4063652600?profile=original   Obama uses Executive Orders to Strip Gun Owners of

            legal Constitutional Gun  Weapons Rights

Where do you draw the line in the sand in defense of your life, your family and your community? What happens when the President of the United States, determines that it is illegal for you to use the very guns which are constitutionally protected because he issues an executive order against ownership? What alternative are you left with, and who can you turn to?

Your weapons which are constitutionally protected may need a local sheriff who will stand against the federal tidal wave of unconstitutional White House directives to protect gun rights!

States and local sheriffs in several jurisdictions are leading a resurgent awakening in the nation in protecting the gun rights of citizens from being quashed by federal edicts. In fact, some of these states which are considering legislation to criminalize efforts of federal employees that attempt to enforce gun control executive orders. Some of these states considering legislation action include Alabama, Missouri, Montana, South Carolina, Texas, and Wyoming, among others.

Reaction to the proposed legislative edicts by President Obama for a reinstated sticker assault-weapons ban and a 10-round limit on magazines is raising concerns by local law enforcement officials. According to CNS News, Oregon, Linn County Sheriff Tim Mueller has already told Vice President Biden in a letter, that he will not enforce any recommended gun laws he deemed unconstitutional.

Another sheriff has joined the growing effort to prevent the assault on legal law abiding citizen’s Second Amendment rights in the state of Kentucky. According to Breitbart, Sheriff Denny Peyman of Jackson County, Kentucky stated recently, “My office will not comply with any federal action which violates the United States Constitution or the Kentucky Constitution which I swore uphold."

A state legislative leader in Texas is tackling this gun control overreach by the Obama administration and gun control advocates. Rep. Steve Toth (R) is planning legislative action to make it illegal for the state of Texas to enforce any federal laws that restrict the constitutional rights of its citizens to own semi-automatic firearms or the size of gun magazines.

Is this not the legal obligation of all local sheriffs and state legislative officials to uphold the dictates of the U.S. Constitution as well as their own state constitution? Is this not their oath of office? In fact, it makes perfect sense that every county, parish and borough in America has a sheriff or law enforcement officials who has taken such an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution.

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  • Joyce...your info on Sheriff Joe is incorrect..I would do my own research 1st, even on those Sheriffs in GA...I put NOTHING past the left esp on facebook to divide and confuse the populace further....like Glenn Beck always says..don't take my word for it-do your own research. I know my Sheriff well enough, campaign for him etc to know he would never be a part of an unConstitutional mandate!

  • I am fortunate to live in a county with the best Sheriff in America..Sheriff Joe Arpaio...and yes I support him and his Deputies 10000%

  • Deport domestic enemies/traitors. 

  • If a sheriff here in DE would I would stand with him and in front of him,where ever he or she needed me

  • Someone on fb had this link posted today... http://cspoa.org/sheriffs-gun-rights/ ...I hope someone updates a list like this every time a Sheriff joins up against unconstitutional federal actions. There are 3 sheriffs in GA on this list, but a now-famous-name appears in it & caught my attention... Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa Co., Arizona. He & any officer on the border should definitely know the difference of citizens having weapons vs. the weapons held by the drug cartel... take away rights to have a big gun, then the border bash will see a dash of more criminals.

  • Oklahoma has a nullification bill before it's state house this legislative session that will most likely be approved.  Oklahoma was the only state in this last election that was completely red in every county, district and precinct.

  • Will stand with them if they support the constitution

  • I will stand shoulder to shoulder with any law enforcement authorities who are willing to defend our second amendment rights that are being violated by Obama. For you guys in the states where elected officials are in bed with Obama, Is there any way you can move south? If you are a real American and and wish to remain free in spite of the dictator in the W/H and believe in our constitution then we will welcome you here.



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  • Richard Carlton I'm in Taxachusetts as well and our Governor is about to open up a bad spell for himself with his new tax strategy plan. He thinks we are all dumb but the sales tax that he wants to lower was only supposed to be temporary anyway and it was supposed to go to education right? So we under employed and employed get banged again by progressives like him? Where do our excise taxes go? Aren't they for roads and bridges? So where did that money go to his Union boss buddies? So he dares to redistribute what ever wealth we have left? He sounds just like our POTUS doesn't he?

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