"You Have Been Kicked Off Of This Site"---

After a fun-filled, information-packed hour with our friend David Toy on the RightWing Redneck Radio Rag on BlogTalkRadio, I decided to take a walk on the wild side, and go to Mitt Romney Radio on Blog Talk.  


As I was in the chat-room, I asked a few very simple, very polite questions of the various folks there, one being the HOST, starting with "When is Mitt going to address the very important issues before us, specifically, an undocumented foreigner in the White House who has surrounded himself with Communists, Marxists, Islamofacists and anarchists?"  

I was asked "Why?  We'll have to wait until after the Primary."

I responded "Now why would I do that?  This needs to be talked about now..."

Not a word-for-word transcription, but you get my drift.

Next thing I know, the big blue box pops up with the words "You Have Been Kicked Off This Site."

Really.   Just so I understand things clearly, there can be no mention whatsoever of the most important issues facing us as a nation, and a people of the Rule of Law...and a man who presents himself as a candidate for the office of President refuses to answer a simple question as to the Rule Of Constitutional Law...and I get kicked from the site for ASKING a question...

The simple fact that everything done by this usurper is null-and-void, and of no consequence, doesn't matter now ....


Is there still any question in anyone's mind as to what the real problem is in this country?

When I observe and experience the uncomfortable feelings held by many concerning the various candidates for the Presidency this time around, it is no small wonder that many believe we have been HAD.

I never could really put my finger on the sense of unease I had concerning Romney, until tonight.

Now all caveats have been removed, all questions are now moot and irrelevant.

And I suspect, the same thing will happen when I go to Newts' site, Santorum's, and Paul's.  


Hope you enjoy the game, if you're really up to it.  

Me...?  It's no game.  It's time to clean House & Senate right down to the pencil-sharpeners, and every empty cell in this country needs to be filled with the likes of those that are removed...up to and including that Kenyan usurper/Indonesioan Islamofacist currently desecrating our White House.  

Just when you think you've had the last straw, there seems to be another bale placed at your feet.

Join us on Tea Party Radio Network for Tea Party Radio with Dale Robertson, and Founder's Quest: The Seigfreid-Toepfer Hour with co-host Peggy Burgess.   We're just getting warmed up...

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  • Elaine, free speech is going the way of freedom of religion. You have to realize there are wiser people than you & I who will do what is really best for all of us. Just think of it as their hearts being in the right place. They don't want to see you get in trouble for saying something wrong, that could get you in trouble with the minority elite.

  • Like the description of BO.

  • You are not going to change their minds, Elaine.  You are probably wasting your time trying to get through to them, although anything is possible and I have been proved wrong before.  (I didn't believe the rumor about mixing bleach and ammonia until I tried it...don't do it!)  Understand that Islam is NOT a religion, it is a political ideology that uses the facade of religion to promote cultural genocide.  

  • Elaine--I understand completely.  The only way we will "lose our voice" is if we shut up, or allow ourselves to be shut up.  Ain't gonna happen here, I can assure.  & I didn't even get to the stage of discussion of "treason" before I was kicked off...just goes to show you who is the problem and who is not...I'm still looking for "who is not!"  

  • Elaine---what ever would give you the idea I'm laughing about Treason?  If you knew anything about me or read anything that I've written and talk about every single night, there is no laughing going on at all.  Screaming and hollering from the top of my lungs maybe, with a little hint at humor occassionally to keep from going absolutely insane, but NO laughing about Treason.  

  • Just a reminder...Let's Not forget Our main Focus, To Remove the pResident that is illegally Occupying the White House !   We know our Choices are slim and poor, but the other option is a Hell of a lot Worse !  God Bless These Patriots !

  • I have never seen any group which want to control people to be honest, so does any of this surprise you?

  • Sorry about the split up of my comment.  I hit the enter key instead of the shift key.

  • Santorbaminable have parent citizenship eligibility issues as well as Obamanible.  Isn't it a shame that we have so many disgusting people in office and candidates.  For the reasons we have them, go to www.blackboxvoting.org or www.votefraud.org  I was frauded out of winning an election 20 years ago which started me on a campaign against election fraud.  It is one of the most sub-surface issues we have.  If criminals can gain office by buying off the votecounting process, we don't have a chance no matter how hard we work or debate on behalf of candidates and/or issues.

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