4063768705?profile=original            Obamacare launch failure sends President’s Poll numbers plummeting

If you are one of the unlucky 2 million Americans who received an insurance termination notice due to Obamacare, then help may be on the way. It turns out that according to Fox News, the president’s plummeting poll numbers largely due to the disastrous launch of his signature legislative piece may be driving his fellow democrat lawmakers into the congressional weeds.

According to NBC News a newly released WSJ/NBC News poll shows that the failed launch of the president’s Obamacare has resulted in approval rating of 42 percent. In fact the president’s poll support numbers slid 5 points from the month before. Meanwhile White House officials and democrat lawmakers are cringing from disapproval numbers on Obamacare escalating to 47 percent.

The falling poll numbers of the president coincide with each day’s revelation of another set of insurance cancellation horrors confronting the American people and you pick the state. According to Bloomberg, in Florida, “Blue Cross and Blue Shield, is dropping 300,000 members and California’s Blue Shield and Oakland-based Kaiser Permanente will terminate a projected 280,000 who are insured.” In Pittsburgh alone, 40,000 insurance customers will lose their plans. Obamacare is wrecking havoc on American families and their healthcare costs all over the nation.

Well, this healthcare nightmare ride may been seeing a little sunlight on the horizon due to the President’s 5 point drop in the polls in less than a month since the torturous launch. With each family being kicked off of the insurance rolls, a new blue state or red state anti-Obama and democrat voter is created.

What is also occurring inside the halls of the House and Senate are Democrat lawmakers worried that the 2010 Tea Party victory may be a stream compared to what could happen in 2014. Democrats know not a single Republican voted for passage of Obamacare which makes it easier for angry voters to target any and all Democrats.

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  • Obamacare may have no teeth! My reading of the following article says it makes a very strong case for why Justice Roberts, in his Obamacare ruling, did the American people a huge favor. 95% of the American people cannot be compelled to buy Obamacare insurance and cannot be compelled to pay a penalty for not doing so. Read it for yourself. This deserves to become common knowledge throughout the land!


  • I read numerous criticisms and observations on Barrack Obama. But here is one that struck me now. This guy is a real high stakes gambler. If he loses the Senate protection of Harry reid in 2014, impeachment, and disgrace seems rather likely. But if he gains the House, its 2008 and unfettered control of Congress all over again.

    'Double-Down Obama' ought to be his moniker.

    Of course this method of gambling has been proven to ultimately fail.

  • "Well, this healthcare nightmare ride may been seeing a little sunlight on the horizon due to the President’s 5 point drop in the polls in less than a month since the torturous launch. With each family being kicked off of the insurance rolls, a new blue state or red state anti-Obama and democrat voter is created."

    Thats all well and good. But you must know that Butcheress of Benghazi, who has distanced herself from the Obama Administration, plans to stand in 2016 and state that while Obamcare was a failure, HER healthcare plan would not then, and will not now  fail.  So elect her and let her save the day!

    Or some such self-serving crap like that.

  • who do you blame? the puppet or the handler?

  • Obama gave the Big Corps. a one year delay because he knows million of Americans will lose their insurance when they have to comply with Obama Care. He also knows that there will be millions who will lose there full time employment. It would have been harder to fool the American people, that it was the fault of the cut rate insurance company's and the gready Big Corps. at the same time!
  • Between the 650 + million, and all the money spent advertising and bamboozeling "We the People "

    This monstrosity doesn't even make sense .. If it's as good as Obama and his cohorts claim, why is everyone in Washington opting out ? and all the big Corps who are in lockstep with this motley crew given waivers .. Single payer, and death panels, here we come !  this mess of a "Healthcare Plan" is failing , as this was the purpose in the first place ..

  • So What happened to the $654 million dollars ob gave to  the Canadian co.? Is this money laundering? duh

    Those polls are fixed 42% way too high at least in reality.

    No do overs for the dems period. It just gives them time to slime.

  • He will "throw everyone , including Michelle , under the bus" before anything happens to his highness Obama. As long as most of the media is still on his side (and they are) he will get by. After all he has not been touched by Benghazi , Fast & Furious , IRS going after Concervatives , & NSA spying. He thinks he is king and I think others believe that too.

  • Give the President a little credit. He has already made history. He has clearly outpaced Warren Harding and U.S. Grant for most corrupt presidency. Jimmy Carter must be thankful that he is will no longer be regarded as the most incompetent President. This President has at least three scandals going at the same time, which is a record, all of which exceed Watergate, Iran/Contra, and Monicagate in terms of impact to the nation. He still has time to surpass FDR as the president who delayed economic recovery the longest. The man is a US History treasure and he still has time to accomplish so much more.

  • Some members in the GOP are proposing a bill to delay Obama Care's individual mandate until after the web site is fixed and the American people have 90 days to sign up! I hope the Tea Party shuts down the government again if spending and our debt isn't addressed between now and when the next vote hits the floor. Forget Obama Care let the train wreck. The American people won't support us until they feel the pain!
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