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Use Facebook To Build Command Center

How To Use Facebook to Build

Command Center

For all members of the Tea Party Command Center who still have a Facebook profile, please invite all of your like-minded friends to join this website.

To do so quickly and easily, please watch this video tutorial about how to extract all of your friends' e-mail addresses. Once you have completed this, you can invite up to 200 of them per day. For those of you with thousands of friends, it will take a little longer at 200 a day, but it will be worth it in the long run.


Once you have extracted your Facebook friends' e-mail addresses, simply click on the link below and select the second option to upload your friends' e-mail addresses.

You can only invite 200 people a day. For those of you who have thousands of friends, it will take a little longer to invite them all, but it will be worth it in the long run.

If you want to have a serious impact on the future of our country, please do it NOW.



Invite your friends once you have downloaded their e-mail addresses.


Thank you    

Deplorable Me for this tip.

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  • LOL, what are these "friends" you speak of...? 

  • I have a question for you... are you still allowing never Trumpers on this site?


  • Facebook just put me in jail for 30 days. I can't post until Nov. 15th. As for "Tea Party Comunity", they are libertarians. They are run and full of RINO'S.

  • To Gary Matthews Hubbard, the TROLL who sent me a message that said, "FUCK TRUMP,"  I say to you, "JESUS loves you....BUT everyone else thinks you're an ASSHOLE."

  • I am in my Yahoo account and it doesn't show FaceBook as an option for importing contacts from. Only Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, and AOL are listed as import options. 

    Can you advise?

  • Mike Smith, you are ABSOLUTELY right!!!

  • I think we need to let the democrats know that we won't stand for their crap anymore....

  • Was this site originally known as "Tea Party Community," as I became a member of that site way-way back but haven't been on it in a few years?  I just came onto this site today and discovered I'm already a member.

This reply was deleted.
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