"You Have Been Kicked Off Of This Site"---

After a fun-filled, information-packed hour with our friend David Toy on the RightWing Redneck Radio Rag on BlogTalkRadio, I decided to take a walk on the wild side, and go to Mitt Romney Radio on Blog Talk.  


As I was in the chat-room, I asked a few very simple, very polite questions of the various folks there, one being the HOST, starting with "When is Mitt going to address the very important issues before us, specifically, an undocumented foreigner in the White House who has surrounded himself with Communists, Marxists, Islamofacists and anarchists?"  

I was asked "Why?  We'll have to wait until after the Primary."

I responded "Now why would I do that?  This needs to be talked about now..."

Not a word-for-word transcription, but you get my drift.

Next thing I know, the big blue box pops up with the words "You Have Been Kicked Off This Site."

Really.   Just so I understand things clearly, there can be no mention whatsoever of the most important issues facing us as a nation, and a people of the Rule of Law...and a man who presents himself as a candidate for the office of President refuses to answer a simple question as to the Rule Of Constitutional Law...and I get kicked from the site for ASKING a question...

The simple fact that everything done by this usurper is null-and-void, and of no consequence, doesn't matter now ....


Is there still any question in anyone's mind as to what the real problem is in this country?

When I observe and experience the uncomfortable feelings held by many concerning the various candidates for the Presidency this time around, it is no small wonder that many believe we have been HAD.

I never could really put my finger on the sense of unease I had concerning Romney, until tonight.

Now all caveats have been removed, all questions are now moot and irrelevant.

And I suspect, the same thing will happen when I go to Newts' site, Santorum's, and Paul's.  


Hope you enjoy the game, if you're really up to it.  

Me...?  It's no game.  It's time to clean House & Senate right down to the pencil-sharpeners, and every empty cell in this country needs to be filled with the likes of those that are removed...up to and including that Kenyan usurper/Indonesioan Islamofacist currently desecrating our White House.  

Just when you think you've had the last straw, there seems to be another bale placed at your feet.

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  • When you said, "everything done by this usurper..." did you mean the Obaminable usurper or the Romney usurper?  One is just as bad as the other.  Robaminable is a theif of corporate and pension assets, just to begin, but I have also heard that both Robminable and

  • and just why aren't the big time Journalists asking these questions? I'm glad you have the kahoonas to ask them.

  • And just a little note--there's nothing that get's this good-old boy's spirits up more than seeing people riled up and ON MESSAGE!  God Bless!

  • Robert--With all of us working together, I don't think there is anything we CAN'T do!  Thanks for being here---all of you!

  • Shared on another site go get em James

  • Robert--LOL!!!

  • Hi Joseph Steiner!  No, I haven't yet.  Haven't had time, but trust me I will and will get back with y'all with the reply!

  • Have you tried Paul's site?  I seriously doubt that you will be kicked off.  It would be interesting if I am wrong. 

  • AC South Carolina Director---Agreed...there's something going on regarding "a serious stall" and I think something IS going to happen.  Talk about this a lot on Tea Party Radio.  Watch what BHO is doing without a care in the world.  OWS will descend on Chicago for the Nato Summit in May, and has promised violence.  This is Soros/Obama engineered.  Beware the NDAA and the powers of detention that BHO demanded be inserted before he signed it.  If people aren't worried to death, they're not paying attention.  You will notice if you listen to the radio programs that I ALWAYS say "IF we make it to the 2012 election..."

  • Hi stanboy!  So right---we've all got to work together and watch EVERYONES back here!  With you all the way, friend!

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