I recently started responding to the news story open commentaries on line at Yahoo news. For a long time I had whitenessed aggressive Homosexuals degrading normal families, normal marriage and event normal children with a mother and father. Oh, and lets not forget continual obscene and perverse remarks about Christians!
I began respond to the sick postings with Bible quotes and appealing to the homosexuals to seek Christ to help them.I never imagined what would happen next! After a week of responding to aggressive and perverse postings by homosexuals yahoo cancelled and closed my account. They refused to reopen it and banned me from Yahoo! All because I was a Christian and offended the Rabid homosexuals with an invite to come to Christ for help! Yahoo News seemed to think the filthy remarks of the many homosexuals responding to news stories was just fine! 
 Please listen very closely to what I now say. I see it is a fact that these homosexuals have become very aggressive and dangerous now that Obama has promoted their sick agenda. Believe me when I tell you I have seen Hell in print from these perverts. They are dangerous! They very much want to Sodomize and convert our children and they want to kill us! They want to bring down normal families and normal marriage! They are brain washing our children in the public schools. 
I fully believe soon The Obama administration will arrest imprison and Kill Christians! I have herd rumors of pastors and Ministers now being arrested for Preaching the gospel in their Churches! For the love of god, People must now stand up and fight! We must Rise up against Obama and turn back this Totalitarian Dictatorship before we have lost everything!

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  • I have had yahoo email for almost 15 yrs now and they haven't banded me or pulled my account, however, I do go into the yahoo news area.  I also have an account with gmail and have threatened yahoo that I will move all of my folders and friends from yahoo to my other email account if they don't get their site fixed.  Perhaps this is their way of saying that they don't want Christians using their site!  I will continue to  monitor my email and most likely will wind up moving all of my folders and accounts to gmail! Thanks for the heads up!

  • we are getting off of yahoo and telling all of ofb friends to get off of yahoo

  • This is one reason the tea party is accused of being terrorists. This is hard to believe but that doesn't make what you say not true,but that being said,if you are going to put this out there the onis is on you to put the facts out there as well.

  • I know how the Book ends. And it doesn't end well for people who do not fit themselves in the Creators program. Yahoo like the Federal Government is now filled with "Lawless" people being led by Satan. There is no common sense anymore. 

  • Correct!!!

  • When will we start we have talk about it for some time and nothing has been done

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