4063652600?profile=original   Obama uses Executive Orders to Strip Gun Owners of

            legal Constitutional Gun  Weapons Rights

Where do you draw the line in the sand in defense of your life, your family and your community? What happens when the President of the United States, determines that it is illegal for you to use the very guns which are constitutionally protected because he issues an executive order against ownership? What alternative are you left with, and who can you turn to?

Your weapons which are constitutionally protected may need a local sheriff who will stand against the federal tidal wave of unconstitutional White House directives to protect gun rights!

States and local sheriffs in several jurisdictions are leading a resurgent awakening in the nation in protecting the gun rights of citizens from being quashed by federal edicts. In fact, some of these states which are considering legislation to criminalize efforts of federal employees that attempt to enforce gun control executive orders. Some of these states considering legislation action include Alabama, Missouri, Montana, South Carolina, Texas, and Wyoming, among others.

Reaction to the proposed legislative edicts by President Obama for a reinstated sticker assault-weapons ban and a 10-round limit on magazines is raising concerns by local law enforcement officials. According to CNS News, Oregon, Linn County Sheriff Tim Mueller has already told Vice President Biden in a letter, that he will not enforce any recommended gun laws he deemed unconstitutional.

Another sheriff has joined the growing effort to prevent the assault on legal law abiding citizen’s Second Amendment rights in the state of Kentucky. According to Breitbart, Sheriff Denny Peyman of Jackson County, Kentucky stated recently, “My office will not comply with any federal action which violates the United States Constitution or the Kentucky Constitution which I swore uphold."

A state legislative leader in Texas is tackling this gun control overreach by the Obama administration and gun control advocates. Rep. Steve Toth (R) is planning legislative action to make it illegal for the state of Texas to enforce any federal laws that restrict the constitutional rights of its citizens to own semi-automatic firearms or the size of gun magazines.

Is this not the legal obligation of all local sheriffs and state legislative officials to uphold the dictates of the U.S. Constitution as well as their own state constitution? Is this not their oath of office? In fact, it makes perfect sense that every county, parish and borough in America has a sheriff or law enforcement officials who has taken such an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution.

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  • you dont even have to ask this question, because i will defy the order with or without the sheriffs support. those jack-booted thugs from obama will have to tear down the building that i am in, before they get any weapons. this is where the republicans must stick together, and not start mane calling amongst each other, but to support each other...this has to be the final straw, the last line in the sand...if this is not, then just leave the country...like maybe north korea, at least you know what they stand for there...and they dont try to hide it.

  • Unfortunately we have a liberal governor named Jerry Brown and he will do whatever OBummer says.  I on the other hand  I believe in the 2nd Amendment and I do stand for Governors and Sheriffs who defy Obummers gun control order's  150% although I don't count on any one doing it here in Cali.

  • I just pray and hope that our state and sheriff will defy the unconstitutional gun grab.

  • I will support him 150% and with every drop of life blood in me this is aggression from a dictator and we have the constitution to back us . They neednt bring any pantywaisted judge form the supreme court on down to change our constitution or explain to us what our Founding Fathers really meant nor will they water it down. If you have a miniscule of a brain you can reed and interpret what The Second Ammendment  means because The Almighty God had a hand in this so anybody that can read and write can understand if it isnt twisted by some obama like deceiver and then the simplicity of what it says still trumps the lies that obama and company trie to turn it into.

  •  I would support it 110%.  Does Gov.Scott from Florida have any plans for such laws criminalising federal agents trying to infringe on our 2nd ammenment rights in Florida ? It should be a felony with stiff fines and jail time to infringe on our constitutional rights. Gov Scott already passed no O'bummer care in Florida. I'll vote for him for ever if he also pases laws to make it a felony to infringe on the 2nd ammendment rights.

  • If I had a gun I would.  This whole Obama thing is to re-write our 2nd amendment or destroy it and leave us with no protection.  His daughters have secret service all day and Friends School has 11 police on duty all day, every day school is open.  Should they be in a school with a gun?  Are they all mentally sound?

  • To Wilson Strausser:   I'm very interested to know which state, or states, you have had good responses from?  Why haven't we heard anything about these state officials from any news source?  Thank you.

  • Yes, I will support my local Sheriff if he refuses to enforce or desires too detain and arrest federal agents or others who attempt to enforce Obama's unconstitutional executive orders... all unconstitutional executive orders and regulations.  I will be having a conversation with our sheriff ASAP regarding this topic.

  • A County Sheriff is Americas last  hope and is by all means the average citizens last line of defense against a tyrannical fedl. govt. They have the authority to arrest federal agents in their jurisdiction. Just ask Sheriff Joe Arpaio or Sheriff Richard Mack.

  • Just in case you all did not know. Look at the photos above. See the pistol grip. If you own an AR-15 and take it to a gun smith and have him remove the pistol grip and have the lower lines of the gun running front to read follow the contour of the shape of the gun, "IT IS NO LONGER ILLEGAL" and it is no longer considered an "ASSAULT" weapon. Just keep the magazine limited to ten rounds, but nothing says you can't have 15 or 20  "10" round magazines (clips) in your pocket. Or like in my days in Viet Nam you take two (2) clips invert them against each other (upside down) tape them together and in about 3 to 4 seconds you have the next 10 rounds ready to fire. If you are a bad guy, when your 10 round clip goes dry, push the eject button and the clips hits the ground or the floor and who he does not care to stop and pick it up. He has a full clip in his hand when he is firing, not very difficult to do, so drop the empty and again 3 to 4 seconds you are shooting again. So, my point is, ban all of the high capacity clips that you want Skunkman, it is not going to make one little, tiney, tiny bit of difference. That is just how stupid you and your cronnies are. If I were you "MR. OBAMA," I would be totally embarrassed of your own beliefs and your backdoor buddy Rahm, mayor of Chicago, with the the toughest anti gun laws in the country and Chicago had more killings and deaths with guns than the total of all US, UN and Alied Forces put together in Afghanistan in the year o 2012. GO FIGURE. I guess your style of gun control just might not work. Maybe again, you are to stupid to figure that out.

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