By Oscar Y. Harward


What value is the Republican Party ‘Platform’ other than a ‘piece of paper’ when (y)our ‘GOP leadership’ is shaped and approved from the ‘grassroots’ of our Party, displayed as a roadmap for leaders to follow, but its’ precise and detailed values are ‘never applied’ or ‘required’?


Is it possible for the Republican Party ‘leadership’ to return our GOP and our nation back to include a ‘common-sense’ GOP Platform on ‘social issues’, or is the GOP going to continue downhill and into the sewer?


Will the GOP return to Christian values as our Founding Fathers established in our Constitution?  Many others are more than willing to follow the GOP as our Party will then expand.


When President Ronald Reagan said to ‘Build a big tent’, he explained the need to build the Republican Party with others who would support similar ‘social and fiscal’ issues some 80% of the time.  Support of the issues must be based on ‘differing’ issues; Liberal Democrat Party issues v. Conservative Republican Party issues.  President Reagan’s ‘win’ was to persuade others to accept his philosophy; and not for President Reagan, you and/or me to accept theirs.


The Republican Party Platform and its’ ‘leadership’ must subscribe to ‘Social, Fiscal, and National Security’ issues; in that order.  When the ‘Social’ issues become the forerunner, the other issue concerns follow in the ‘right’ path; not necessarily so in any other order.


If the GOP ‘leadership’ continues to degrade (y)our Republican Party based on ‘shameful’, ‘immoral’, and/or other ‘wasteful spending’ on fiscal issues, the Republican Party will die and ‘many others’ will move forward with another “Party” based on ‘moral, fiscal, and National Security’ issue values.


Our Republican Party does not need ‘Republicans In Name Only’ (RINO) or any other ‘Democrat look-alikes’ in our Party. 


‘Main-stream Medias’ and Liberal Democrats steer the ‘out-of-control’ spending while ‘RINO’ Republicans join the left-wing Democrats’ proposals in crossing the ‘political aisle’ to vote and accept more additional spending.  Secondly, these same legislators prepare and dominate lower social standards.  These ‘left-wing’ agendas are wrong.


It is this ‘left-wing’ representation that has and is leaving our ‘ever-growing’ National Debt approaching $17 Trillion.  At the same time, our Judiciary, our ‘public schools’, and our Liberal elected and appointed bureaucrats are ignoring and/or disobeying our Constitution, US Code, and our States’ General Statutes.  Active elected and appointed Democrats and ‘Democrat look-alikes’ masked as ‘RINO’ Republicans are guiding our declining communities with more unfeeling, senseless, and lawless activity.  Our nation is becoming a ‘nation of individuals’ as our freedoms slide away from a ‘system of laws’.


There is more to being a ‘sincere’ Republican Party candidate than putting an ‘R’ beside any individual’s name.  A ‘genuine’ Republican Party candidate will support at least 80% of our ‘social, fiscal, and National Security’ issues as defined in our Republican Party ‘Platform’.


The Republican National Committee (RNC) must save our Republican Party’s ‘donor dollars’ in providing support for responsible GOP candidates who will support the GOP Platform, and to save our USA.  (Y)our Republican Party ‘Platform’ is a roadmap; lead yourself, or follow others to greatness in America.  Help all ‘devoted’ true Republican Party candidates make it happen!

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  • In Reference to Mr. Oscars Harward's  wishful thinking regarding The RNC and especially the last paragraph regarding Donor Dollars in providing support etc. etc etc.

    In the last fifteen years all I got was RIHNO candidates running for office masquerading as Conservatives and trying to pass off the biggest scam ever devised or ever witnessed in history of politics. The representation of the grass roots in Washington does NOT EXISTS. It is a big joke to them to rip you off on the contribution side, take your money promise conservative values but deliver RINO political results. Than comeback for more contributions with more gullible promises to the gullible people that open up their wallets and drop more money down that RNC toilet hole.

    Many of us have got their number and their game plan and started telling them where they belong with their requests for contributions because why should I contribute if I am not getting anything but grief in return on my investment. Who in the hell needs them? I do not need them any more but they need us yet what satisfactory Conservative principles have they provided in Washington regarding policy or satisfied our American needs lately? What do they want? Money for doing absolutely nothing in return. I have got nothing of value from them and I have every right to send them straight to hell to get their contributions there. You continue to support their RINO practices by continuing to fund their coffers yet you continue to hope that they change and see it your way or come down to your level of Conservatism.

    Don't you get it yet? GOP/RNC do not want to save our USA, they want to do their own RINO thing and have the gullible masses continue to pay them while they ignore the people but they will reach across the ILSE and play nice and in the end support the other political party needs.

    The hope and change dream of reforming the Republican party is over. The only way your going to reform this party is to kill it and start all over again.

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