Air Force Veteran Relieved of Duties for Disagreeing with Homosexuality

A 19-year veteran of the Air Force said he was relieved of his duties after he disagreed with his openly gay commander when she wanted to severely punish an instructor who had expressed religious objections to homosexuality.

“I was relieved of my position because I don’t agree with my commander’s position on gay marriage,” Senior Master Sgt. Phillip Monk told Fox News. “We’ve been told that if you publicly say that homosexuality is wrong, you are in violation of Air Force policy.”

The Liberty Institute is representing the Christian airman in case the Pentagon decides to retaliate.

“Are we going to have a ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy for Christians so we don’t get harassed for our beliefs?” attorney Hiram Sasser asked Fox News. “Here’s a guy who wants to have his religious liberty and serve in the military. He shouldn’t have to believe in gay marriage in order to serve.”

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I was in the navy. And when you have over 1000 guys on a ship, the last thing you want is some QUEERS checking you out when you are in the showers. In any other service you can get away from it, but not when you are out to see.


Oh how they brag on the all voluntary military. Nobody looks however and who is volunteering. Sleep well America, as illegals and perverts protect you!

Come on people, you SEE this shit happening and sit by and watch! You should be OUTRAGED at this bullshit!

DON'T EMBRACE?,  WE'LL REPLACE  is what their new policy is.

Every Christian and others concerned about morality get out of Satans armed forces , the FORMER United States armed forces , and encourage every one you meet to NOT join that evil organization .  They are led by a regime that is intent on destroying the United States constitution ,  intent on destroying America through an agenda to make it a modern Sodom and Gomorrah .   I AM a combat veteran and I am NOT a Christian zealot , I am however , a concerned American that can see the kind of filth and destruction being aimed at my descendents and the communist agenda designed to control them by government enslavement .

A few years back there was a request for Bibles in Afganistan.   So someone organized to have  Bibles  sent  to the US bases.    Supposedly a Muslim protested and all the Bibles were burned.   What would have happened if  one Koran had been burned.   Crosses are being removed from bases.  Religious services are being prohibited in Military Cemetaries.  Ever since 2009 anything Christian or Jewish is being banned.  Intel Manuals no longer have any references of Muslim terrorism, Jihad, Al Quida.    Terrorists,   Anti Capitalism,  haters of Christians and Jews seem like the only people welcome into this WH.    Some years ago I came across a book that the chaplins used in WW2.    In it was difference services  for the different  religions.  The Priest , The Rabbi, The Baptist could perform what ever service  necessary for that particular moment in time.    Now under this ADM.  MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY.   Unfortunately it is all favoring Muslim terrorists.  If the Military had not been forced to become PC there may not have been 13 dead and many wounded at Ft Hood.

I totally agree with you sr williams though I cannot agree with Buck Crosby. I think he means well, but, He sounds defeated (I don't think that's the case). However,  we cannot give in to this lunacy. People are becoming more aware of this administrations progressive/communist crap and won't tolerate it much longer. Vote smart.

Look at it this way, with gays in combat they will never have to worry about their buddy leaving their BEHIND. In reality I don't agree with same sex marriages but if they don't involve me I don't have a problem.

We can thank OBAMA and his GAY agenda for incidents like this!!!!!...What about the rights of Christians !!!!???? Thank GOD for moral, decent, Christian values on the part of this Air Force member, we need more people like him.

Shameful. It is terrible when the Russian President has a higher moral ground than our leader. Now, under Obama's leadership Christians are openly punished and the First Amendment is dead.  Liberals are not happy to get gays in the military or that since 1976 homosexuals are no longer called deviants . They want everyone to say and /or do what they do and not disagree with them. The Clinton policy was best and once again our Congress rolled over and jumped into the PC camp putting openly gay people in the military vs keeping DADT.



The Defense Department has announced that gay service members will get a 10 day leave to travel to states where gay marriage is legal so they can get married. Will this be abused by people who just want a free vacation back to the states? You could get married on day one, then file for divorce on day 2 and be single again by time you report back to your unit

what a queer statement. !st the Cuntry as built on the laws of God  soon God was kicked out of the Courtroom, now God watches as he is removed from the  judgement of Blasphamies by this civilization. Yu think  he is removed ? or do you think hes waiting to see how deep we go into this rabbit hole?




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The Fall Of Fake News!! Quiet Shake-Up At MSNBC After Station Hemorrhages Viewers Following Mueller Debacle 

Reports are surfacing about a quiet shake-up of personnel at MSNBC after the cable news station lost more than 30% of their audience after the Mueller debacle.

Apparently MNSBC doesn’t think their financial woes are newsworthy given that they didn’t run any breathless stories about their own failings.

News of MSNBC’s collapse can’t come as a surprise to insiders who undoubtedly are fully aware that their audience no longer trusts them.

One source familiar told Mediaite the changes came amidst mounting complaints from NBC News chief Andy Lack about a dip in MSNBC’s ratings following the end of the Mueller investigation. In May, ratings for the network in the advertiser coveted 25-54 demo were down 32% year over year.

MSNBC viewers were asked: How much do you agree that MSNBC regularly reports made up or fake news about Donald Trump and his administration?

The responses were devastating! While 35% or respondents agree that MSNBC pushes Fake News, only 24% disagreed. That’s a ratings death sentence!

What do you expect from a channel that boasts disgraced liar, Brian Williams, and race pimp, Al Sharpton?

Bright Start News@BRIGHTstrt

MAJOR SHAKEUP AT MSNBC - Ratings crater after Mueller Report Debacle! 

MSNBC Shakeup: Jonathan Wald and Dan Arnall Take Dayside

MSNBC quietly implemented a sweeping shakeup in programming this week, Mediaite has learned, appointing SVP of programming and development Jonathan Wald and MSNBC executive editor Dan Arnall to lead...

Flashback: MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow’s Ratings Plummet To Yearly Low

MSNBC primetime host Rachel Maddow brought in her worst weekly ratings of the year last week.

Her show last week averaged 2,324,000 viewers, with an average audience of 337,000 in the 25-54 age demographic, both of which mark yearly lows for the liberal television host, according to Nielsen Media Research.

Maddow first saw a dramatic drop in ratings following the conclusion of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. Her previous low for a week in 2019 was the last week in March, the first full week after Mueller submitted his conclusion to Attorney General William Barr, where she averaged 2,458,000 viewers with 392,000 in the demo.

She spent two years dissecting every aspect of the special counsel’s investigation into whether President Donald Trump conspired with the Russians to win the 2016 presidential election. The night Mueller submitted his findings to Barr, Maddow appeared to hold back tears over the fact that neither the president nor any family members were indicted.

Compared to Maddow’s low ratings last week, Fox News’ Sean Hannity, whose program is often the most-watched among all cable news shows, averaged 3,108,000 viewers with just under half-a-million viewers in the key demographic.

She also nearly tripled CNN’s Chris Cuomo’s weekly ratings. His program only had 880,000 viewers with 225,000 in the key demo.


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