When James Hodgkinson, a zealous Bernie Sanders disciple and fierce never-Trumper, opened fire on Rep. Scalise during a Congressional baseball practice on June 14, a tactical Capitol Police squad was on its way to raid the house of one of the most powerful Democrats in the government — Nancy Pelosi, WND reports.

An investigation is underway to determine why the police team was directed to Pelosi’s home when the shooting erupted.

The media renounced the targeting as a blunder, saying the police had used the transponder code for the wrong Congressional leader. But Pelosi’s waterfront home is more than 7 miles away from the location of the shooting, Eugene Simpson Stadium Park in Alexandria, a 20-minute drive. How convenient that the transponder chose the House Minority leader, of all people.

Once again, we are only left with anonymous sources who have refused to comment on this “sensitive incident.” What if they’ve lowered the curtain over a huge Democrat plot to rebel against our democracy and murder Republicans by force?

We already know the shooting was an attempt to massacre Republican politicians: the shooter approached the baseball players and asked them their political party before attempting to slaughter them all.

But Hodgkinson was not a violent person. Those he knew described him as a “quiet guy,” “mellow” and “reserved.” There’s only way a man like that could feasibly commit such a horrible act: if he were paid off by powerful Democrats who could protect him had he lived to finish his dirty work.

The lamestream media chronically entitles Leftists to victimhood. They have dedicated an entire page on Wikipedia to bogus assassination attempts made against former president Barack Obama, but have only one page for Trump.

Which candidate had a rally closed down in Chicago due to “security concerns” instigated by insane protesters? Which candidate was whisked away by private security when a protester rushed the stage? Which candidate was nearly shot by a security officer’s gun?

The Leftist Deep State is beginning to come apart at the seams. We are now seeing it exposed and falling apart under the light of the alternative media and loyal patriots. Democrats will have their conspiracy exposed, and they won’t drive us out.