A Court Decision is No Law at All

"All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void." - Marbury v Madison 1803.

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The simple answer is "jury nullification"

Jury's need to be educated as to their right to judge both the facts and the law... Our local judges always ask jurors if they agree to judge only the fact and not the law... which intimidates the juror and obscures the truth regarding the Jurors duty to do both. 

However, the Judges and Attorneys can then force bad law upon the people... whose jury's may no longer find the law repugnant and the defendant innocent.  Jury's were to be the People's last line of Constitutional checks and balances against unjust laws..

It is time for jurors to declare their right to judge both the law and the facts... too, exercise their right to nullify bad law.  Jury nullification is a judicial right dating back to magna carta. 

Margot, I don't think it is a fair fight at all anymore. TPTB are behind every curtain (business, education, mass media, politics, military, etc). They control the Black Robed Tyrants and only "throw" an occasional inconsequential case our way like Casinos that let a very few players win (who might even be Ringers) to keep the suckers in the games.

Well, Robert, I understand about the PTB and their control over us, but we still have to give the FIGHT fair or not because once we back down we are looking at LOSS of our Freedom and way of life as we have always known it since I was born in 1940's.

A glimmer of hope for us:  there are some people i.e. Judges (Napolitano,etc) and Senators (Sessions,etc.), and Sheriffs (Aripao, etc), and Rand and Ron Paul, and Orgs like POG and Tea Party, and those who still put in their Lawsuits, and even some Lawyers who aren't afraid to stick their necks out, all for LADY JUSTICE.

All for one and One for all.  We stand Strong, because we are a strong people.  We have on our side the FACT that we have never been defeated by any Nation or Bankers (Cabal) in the World.  We have never been taken down.  There are many who have tried and still do, but as Rev. King said, WE WILL OVERCOME!!!!  Hang in with us, Robert.

When We The People stand up & take what is by Constitutional Right[s] OURS then & Only Then will we have the law[s] back under Our control

John, yes!  And its not a question of IF, but WHEN, and that day is coming soon.

fuehrer oblahblah just ignores any court or congress decision he doesn't like so why can't I?  he may think he is god but I don't think he has any rights I don't have.  he should be hanged with a rope soaked in pig excrement.  a court can say the 2nd Amendment isn't valid but I won't surrender my guns if they do.  I believe in God and the Constitution, not the fuehrer!!!!!

Bob, you are a true American! 




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