John Boehner, who’s leaving office and his speaker role at the end of this month, took a sideswipe at conservative media – and right-leaning talk-radio hosts in particular – and said it’s such influences that led to his political downfall.

“Understand what’s going on here,” Boehner said, addressing questions about the pressure he’s faced from conservatives in recent years, Bloomberg reported.

He then spoke of the hundreds of radio hosts “trying to out-right each other” who, when combined with active social media posters, cause unnecessary turmoil and confusion over political and cultural matters.


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Boehner does not know what is going on in his country!  The internet, Talk Radio and Tea Party organizations are communicating and we know what the Republican Party Platform says , what the Rule of Law means and what the Constitution means.

Boehner never spoke to any of them.

We also, know we are careening to a severe financial shortage and the Congress has allowed an illegal alien, usurper, communist, Muslim to occupy our White House for 6 years!

OMG.........we STILL have to hear the big baby whine, cry, and blame everybody but himself????????????

That's what liberals/politicians do.

You have outdone yourself on this one Marilyn!

Can we send him to the corner now?  Better yet, send him home!

I know he will be back like a Carney Barker for some Lobby group or corporation but at least then we know who he is representing.  There will be no need for the farce he has been running to the American people.

Send him to the corner??????????   I'd prefer to send him to the gallows for being a traitor

It would be great to see him at the head of a RINO stampede driven over a cliff, like the demon possessed swine they are!

Sounds good.  I'd go for ANYTHING that removes him from the planet...

This Man calls himself a Christian...........Christians don't do what he was doing.

Look, I was born and raised a Catholic till I was 30, John is proud to be a good catholic and has stated that a few times. And I was one, up to that point, then I heard the True massage of God...the truth and that was by a pastor called Eral Moore a born-again spirit filled pastor, a true man of God! I accepted Jesus into my heart and the Holy Spirit revealed things to me, things that the catholic church ignored of brushed over but those things were critical and they opened up doors to who jesus is and gods will for mankind. 

I believe that I know what Catholics believe since my family was devout in their Catholic beliefs.

There is nothing wrong with being a Catholic except if you are...and you haven't done this [you better] You better pick a day, and make that soon where you take a knee to the ground and ask forgiveness for all your sins, and ask Jesus into your heart to be your Lord and savior, to cleanse you from all your sin and unrighteousness, HE will come in and HE will bring with him the Holy Spirit, the spirit of truth. And as the bible statement says: "Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free" Jesus is the way the truth and the life, and the one in charge of everything in the universe as HE was appointed to that position by the Father to be in that position until the restoration is complete---IT IS NOT COMPLETE YET.

Jesus is the KING of kings and the LORD of lords and there is no way that can be denied.

THERE WILL BE A RAPTURE call it the Harpazo:Hebrew or Rapturo:Latin or Rapture: English, when He will come to take what belongs to Him---it will be soon but don't be like the scoffers to Peter who said: Read 2Peter 3 for more.

He will Come with his recompense-- for what belongs to Him and He will take what belongs to Him--- (those who have accepted Him and asked Him to dwell within them), to be with Him so they will forever be with him. He will come to judge the living and the dead---NOT THE FATHER JUDGING, BUT JESUS CHRIST THE RIGHTEOUS WILL DO THE JUDGEMENT!.

TAKE THAT KNEE TODAY................. I would not delay !

This is the real Message. Pray that Paul will do the right things!


YOU ARE SO RIGHT, my Brother. 

All the Republicans, Democrats and anyone else CANNOT heal what is wrong with our nation. AND, even He will not do it as long as WE the American people do not follow His LAWS and Scriptures and turn further and further away from God. 

I am not the Christian that I should be, none of us are, save a few, but until we turn our lives back to God, our world will only get worse, AS THE SCRIPTURES SAY. 

Great post and TURE. THANK YOU. 


Not the reason John. You made promises to a suffering American people to get control of the House and Senate and all you did was give us a stick in the eye. You helped in the destruction of this Country by kissing Barry's butt and giving him everything he wanted. When I opened my morning paper this AM there you were HUGGING PELOSI. All you are mad about is that we the people have other ways to get to the truth other than the lying corrupt so called MEDIA. To prove my point watch the Republican DEBATES. You are not called the stupid party for nothing. Try this thing called communication. You had every opportunity to get out there and tell the American people what was going on. If you were afraid you would cry I am sure a Cruz, Paul or any of the new guys would have loved to get out there and speak for you. You have no idea how close a THIRD Party is.

Evidently Boehner believes we are supposed to STHU while he deals with the devil on our behalf.

And he




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