Wish Our Congress had the resolve

If our Congress had have the resolve and intestinal fortitude that the Egyptians have we would watching impeachment proceeding today. How similar was their leader  to ours? Big promises, switch and bait, radicals in charge after the election, ignores the Constitution when it serves him and ignores Congress and the courts when it serves him. If after all of that and Fast n Furious, AG issues, Benghazi, IRS, NSA , ignoring courts orders and the will of Congress not one woman or man in the House will move for impeachment of Obama. They could also impeach other Federal officials, but nothing is done.


Our leader has gone so far that Russia is amazed how far and fast our system has fallen, as they commented in Pravda back a couple of years ago. Can you imagine what they think now. Obama has declared he wishes we were no longer a nuclear power, but would settle for 300 or so nukes for a start. Below the level of China, so I am sure they and every other enemy of the US in the world could not be happier with Obama's position. Add his plan to give away our tax dollars while tripling our budget deficit and the must be ecstatic. He wants to redistribute as much as he can, which is all cap and trade is about except for the credit traders and related fees, which is AL Gore's piece of the pie. Obama's assault of every aspect of America, to transform it, attacks every part of our nation. NASA is re-tasked to Muslim outreach and climate change research. Military will be downsized by 12 brigades among other demoralizing actions. 1.8 billion ammo rounds purchased for Homeland Security along with riot and other gear, War on coal, war over with the Muslim terrorists, at least from our side, there are many more examples and issues, which I know Congress is aware of and still they do nothing.

Evil dwells where good men do nothing and nothing is what our elected representatives are doing. Aside from unlawful actions all we can do is pray and wait for the next election cycle. I will be looking for new State representatives and new national party to take over. 

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