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Here is my story.  When Heard President Obama state that we were no longer a Judeo Christian Nation...I woke up.

1.  I did my homework through Wallbuilders and The American Heritage Series.  Then I completed two online courses through halearn.com/Heritage Academy/American Constitution and Government Part I and Part II.

2.   I put my papers into a book and was able to get it published through Authorhouse.com.  Dr. W. Cleon Skousen published The Five Thousand Year Leap:  A Miracle That Changed The World.  His book is easy to read and brought the confusion of politics into clear focusw.  Dr Skousen said many times that the Founder's success formula would solve nearly every problem we have in America today.  Really?  Can any knowledge be more helpful to the rising generation of Leaders in America?  The purpose of my book, The Writings of an American Mother in 2010:  Principles of the Founding Fathers and Current Issues...planting the seeds of Leadership is to encourage people to review our past, our history as a country, the 28 Principles of our Founding Fathers and how they relate to current issues...then develop your own viewpoint through critical thinking and doing your own homework...becoming an Active American Citizen!

3.  I sent a hardcover copy of my book to 40 high profile people.

4.  I created a web page for my book, www.maryaeli com , which offers a view of the book or you can go to amazon.com or barnesandnoble.com

5.   A Youtube Video was created for my book as part of a 200,000 email campaign.  You can view the video at YouTube/Writings of an American Mother in 2010.


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