Cave: CNN’s Anderson Cooper Admits to CNN’s Muslim ‘No Go Zone’ Cover Up

Led by its left-wing media reporter Brian Stelter and anchor Wolf Blitzer, CNN spent two days this week gleefully bashing Fox News and Louisiana Republican Governor Bobby Jindal for doing the exact same thing CNN has been doing for two years: reporting on Muslim “no go zones” in Europe as fact. Wednesday night, under pressure from the Washington Post and others, primetime anchor Anderson Cooper did what Stelter and others at CNN have not yet shown the moral courage to do: end the hypocritical cover up:

“On Monday night on this program, we aired a report that was critical of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and Fox News for continually saying that there were ‘no-go zones’ in England and elsewhere,” Cooper said. “I think if you’re going to point fingers at others’ mistakes, you should also acknowledge your own mistakes, and we didn’t do that on the program,” he added, without explaining why, if he felt that way, the show had not acknowledged CNN’s error when it reported FNC’s.

“In the wave of the Paris attacks, several guests on this program mentioned ‘no-go zones’ in France,” Cooper said. “I didn’t challenge them and twice referred to them as well. I should have been more skeptical,” he added, and promised he would not make the same mistake again.

Outside of CNN’s own reporting there is a wealth of evidence that these Muslim “no go zones” exist. Nevertheless, four times now Fox News has apologized on-air over the issue.

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Remove the muslim brotherhood from our Judeo-Christian Nation USA NOW!! The muslim brotherhood HATES OUR JUDEO-CHRISTIAN NATION USA and ISRAEL-YISRAEL!!

Run the Communist News Network out of the country along with their mooslime buddies. 

Why apologize for something that is Common Knowledge, just how much of the Truth can be hidden?   These Media people assume we are very, very dense.      The Truth possibly, "They can't handle the Truth". Deny, deny, deny,lie, lie , lie the eternal mantra of the Left.      Tell the Truth and apologize to no one!!

A lot of truth can be hidden. The truth has been hidden from Americans for along time. What we are taught in school a lot of it is not the truth. The ideologies are more important than the ugly truth. Humans are just as terrible to each other as they are good to each other. The truth hurts and it does not raise any race, creed above another. We are human with a bit of the divine and a lot of bull---t.
YESSSSSS get rid of the department of education. Put it back in the hands of local parents!!!!

That would be great, but how many of the Parents want the Job of raising their Kids, anymore??  Locals should handle their schools, the Federal Govt 's record of running anything is abysmal.

For once I believe in depopulation... 

Why is the media intent on the destruction of Western Civilization? The media is the root of wiping out Western cultures.

In Sweden today, immigrants constitute 16% of the population, 51% of the long-term unemployed and 57% of the recipients of welfare payments.

The voters of Sweden gave the orchestrator of this immigration disaster, Fredrik Reinfeldt, the boot, with only 39% of voter approval and the leadership of Sweden actually went for the one-issue party of the Sweden Democrats - AN ANTI-IMMIGRATION PARTY.

Reinfeldt always scripted the lies that the media of Sweden never failed to print. The cost of processing and welfare support of low-skilled immigrants is bankrupting Sweden and taking away their cultural identity. Freinfeldt pouts and disclaims Sweden's right to be a country. He says, "Sweden is not owned." THE MEDIA IS HIS BACK-UP OF HEAVIES!

They both (Reinfeldt and the media) lie that 1. the immigrants pay their way 2. Sweden's culture is no longer their national right and duty to protect. Sweden is not "owned"  by Swedes. It is a requirement of Swedes to have and financially support an open borders. 3. It is, however, the duty of native born Swedes to PAY THE WELFARE and subsidize an open border of low-skilled immigrants. Sweden constitutes less than 2%of the population of the European Union but, accounted for approximately 20% of all asylum approvals granted by European Union countries in 2014

To that I say, "I hope Reinfeldt found a good day job to replace his past job of destroying Sweden." I transfer that to Obama. It would be nice for Obama to actually use his law degree and try at least ONE CASE in the courts he has managed to control the last 6 years.

Jo Ann,

    I think it all started when the KGB took over all of the universities back in the sixties.  The threat must be eliminated.

Personally I don't think king o ever "earned" a law degree..he certainly does not have a license to practice law...according to the BAR in IL he "had too many alias"

I saw the video from England and the one from Dearborn, Michigan of the Christian group that was attacked by very large groups of teens while the police and adults stood by and let it happen!  So don't tell me there are not any "No Go Zones".  

Gun Up America.




Political Cartoons by AF Branco

Political Cartoons by AF Branco


CRIME!! -> Clinton Nightmare! Chief Financial Officer Of Clinton Foundation Turns Government Informant On Crime Family

Donations to the Clinton Foundation plummeted by 90% over a three-year period since Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election to President Donald Trump.

But that may be the least of the her worries.

John Solomon from The Hill dropped another bombshell that will keep the Clintons up at night.

The former Chief Financial Officer of the Clinton Foundation has turned on the crime family and is now working as a government informant.

This could spell doom for the Clinton Crime Family.

American Thinker reported:

John Solomon of The Hill reveals the story that has been percolating for a long time but kept tightly under wraps – because that is what serious prosecutors do, especially when grand juries are poring over evidence and issuing indictments that remain sealed until the right moment comes. The trigger for the story coming out now probably is a House subcommittee hearing scheduled next week by Mark Meadows, chair of the House Freedom Caucus, while the GOP still can set the agenda of House hearings.

[A] GOP-led congressional subcommittee, led by Rep. Mark Meadows (N.C.), is planning to hold a hearing next week to review the work of John Huber, the special U.S attorney named a year ago to investigate all things Clinton.

It turns out that whistleblowers inside and outside the Clinton Foundation have amassed “6,000 pages of evidence attached to a whistleblower submission filed secretly more than a year ago with the IRS and FBI.” Among that evidence can be found:

Those reviews flagged serious concerns about legal compliance, improper commingling of personal and charity business and “quid pro quo” promises made to donors while Hillary Clinton was secretary of State.

The submission also cites an interview its investigators conducted with Andrew Kessel that quotes the foundation’s longtime chief financial officer as saying he was unable to stop former President Clinton from “commingling” personal business and charitable activities inside the foundation and that he “knows where all the bodies are buried.”

Their own investigation! That’s hard to put down as politically motivated.

Having the chief financial officer of the Clinton Foundation turn informant is a nightmare for the Clintons. The CFO has to process all the cash, and because that person usually is on the hook for any criminal violations, there is ample incentive to turn state’s evidence.

That evidence was assembled by a private firm called MDA Analytics LLC, run by accomplished ex-federal criminal investigators, who alleged the Clinton Foundation engaged in illegal activities and may be liable for millions of dollars in delinquent taxes and penalties.

In addition to the IRS, the firm’s partners have had contact with prosecutors in the main Justice Department in Washington and FBI agents in Little Rock, Ark.

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