Woe, I say Woe unto a nation who abandons the God of creation... whose eyes no longer shine with the spirit of the Lord. Woe and again

Woe, too a people whose thoughts are fixed upon the corruption of the flesh, who honor false gods with their works; whose children are abandoned and go hungry for the Words of Life...

Woe, I say Woe unto this Nation whose house is empty... it has become a broken cistern whose water has long emptied into the belly of the Earth. Woe unto a people whose God is their belly, who refuse to hear and obey... who have become stiff-necked and altogether reprobate.

Repent saith the Lord of Host... or I will come with a sword and the Spirit of Judgment shall fall upon thy Land... Thy house shall be devoured in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye... its smoke shall rise unto the heavens, a sign to others of thy iniquity, of thy failure to repent and embrace the Spirit of Life in Jesus Christ.

Thus saith the Lord of Host... Amen.

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