspired defiance's of God and His purpose in creating man.

God is in the Reproductive business creating, through free moral agency, Sons of God, Brothers of Christ, in essence, recreating Himself. Sons of God, just like God, and always under the ultimate authority of a loving, sharing, giving, uplifting, Holy, God the Father of all.

Does God intervene in the affairs of man? He most certainly does. For His purpose, and His purpose will stand. Always.

I think we just witnessed an example of it in this election.

My view.

Thank you Dale, and God Bless Donald Trump and his presidency ..

Amen to everything you just said, Dale.

We must keep praying for TRUMP! and PENCE! and the upcoming administration, and for their safety.

AMEN to that....!! God Bless America.....!!

It wouldn't be the first time that the divine hand of providence showed itself to America.

Correct! Sad so many have not learned factual history, not taught in public schools! Fewer know Scripture ...very sad, America dodged a bullet with Hillary but i am afraid there's some tough times coming due to what the handful of most greedy have done with economy, it's got to collapse at some point, being propped up for now but Trump has a rough road ahead, Obama whined 71/2 years about mess HE was left, once he's gone and harm he's done is exposed people will be stunned! Take time and smart group of people to untangle what he's left us!

  2 Chronicles 7:14  Thank You Lord for answered Prayer but let US remember to look to Him and pray for the man.

Agreed. I believe God has given America a second chance with Trump, the House and the Senate. We need to be thankful in praise and do our part to help get America back on track! This is a time to take a stand, and clean house just like Jesus did in the Temple.

Thank you Jesus!


God answered many prayers, not only in this country but in other countries. Christians across the world have interceded for this nation.  God answered and those who want to cause trouble will also hear from God. God is not mocked and riots will be met with severity.

I can think of no other era in which our society was in such mortal peril from moral rot, and I too am convinced that what we witnessed in this election was the Hand of a merciful God intervening. Thinking back to Obama's inauguration, he actually believed he was a messiah.  He singlehandedly has done more to get rid of God in public life than any other president since America's founding. And he still has a hard core of followers who worship him. We are seeing Satan's death throes as anarchists take to the streets to try to circumvent God's will and overturn the results of this election.  They won't win this time. 

It's simple common sense that there was a God element to Trump winning.  I don't even think anyone on this site believe Trump was going to win.  Sure, wanted him to win, but in the back of our mind, mine for sure, there's no humanly way Trump is going to pull this off.  99.4% of the news media, including cable, didn't think he would win.  Even the republican party was beside themselves with the Trump candidacy.  The democrats were sure they were going to win, an win big.  You reading this didn't think Trump had a chance.  It sure doesn't happen ofter, but we just witnessed a miracle.  Thank you Jesus.  




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SWEET: Republican Representative Introduces Resolution To Expel Nancy Pelosi From Congress

Louisiana Republican Rep. Ralph Abraham has introduced legislation to expel Speaker Nancy Pelosi from the House of Representatives.

Abraham’s resolution accuses Pelosi of a “vicious crusade” against President Donald Trump.

Above: Rep. Ralph Abraham

“Nancy Pelosi’s vicious crusade against our lawfully-elected President is nothing more than a politically-motivated witch hunt and it must be stopped,” Abraham said in a statement obtained by Fox News. “She has disgraced the people’s House and weaponized the Speaker’s gavel for her party’s political gain.”

“House Democrats spent nearly three years obsessed with election meddling only to dwarf any such efforts with their own deceitful plan to nullify the 2016 election and prevent President Trump from winning in 2020,” the statement continued. “I have introduced a resolution calling for her to be expelled from the House and for the Speaker’s Office to be vacated.”

The text of the resolution, which is most definitely not going to pass the Democrat-controlled House reads: “Resolved, That pursuant to Article 1, Section 5, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution, Representative Nancy Pelosi be, and she hereby is, expelled from the House of Representatives and the Office of the Speaker is declared to be vacant.”

Fox News notes that constitutional clause holds that “Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings, punish its Members for disorderly Behaviour, and, with the Concurrence of two thirds, expel a Member.”

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