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How to Use Facebook to Our Advantage

For all members of the Tea Party Command Center who still have a Facebook profile, please invite all of your like-minded friends to join th…

Started by Deplorable Me in Tea PartyLatest Reply

House Republicans Demand Ginsburg Recuse Herself From Travel Ban Case

“You are bound by law..." Following a decision Monday by the Supreme Court to allow portions of President Donald Trump’s trav…

Started by Marilyn Calkins in LegislationLatest Reply

What Should We Do If Liberals Assassinate Trump?

What should be the response by the Tea Party, Conservatives and Patriots if the Liberal Left assassinates President Trump?  Roger Stone and…

Started by Steve - Ning Creator in Tea PartyLatest Reply

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BREAKING: GOP Congressman’s “Radical” Idea Will Make Dems’ Blood Run Cold

Obamacare is a complete and utter failure. Many people have suffered under the Affordable Care Act since it went into effect in 2013. The P…

Started by Marilyn Calkins in Health

1 38 seconds ago
Reply by Philip D. Steenbergen

Exclusive — Back on Offense: Conservatives Plan to Press for Official Congressional Investigation into James Comey, Loretta Lynch

House conservatives will launch an effort to conduct an official House Judiciary Committee-led congressional investigation into former A…

Started by Marilyn Calkins in Corruption

1 58 minutes ago
Reply by Frankmusic

Ken Ham Reclaims Rainbow at Ark Exhibit

“The rainbow itself wasn’t designed to be a symbol of freedom, love, pride or the LGBTQ movement. God created this beautiful, colorful ph…

Started by Marilyn Calkins in Faith

2 1 hour ago
Reply by Frankmusic

California May Let People Dissolve Their Corpses to Stop Climate Change

California lawmakers are considering a bill that would legalize “liquid cremation,” an “environmentally-friendly” process of using a ch…

Started by Marilyn Calkins in Liberals/Leftie Loons/Progressives

7 1 hour ago
Reply by Frankmusic

VP Pence Casts Tie-Breaking Vote, Obamacare Repeal Moves Forward

Vice President Pence broke the tie today in the senate vote on the Obamacare repeal. The day began with protesters filling the floor of t…

Started by Marilyn Calkins in Health

0 2 hours ago

AG Sessions, The Commensurate Politician... precisely what America doesn't need

Whoa! I don't recall AG Sessions recusing himself ... "from all matters related to campaign meddling." However, it is time for AG Sessions…

Started by Ronald A. Nelson Col.USA (Ret) in Liberals/Leftie Loons/Progressives

4 3 hours ago
Reply by Dale Heathman

“Powerful”: Huffington Post celebrates transgender “man” with period-stained pants

‘Free-bleeding’ 4Chan troll adopted for real by leftists An absurd joke that started off as a 4chan troll – the depiction of women openly…

Started by Marilyn Calkins in Liberals/Leftie Loons/Progressives

11 3 hours ago
Reply by Jea9

Minneapolis PD’s 1st Somali Cop Kills Australian Woman Who Called Police To Report A Crime

The Minneapolis Police Department’s first Somali-American police officer, Mohamed Noor, has been identified as the cop who shot 40-year-old…

Started by Marilyn Calkins in The Police State

77 3 hours ago
Reply by Archie C B

Illegal Alien Allegedly Burns Apartments for Revenge, 130 Left Homeless

Photo: Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office An illegal alien from Mexico sits in a North Carolina jail after allegedly setting fire to a…

Started by Marilyn Calkins in Illegal Alien Invasion

0 4 hours ago

Pentagon Caught Giving Weapons to Phony Federal Agency

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) created a fake federal agency and obtained $1.2 million worth of former Defense Department hard…

Started by Marilyn Calkins in Veterans and Military Issues

1 5 hours ago
Reply by Jea9





POTUS Trump RIPS Obama – Scouts Chant “We Love Trump!” at National Jamboree


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