Baltimore Residents: We Don’t Think the Police Are Actively Doing Their Jobs

Baltimore we have a problem!

And I’m not talking about police excessive force or the shooting of unarmed black men.

The numbers are startling.

In just 72 hours, this past Memorial Weekend 29 people were shot, 7 were killed.

This month is the city’s deadliest in more than a decade, since 1999.

There have been 108 homicides so far this year, up 40 percent from last year.

City officials are dumbfounded to say the least.

The mayor says it’s disheartening.

The Police Chief Anthony Batts blames, in part, the recent unrest.

“Officers tell me and their supervisors, any time they pull up to respond to a call, they have 30 to 50 people surrounding them. We have to send in multiple units just to do basic police work, which says we have to work on community engagement.”

Batts has added more officers and presence in the Western District where most of the violence is occurring but so far it hasn’t helped.

“It makes it very difficult to follow up on violence that takes place there,” he said. “Clearly, they’re not holding back. They’re getting to those locations and getting surrounded. You have many citizens with hand-held cameras that they’re sticking in the faces of officers, an inch off the officer’s face.”

The real story however may not be anything Batts or the Mayor want to admit.

Arrests numbers are plummeting while the murder rate is surging.

Listen to a part of this report from my CNN colleague Miguel Marquez.

The officer’s voice is disguised for fear of retribution.

Miguel – “And morale? Where is morale for police officers?”

Officer –  “It’s in the sewers. It’s down.  It’s the worse of the worse I’ve ever seen in my career.”

The officer told Miguel the spike in murders and gun crime was the direct result of a coordinated police work slowdown.

Miguel – “Why do you think there is a great increase in the crime rate and the number of shootings in this town?”

Officer – “Officers stopped being proactive.

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Just what they asked for 

It 's Not Rocket Science, Every local ,State, or Gov. that has Demorats as the majority are a Rat hole . and are quickly destroyed.

California has a Democratic majority, and it currently has a budget surplus and falling unemployment. The only problem is an endless drought....

lets look at the facts....Baltimore has a 68% black population....the fire dept. is 58% black....the school district is 68% teachers are 72% council is 90% black.....the mayor is black....the chief of police is black....and the population is 54% black and are on welfare. so why are they blaming all of their problems on racism and the police, when it is the blacks that are in control of everything. the last 2 weeks Baltimore has seen record number of shootings and killings all black on black crimes. so you want the police to be less aggressive and be more friendly to the criminals and now that they are, you still blame the cops...and a few years ago Obama gave Baltimore 1.8 billion dollars to fix your what in the hell is your problem Baltimore????

Chris  besides that they need to get ride of thoes Gun laws and re-arm their people watch the crime stats go down !!.

Be very careful what you ask for! Because you JUST might GET IT!!!  Those thugs and stupid politicians can sit and spin in the mess THEY created.I'm hoping they all walk off the job and then laugh all the way to a new and safer city.

It is not rocket science.  It happens on a regular basis.  You either enforce the law every time or live with these consequences.  It is almost impossible to get rid of these Democrat politicians who have joined forces with the lawbreakers and side with their law breaking.  What criminal doesn't want the police to go away?  The distressing part, is this is exactly what happened in Detroit so the lesson is there in living color.  If you allow or condone the crime, the productive hard working people move away along with all of the money as well as the morality.  Then the people start preying on each other and Democrat politicians are free to line their pockets and SHAZAM!  YOU GOT DETROIT!   And now the Democrat Solution....SEND MONEY!

Can you say "DUH!"  I absolutely agree with the police, if the city officials won't protect them, it becomes the police job to protect them selves and fellow officers.

We have a anarchist in the white house, being the wonderful, light skinned  black man that he is, he will not be in the streets screaming for justice, instead he makes the case for the criminals in  poor black neighborhoods.  What the black thugs  hear is a green light to loot, destroy and attack the police.


"Police" ARE doing their jobs, their job is to terrorize and murder citizens.

the cops need to leave and go to another city with a mayor that supports them and where the thugs arent calling the shots in the city....I wouldnt want to be a policeman there in Baltimore or even live there...I'd be moving on OUT...this city has&was lead by radical progressive democrats...mayor says ok to riot and now the police have no more protection against rocks,stones..etc..GET THE HELL OUT OF Baltimore..let the soddom&gomorrrah people have it.

Are there any plans by the Tea Party to create an armed militia in Baltimore to fight crime? They would enable the Tea Party to win the allegiance of Baltimore residents!

That's what the National Guard is for, to be used against the criminal citizens of Baltimore, you know, the ones fighting for justice.




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