By Oscar Y. Harward

On August 15, Bill Clinton Obama plays a round of golf with President Obama.  Was it social, or was it for safeguarding Hillary Clinton from life behind bars; if convicted of 1 or more felonies?

Since that time, Hillary Clinton seems to be developing stronger exchanges in her political dialogues.

On October 11, 2015: “President Barack Obama called Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server a "mistake," but said national security was not compromised and suggested the issue has been politicized to damage her image.”

Is President Obama ‘setting the table’ in preparation of granting Hillary Clinton a ‘Presidential Pardon’?

In the October 13 Democrat Party Presidential ‘debate’ in Las Vegas, Nevada, it is clear Hillary Clinton expressed her full strength of intensity and dominating as the Democrat Party’s candidate.

“Hillary Clinton was seen to help stabilize her faltering campaign Tuesday night with a debate performance that left little doubt she has a solid grip on the Democratic presidential race -- and may have sent a strong message to Joe Biden that time is running out if he envisions jumping in.”

“With a polished and clearly well-prepared debate performance on Tuesday night, Clinton may not have shed that perception, but she did manage to make the case that she is the best prepared of all the Democratic candidates to take the progressive fight to Republicans.”

We will likely learn soon!

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