Woopie Doopie Doo!!


 Here We Go. This is some Hard Stuff. Weaker Minds may want to avoid this Post.

 I guess now we are all supposed to be so Happy that the Obamacare Website is up and running, even if it isn't anywhere near running right. Don't you just LOVE the way that the White House is trying to Scare even More People into using it. Let's just say that the once Sure, and "Secure" method of Paper Enrollment is known to also be a non-functioning mess and Dangerous mistake. The Administration is using the scandal to Bully folks into using an even More Dangerous Web Site. I Know now "if the Disease doesn't Kill you, the Cure WILL".

  Let's not forget that Paradigm of Integrity and the new Savior of All that's Good has just Died. I am talking about the Terrorist, Christian Killer, Criminal Nelson the Righteous Mandela. The only part I must be missing is, "What did he do to escape the Death Penalty for ordering the MURDER of Innocent People in South Africa and pushing Socialism on the people there. The People of the World would have brought about the end to Apartheid just fine without the Murderous Mandela and Company. Let's Never forget the practice of Crucifying Blacks and Whites that occurred at the direction and probably hands of them both.

  I have no Fear of the coming Judgment for myself and all true Christians, and even pray that Nelson and company have repented and have entered Heaven. I in No Way will excuse His activities on this earth. He didn't stand before me in judgment though. Those that try and justify his deeds and beliefs will also be paying for his deeds before God.

  These things, that the Leaders all over the World are doing to be included in anything that "Seems" to make them "Look Non-Racist" or More Noble than others, are the actions of weaklings to keep retaining their Positions of Power. Little do they know that one day the same kind of terrorist actions they glorify are the same type that will be used to take them down . They forget that a Man with Courage dies but Once, and a Coward Dies a million Deaths. 

  I see why our current leftist leaders support this dead guy, they are just like "Peas in a Pod". A Socialist is a socialist is a socialist. Christian Haters and Freedom Haters are all the same. Can the rest of "We the People" remove the log from our eyes before it is Too Late. You don't have to agree with me on any of these rants. I Know this because I gave years of my Life to protect our, and YOUR Freedoms. That's one thing Obama would never and could never do. Cowards are great at manipulating not Protecting anything. Sorry if you hate me now, I still     Love all of you. I still would and will if needed Fight and Die for OUR FREEDOM.

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