4063652600?profile=original   Obama uses Executive Orders to Strip Gun Owners of

            legal Constitutional Gun  Weapons Rights

Where do you draw the line in the sand in defense of your life, your family and your community? What happens when the President of the United States, determines that it is illegal for you to use the very guns which are constitutionally protected because he issues an executive order against ownership? What alternative are you left with, and who can you turn to?

Your weapons which are constitutionally protected may need a local sheriff who will stand against the federal tidal wave of unconstitutional White House directives to protect gun rights!

States and local sheriffs in several jurisdictions are leading a resurgent awakening in the nation in protecting the gun rights of citizens from being quashed by federal edicts. In fact, some of these states which are considering legislation to criminalize efforts of federal employees that attempt to enforce gun control executive orders. Some of these states considering legislation action include Alabama, Missouri, Montana, South Carolina, Texas, and Wyoming, among others.

Reaction to the proposed legislative edicts by President Obama for a reinstated sticker assault-weapons ban and a 10-round limit on magazines is raising concerns by local law enforcement officials. According to CNS News, Oregon, Linn County Sheriff Tim Mueller has already told Vice President Biden in a letter, that he will not enforce any recommended gun laws he deemed unconstitutional.

Another sheriff has joined the growing effort to prevent the assault on legal law abiding citizen’s Second Amendment rights in the state of Kentucky. According to Breitbart, Sheriff Denny Peyman of Jackson County, Kentucky stated recently, “My office will not comply with any federal action which violates the United States Constitution or the Kentucky Constitution which I swore uphold."

A state legislative leader in Texas is tackling this gun control overreach by the Obama administration and gun control advocates. Rep. Steve Toth (R) is planning legislative action to make it illegal for the state of Texas to enforce any federal laws that restrict the constitutional rights of its citizens to own semi-automatic firearms or the size of gun magazines.

Is this not the legal obligation of all local sheriffs and state legislative officials to uphold the dictates of the U.S. Constitution as well as their own state constitution? Is this not their oath of office? In fact, it makes perfect sense that every county, parish and borough in America has a sheriff or law enforcement officials who has taken such an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution.

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  • You bet your sweet AK-47 I'll support every law enforcement official who defends the U.S. Constitution!

  • We should have checkpoints on all roads to make sure that Obama doesn't send Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano into Arizona.

    Can a posse have 100,000 Arizonans in it?

  • POSSE COMITATUS, Is the power a county sheriff has to form a posse. a body of persons required, upon being summoned, to keep the peace. a body of persons armed with legal authority. Webster's Dictioary

  • If you do a little homework (research) you will discover that a "SHERIFF" is one of the most powerful Law Enforcement officers in the entire United States. He or she holds a trendous amount of enforcement power. In some cases, he has the authotity and the power to confront and arrest the President. Look it up. If you have a really good Sheriff somewhere in your state, please support him and if by chance he is a conservative, regardless where he lives and where you live, donate to his re-election fund. It may save your life and our country someday.

  • Even if only one sheriff honored his oath and defied obamas attempted gun grab, I can assure you that Sheriff would have millions join his posse.

  • I would prefer to support a law that is nation wide that gives any teacher who has a concealed

    carry permit to carry a concealed weapon in her everyday duties at any school in the USA.  Obama

    wants to stop the mass killings.  Right?  That would slow them down in days instead of years

    as he is doing it.  Lets be real and calm and objective about our desire to keep children safe at

    their schools.  I have taught for over 6 years.  I have a daughter who is currently teaching.  I will

    personally pay for her weapon and at least one month of intense training if she is given the rigth

    to carry concealed in the school.  I was a virtual sitting duck as were my students to a crazed

    evil bastard like Adam Lanza in Newtown, Connecticut.  Let us get  real about pretecting our

    children and never mind the idiot in chief. and his lacky Joe.  They are both anti gun to the

    hilt and they know it.  The don't believe in the second amendment at all.  They believe ind the

    destruction of it one law at a time until it is gone forever.  That is what they really believe.

    I would volunteer to stand guard at a school if asked to do so, and would accept a pool of guartds

    being chosen as juries or grand juries are chosen today.  We can do this without spending millions

    of dollars by using good people who care about children.  I would stand by a sheriff if it cost me

    my very own life to do so.  I would hate to see it come to that extreme, but our children's safety

    is not a joke.  It is real and it is important.  The crap that Obama and Biden are proposing will only

    lead to more restrictions as those laws and restrictions fail to work.  The California shooting was

    done by a hunting shot gun.  That gun was designed and built exclusively for hunting birds and

    small game.  I know. I have used them many times.  There are far meaner hunting guns than the

    one the kid used and I will not meintion more .  I do not want to put any ideas in kids heads.

  •  To all my comrades I say "Welcome Homes" brothers & sisters! I'm with ya!

      Just an old salt!            "NonSibi Sed Patriae!"

  • Yes I will stand with any one that wan't to protect the constitution. as an old marine I took an oath to protect this great country foreign and domestic. and Comunist Obama is clearely a threat to this country. and should be held in custody as a domestic teroist. Obama is NOT FIT to hold the office of president. and he stil has NOT proven that he is elegable to hold any office in washington.

    Just an old marine

  • When it comes to the Law of the Land, The Constitution and Bill of Rights, a resounding YES! These freedoms and rights came at the price of many lives and wounds, suffering and sacrifice, of our fathers and mothers . Shall we turn our backs to them and insult and desecrate such supreme sacrifice. No! If you desire bondage, then do so. Then you deserve what you get. These Constitutional laws when respected and practiced give the American citizen rights and privileges that are in harmony with the gospel, protect you, and make you superior to this corrupt and present government, which is now being trashed. Your present Senate and House of Representatives do not represent you Constitutional wise and should be brought to justice for treason for violating their Oath of Office in defending and supporting the Constitution and Bill of Rights from enemies foreign and domestic. If you don't defend this yourselves you may never get another chance again. The time is NOW to draw the line. Your local Sheriff is the law in your county and should be supported in this endeavor to defend the Constitution. May God bless us as citizens in doing so.

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