Today marks the 71st anniversary of FDR signing executive order 9066, which authorized the “indefinite detention” of nearly 150,000 people on American soil.
 In remembrance of this horrible period in America, please take a moment to read the following article.  It's the shocking true story of one man's entire family and their experience with being indefinitely detained (along with 1000s of others) in American prison camps...


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It's a terrible thing, but getting down to the nitty gritty of the Tea Party, and vastly more far reaching was this Roosevelt statement in 1933: "While it isn't written in the Constitution, nevertheless, it is the inherent duty  of the Federal Government to keep its people from starvation."

Why were people in danger of starvation?  After the stock market crash in 1929, the Fed raised interest rates, thus bringing about several bank runs. It was bank runs that brought about the Great Depression and people in danger of starvation.  We don't want to make that mistake again.

To keep the American peope from starvation, the Federal Government is spending us into bankruptcy and the Fed is printing money so that the Federal Government can borrow and hand it out to people, ostensibly, to keep them for starving. There is just one problem, the inherent duty of the Federal Government, what Roosevelt said. It's unconstitutional. So, what are we doing about it? 

The popular vote does not matter.  A Roosevelt appointee to the Supreme Court, Justice Brandeis: "Property is only a means. It has been a frequent error of our Court that they have made the means an end."

The Court's test of a right: Whether the right is "of the very essence of a scheme of ordered liberty."  Government entitlement is unconstitututional.  Politicians would not dare to mention that they unconstitutional, that they have instituted a federal protection racket.


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