Christian Pastor, Doctor, And AIDS Expert Fired By The State Of Georgia For Preaching Against LGBT Wins Big In Religious Discrimination Lawsuit

Dr. Eric Walsh, an African-American Christian Pastor known for his passionate sermons against homosexuality and who is also HIV/AIDS expert and a member of former President Obama’s Advisory Council for AIDS was fired from his job with the state of Georgia because of his sermons.

After a lengthy battle in court, the State of Georgia has agreed to settle with Dr. Walsh and pay him approximately a quarter million dollars for his trouble:

Today, First Liberty Institute announces they reached a settlement agreement between the state of Georgia and First Liberty’s client, Dr. Eric Walsh. The State of Georgia agreed to pay $225,000 to settle Dr. Walsh’s religious discrimination lawsuit.

“I am grateful this trial has finally ended,” Dr. Eric Walsh says. “It’s been a long, difficult journey, but it’s worth it to have my name cleared and to ensure that all Georgia government employees know they have religious liberty.”

“This is a clear and resounding victory for religious freedom,” Jeremy Dys, senior counsel for First Liberty Institute and counsel for Dr. Walsh, says. “We always knew the law was on our side, so we are pleased the state of Georgia agreed to settle this case and clear Dr. Walsh’s good name.”

Dr. Walsh, a lay minister and former Georgia government employee, filed a lawsuit against the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) after evidenced surfaced that he had been fired because of his religious beliefs.

In May 2014, Walsh accepted a position as a District Health Director with the DPH. A week later, a DPH official asked him to submit copies of sermons he had previously preached as a lay minister with the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The day after Dr. Walsh provided his sermons to the state, the DPH terminated Dr. Walsh. In April 2016, First Liberty Institute, along with Atlanta law firm Parks, Chesin & Walbert, filed a lawsuit against the DPH on behalf of Dr. Walsh, charging the DPH with religious discrimination. (source)

Now there are still issues here- Dr. Walsh should be re-instated to his position, and a formal apology should be made on his behalf by the state of Georgia for what happened to him.

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It's about time that the law finds out that we all have rights. Great Job Reverent and may  God bless you.

The Pendulum is swinging the Right Way.  Conservatism is the New Counter -Culture

I like that...  Conservatism is the Counter-Culture of the Liberalism democrat culture.  Donald Trump, the counter-culture hammer nailing the democrat party culture into irrelevance.  We just keep winning!

We must keep winning... however, since the election we are winning very little if anything... What has changed... really changed?

So the taxpayers of Georgia are on the hook for the improper moves of their politicians.  So what else is new?  The people who conspired against him and fired him should be made to pay.

Good idea!!!

I that and this BS will stop...if it has to come from their own pockets!!!!

What' good for the goose is also good for the gander.   The trouble with liberals, if they didn't have double standards they wouldn't have any standards at all!   The liberals are rotting in moral decay and that gives them a very bad odor that's hard to stomach and it's coming back to roost!  hummmm!  Sounds familiar!

God is stepping in on crimes against truth and righteousness. Praise His holy name. Jesus came to give dead people life. That includes anyone who asks Him!


love how those who bring up hitler , nazis , and fascists at those whose ideas they oppose end up being like them. germany at that time demanded that pastors only preached things that were favorable to the regime or they would be sent to a concentration camp . dietrich bonhoeffer was in this spot.

It's about time that someone's constitutional rights to religious freedom was respected and upheld.  Funny how it begins just after Mr. Trump becomes leader of the pack and begins the awesome job of draining the fetid bog that is the District of Criminals




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