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By Peter Paton

In 1860 the Southern States rebelled from the North under Abe Lincoln, and seceded from them to form the Southern Confederacy of America, which then precipitated the American Civil War in 1861.The seeds of discontent of this ugly and scarring war was over slavery of the blacks in the Deep South, and the ramifications and repercussions of this ill fated war can still be felt to this time in America, with an invisible line that forms the former demarcation of this divide, still felt palpably in the collective subconscious of all Americans to this very day.

Now in 2012, America is riven by equally dangerous and malevolent forces in the shape of political and social ideologies, driven by a Marxist fueled President Barack Hussein Obama and his liberal Democrat Party, which has split the country once more in a gaping North and South divide, with a predominantly blue and red state split, which is polarizing the Republic into an augmented patchwork of Democrat and Republican zones, fragmented by irreconceivable cultural, social, religious and political differences and viewpoints.

Now that Obama has been re-elected for four more years, we may well witness the death of America as we know it, as the Obama administration continues its relentless pursuit and destruction of the American Constitution, annihilates the Conservative and Free Enterprise ideals, increases the colossal Federal Debt, and grants Liberty and Amnesty to an estimated twenty two million illegals and immigrants, and turns the USA into a medieval and neanderthal wasteland.

It is possible that the still deeply Religious and Conservative South, , including the non-urban Midwest, the Mountain States, and the non-coastal West, may well rebel again in the aftermath of another term for Obama, and secede from the North, to safeguard and protect the Constitution and the Christian Faith from the ravages of foreign principles of Communism and Islam, which appears to underpin the thinking and policies of the Obama Administration. If this scenario occurs, it is also envisaged that there would be a clause to allow possible entry eligibility for Conservatives living in Liberal dominated Northern States to migrate to the New Southern Confederacy. Further to this, strategic, military and economic Alliances could made by the Confederacy with like minded and sympathetic countries like the UK, Canada and Israel etc, all underpinned by a viable and feasible political and socio-economic system in the Southern States. This in turn would provide the Southern Confederacy with a Multi Lateral Nuclear Umbrella.

Peter Paton is an International PR and Strategic Adviser

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