The politics of lying and the culture of deceit are wrapped in the logic of absolute certainty, an ominous harbinger of a kind of illiteracy in which one no longer has to be accountable for justifying opinions, claims, or alleged arguments. Blacks are immune from it. Moslems are immune from it. Communists are immune from it. But you????

Stripped of accountability, language finds its final resting place in a culture of deceit and arrogance in which lying either is accepted as a political strategy or is viewed as simply another normalized aspect of everyday life. Every conservative and republican has submitted to the culture of deceit. The rest of us are fighting this cultural war. Are you mature enough for that?

The lack of criticism surrounding both government practices and corporations that now exercise unparalleled forms of power is more than shameful; it is an utter capitulation to an Orwellian rhetoric that only thinly veils an egregious form of authoritarianism and racism. Why have you surrendered and why are you becoming a slave? Why do you worship Ben Carson simply because you are conditioned to fawn before the black skin color?

In the face of evil political events, we must develop a critical discourse to address the gap between rhetoric and deeds of those who hold economic, political, and social power.We must argue, confront, express our rage, demand reform. Your elected black person will not do it for you. Why are you a lazy coward?

As Hannah Arendt has argued, debate is central to a democratic politics, along with the public space in which individuals can argue, exercise critical judgment, and clarify their relationship to democratic values and public commitments. What ever crimes you see, scream out your discontent! make demands! Do not accept any more double talk ! Why? Because you are not a caged animal although you act like one. What does it take for you to become an adult?

Critical consciousness and autonomy are, after all, not merely the stuff of political awareness but what makes democratic accountability possible in the first place. They are also the foundation and precondition for individuals, parents, community groups, and social movements to mobilize against such political and moral corruptions. Why are you not mobilizing to fight the tyranny. Why are you still pretending to believe in fixed elections that place in power over you ,the most evil of race and peace criminals?

We are dealing with crazy, vicious people who have terrorized and buffaloed many of you. A large minority of you will DIE muttering to yourself..."This is just not right. They said that black leaders will save us." How many are awake and gathering the courage and strength to fight?

How can any of us convince warped, disgusting, childish weaklings to become a man or woman after they have entered middle age as a brainwashed pawn, maintained and fed lies daily, by the communist propaganda monolith?

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  • My friend Jack Smith, hate is destructive in nature, seek the truth, the truth will set you free from this hate that in burning you from inside out. Lets deal with the issues that destroy the American working class and made minorities an underclass society. Free trade is the biggest deception masquerade as free enterprise and free commerce, what in reality is a system of exploitation of foreign labor that is use by corporate American to destroy the American dream. We blame illegal immigration from the unemployment in our country but the real truth is that free trade is the worst enemy of the American working class, it destroyed millions of American jobs and kill the American dream. Our private debt is over 4 trillions Dollars because Americans used their credit to supplement their income to cover their living expenses; this is what we as Americans must fix if we want to re-store the American dream and stop the economic slavery of the American working class. Please stop this hate and the division of Americans, we all want the same, let's work in unity to make our country the best in the world, just like it use to be. Working together means winning together.

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