Women's rights

When my daughter first married  remember her complaining and saying, I can't do this. She was referring to working a full time job, cleaning house, preparing meals when she got off work and so on.

As I listened to her I chuckled and she ask me why. I told her about my mom that is now in the nursing home with Alzheimer's. I'm 62 now and therefore you can guess how old my mom is.

She use to get up before anyone else in the house to prepare our breakfast. Once the dishes were washes and put away she went out to milk two cows, then she would come bake to the house and put it away and start the noon meal foe use to eat at lunch, make up the beds and then come to the barn to string tobacco that we had sent to the barn, She stayed at the barn until just before lunch and then she went to the house to put warn the food and set the table to feed every person that worked for us.

After we finished eating the men would lay down and rest a while before resuming the afternoon but not mom, dishes had to be washes and put away and now supper had to be thought about. When the men went back to work she was there at the barn to string tobacco that afternoon and to help put it in the barn at the end of the day.

Now she has to milk those same two cows this afternoon and then prepare supper, wash dishes when we finished.

I can remember while we played in the afternoon or early evening she would be in the garden picking string beans butter beans or tomatoes, what ever was ready to pick and be sitting in the swing preparing them to freeze or can before she went to bed

Did I mention washing clothes, ironing and sowing, helping with home work moping and sweeping.

My sisters finally grew up and started sharing with some of this but my mom always fascinated me with her working ability. I didn't even mention churning the buttermilk and no telling what else I missed.

In all of this I never once heard my mom complain or say a curse word, still to this day.

I can appreciate women's rights but maybe they are selling their selves way too short. I think they should be asking for more than the average  wage of their husbands or other men because they definitely have to work more hours if they are anything like my mom.

I will say that neither one of my daughters have ever work like my mom  but probably would ask for more. Is this a sign of our times or what?

If the men and women in this country worked and accomplished what the men and women did in my parents generation , this country would have enough food to feel the would and there would be no such thing as any kind of welfare, obesity would be a thing of the past and character would be instilled in every person by default.

By the way, I didn't get in much trouble when I was growing up because even I was too tired at night to do anything but go to bed.


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