What I see on a daily basis tends to upset me. I see a structure of what I always believed to be the greatest country in the world crumbling.


One must believe it started somewhere. I believe that education is a very big part of where we are today. Without educated young people, there will be no intelligent older people growing up.


Why must people today be vulgar and constantly put other people down? Why are the common people addressing an election with statements of wishing death upon those who they do not like? Lack of proper education comes to mind, once again.

The Liberals did have a plan when they wanted to take over this nation. It stems from beliefs like those of the late Saul Alinsky. He mentions that if you make the people happy by ridiculing others, you will have them doing it with no effort needed to have them keep it up. He had some brilliant concepts to take over a people and a nation. The key here is not to fall into the traps of what his concepts were.

4063997275?profile=originalHillary Clinton did her Thesis on Alinsky's fundamental beliefs. She added in a few more thoughts of her own. She will use the methods she believes in to make America a socialist/communist country if she runs and gets elected.

My worst nightmare is that she will win. The people voted blindly to get a 'black president'. What the people got was a Muslim sympathizer who deals with terrorists. He arms the enemy while 'we the people' clutch guns and yell that they will fight them if they come to America. 4063915276?profile=originalIt's far past the time to wake up. Folks, they are already here. It is a fair assumption that Hillary Clinton could be the next president of the United States. Then the people will have to hold their guns tighter because that4063997173?profile=original woman wants to disarm the citizens of this country.

The people will want to vote for the first woman president. Most voters are not very intelligent and vote for what they see rather than the issues at hand and the policies of the candidate. Benghazi seems to have been discarded because people get subpoenaed but just do not show up because they have resigned from the position they held when the embassy tragedy occurred.

People have been trying demonstrations. The 'Operation American Spring' brought a couple of people to Washington D.C.. They don't seem to even get media coverage. It also prompts O to leave the White House. Then there are those who stand behind threats of what they will do if confronted in this country. We must stop the insanity before we are all shooting Islamic terrorists in America.

We have a right to vote in this country. We must use that vote and not expect others to use it for us. One less vote for us is one more for the Democrats.

4063997293?profile=originalLet us win the majority for the Senate. We must start somewhere. Then, maybe, just maybe, we will be smart enough to have the right people running who can beat the Democrats. Hopefully all who are against what is happening to our country will vote for the same names and get a Republican who is Conservative into power. We must stick together or we are done; America we so love will be finished as the free country we knew Her to be.

If we are complacent now, I hate to see where we are going. It is time for action but this must be done the way it was intended to be done. We must vote. Voting is a privilege that our forefathers fought for. Use it and help save America.

Daveda Gruber

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  • There are many of us Very Consevitives who have seen many of the mail in ballets get lost, er so we are waiting and are voting in person. I know that there are mny who are unable to get off work in time or who are physically unable to do so, I do understand the mail-in-ballet. But for us who are able we choose to vote in person, to be sure that NO ONE has stolen our vote or lost it. There needs to be a way to check and see if their vote is true to their desire and not high-jacked by the oppossing party.  There is a lotof dirty politics going on and we need a change for true and honest values. GOD bless the USA!

  • yep, I voted by mail ballot sent today, for congressman Mcclintock of California. I think here in California, it is a matter of time that tells when we all get tired of the dems promises, since next year after the elections of course, the 20 cent plus gas tax kicks in, along with all of the other regulations and taxes Californians pay, its a matter of time before we all get tired of the dem crap.

  • Thank you so much to all for commenting. It is so very vital that we all vote to save America. The first step is to take the majority in the Senate. 4063997293?profile=original

  • Not voting is a vote for a democrat

  • FYI -

    In SC you can vote early if you are 65 or older or "planning to be on vacation" & a lot of other reasons.    You might want to check with your local county/state.


  • Benghazi Hitlery Clinton might win in 2016, you say?   Sorry, but we've already seen what that pathetic Liberal LOSER will do when she gets that 2:00 am call she advertized in 2008...NOTHING!  LET 'EM DIE!   

    It really comes down to paper ballots or computers.  

    PAPER BALLOTS with ID = Honest elections

    COMPUTERS = Democrat programmers manipulate defaults to Democrat candidates

    We can DEMAND a paper ballot or we can vote Democrat!

  • Absolutely im voting! I always do. Those who dont have no place to complain
  • I am going to DEMAND a paper ballot.    We've already seen that the voting machines are rigged AGAIN.

    Wish we had some Senators & House Reps with b*lls & would stand up and demand we go back to paper ballots.   I'd rather have our military counting the ballots than being used for Ebola Guinea Pigs in west Africa.   Just my opinion.

  • Our Constitution is designed only for a moral and religious people.
    It is wholly inadequate for any other.  John Adams, in 1798.

    Abundance, then Complacency - APATHY on to DEPENDENCE and finally - BONDAGE???  This is the Bible based Gideon Cycle of God favored nations that no longer choose to walk with him as the Founding Fathers intended for the U.S.
    Where are we in this destructive cycle; will we stop it, and can we reverse it?
    I make it that so far; perhaps since bill clinton, we wallow in the APATHY, and work unrepentantly toward the DEPENDENCE part of the cycle.  Oh, that's just bill's personal life, so he cheats on his wife, blatantly lies to the American people, wag the dog, selling state secrets to the Chinese for campaign dollars, the Oral office – Meh, no big deal.
    President Reagan called the U.S., The Shining City on the Hill.  Obola has us the laughing stock of the world.  RINO's have dug in at Washington like ticks on an old hound dog.  They now shamelessly have their hand out for your campaign contribution but they don’t have the integrity, spine or desire to challenge and standup to the malevolence of the usurper and his corrupt”O”crat regime; their only concern is, not for their voters or their country, but getting reelected.
    The usurper in the White House and his corrupt"O"crat henchmen, with the complicit sycophant media, have committed so many ILLEGAL, unconstitutional, impeachable and even treasonous acts against the American people, that they're all but impossible to list.
    This election is extremely important to wake up the apathetic voter. There are over 300 million people in the country, only about 50 million voted for Obola; where are the rest? About 4 million, supposedly conservative, voters stayed home in 2012 and we ended up with another 4 years of this usurper and his corrupt regime.

    Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote.  We have a scant few days to start the correction – REMEMBER in NOVEMBER

  • Voted a week ago.

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