You Don't Receive Because You Don't Ask

You Don't Receive Because You Don't Ask
I was sitting on the front porch Saturday, watching my grandson
Danny cutting our grass on the riding mower. I had placed the
mower deck higher than usual to just mow the grass/sand spurs.
They catch on to your shoes, socks, pants etc. They are a pain
(literally.) Some of the 5 acres were turning brown for lack of
rain. When it's this dry, it can be a dirty, dusty job cutting the
grass and some people wear a cloth mask over their nose and
mouth. It was 102 degrees with no rain in sight. We had not
had rain in days and it was hot every day. My thoughts went to
the Scripture "You don't receive because you don't ask."
It was Jesus Christ who said this. I thought about what Jesus said
and wondered why people don't ask. I concluded that the reason
people don't ask is because they really don't believe, i.e. they lack
faith. I bowed my head and told God that I believe and I asked
Him to send us some rain.
The next morning I got up and walked out into the family room
where my wife was, and looked outside and told my wife it's
raining. She said yes, it rained half of the night. I went into my
PC room to take my I-phone off from the charger and turned
it on. It said in big letters "Flash flood warning for Weatherford."
It rained Sat. night, Sunday, Sunday night, Monday and
Monday night, Tuesday and Wednesday. Sunday morning, the
temperature dropped down to 68 degrees.
Many will say that was just a coincidence, I call it answered prayer.
That was last week. Now, I'm cutting green grass again.
We serve a great and wonderful God!

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