4063643188?profile=original NRA - Congress must pass a law putting armed police officers in every school in America

The NRA came out with a bold plan for congress to provide armed guards in all schools across the nation as a response to the tragic elementary school murders in Newtown, Connecticut, according to Fox News. National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre made it clear in a Washington D. C. Press Conference, Friday, December 21st that the only way to confront the issue of protecting the lives of school children, teachers and administrators is to not give an inch of ground to the future gunmen and gun control hysteria. Arm all the schools and protect the children is the answer!

LaPierre vividly pointed out, "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun!" His point resonates with the tens of thousands of trained, unemployed combat veterans, retired law enforcement officials, and even military reservists across America who are potential resources. These Americans are more than willing and able to help insure the safety and security of the nation’s 132,656

According to the Center for Education Reform’s latest 2010 report, there are approximately 55,235,000 children in enrolled in K-12 schools in America. This represents millions of potential targets for an unbalanced gunman like Adam Lantz to harm or murder innocent children, teachers and administrators. This is not an option that America’s parents or society should be willing to accept.

The NRA’s new plan to provide training for all public school teachers and students to help deal with safety and security in the school is far more acceptable than waiting for President Obama and his gun-czar task force head Vice President Biden to find more punitive ways to erode gun rights in America.

The biggest barrier to preventing escalating gun violence in American schools by shooters determined to kill innocent people, is a refusal by the mainstream media to acknowledge these murderers are domestic terrorists.

When Adam Lantz cold bloodedly murdered his mother, Nancy Lantz in her bed and shot and killed 20 children and 6 adults, he was a domestic terrorist. When James Holmes walked into an Aurora, Colorado movie theater in July fully dressed in protective body armor and armed with a Glock handgun, shotgun and assault rifle, he was a domestic terrorist.

So would make perfect logic to monitor and proactively apprehend these gunmen, who appear to be suffering from some type of psychotic break, and have demonstrated previous potential for deadly violence behavior. A national database to monitor these individuals is a useful first step when they send up red flags for habitually engaging in violent threatening behavior.

America needs more than a simple as well as predictable knee-jerk reaction to attack legitimate gun owners. America needs a true counter-terrorism response to this growing threat. A national registry of high-risk individuals like the Adam Lantz’s and James Holmes of the nation should be part of a national database, just as sex-offenders as well as potential terrorist threats are monitored.

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  • Count off 13 seconds and repost, again and again, until it sinks in to FACEBOOK and Twitter users who think taking our personal right to own and USE a firearm is somehow in our best interest.


    The World Wide Web Gun Defense Clock
    Every 13 seconds an American gun owner uses a firearm in defense against a criminal.
  • TbPatriot ... YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT ! Simple, does not enter a libs mind. They believe they are far more intelectual / educated, etc.  LIBERALS BELIEVE THEY CAN "REASON THEIR WAY OUT OF ANY, AND ALL VIOLENT SITUATIONS" by outsmarting the criminal / mad man / nut case, / or? even terrorists! NOW LOOK AT THE MIDDLE EAST ! Obama's passive nature has backlashed, and undone all our Patriots have achieved since 911.

  • I think it is a good idea; but, the most cost effective way would be, where possible, for the local PD to put the office of one or two officers who are usually assigned to some kind of administrative duties, in the local school and to make sure that a police vehicle is very prominently parked in front of the school.  The Officer or Officers could do some of their routine administrative duties while being there for security as well.  It would take a little while to refine and improve the process; but, it is a step in the right direction.  Interferring with responsible gun ownership is the worst thing that could happen!

  • I also believe that each and every school teacher should be trained in the safe handling of firearms and be armed and licensed with concealed carry permits so as not to alarm the school children!

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmVSDOLwXgo

    Every totalitarian regime first disarms the populace, then the citizens become oppressed subjects, under the thumb of a police state. You can only stop a bad guy with a gun with a good guy with a gun. GUNS DO NOT KILL PEOPLE. PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE.

  • Dear Mr. LaPierre while I agree with you whole heartedly that there should be armed security in every school, the local PD. are not the ones to provide it! We have a readily available and much more highly trained supply of out of work Vets. that need jobs and I am sure they would be delighted to provide school children with the much needed security so why don't we use our heads and give those Veterans that are interested the jobs first as the police men already have jobs! Secondly since it is required by law for school children to attend school each and every day that school is in session then it should also be required by law that they are protected at out governments expense. Which in turn becomes a tax payers expense. But the law could easily be written for those who do not have school age children to have an exemption from that tax. I for one, would have gladly paid my fair share when my kids were in school to know that they were in safe hands and I don't believe any one Pro gun or anti gun would argue with this idea as it solves two problems at once and makes way too much sense, which is why it will never get off of the ground unless we the people demand that it happen!!!!!

  • A properly trained armed individual in a school along with a formidable plan for evasion would deter most evil people.

    This is quite obvious since protecting the President, military equipment, airports, etc. has always been a deterrent. 

    However, just as in the case of the President, some evil people may still attempt their heinous act in a protected school.

    There is never a 100% chance for elimination.

    But in the case of all recent activity in the schools, if a single trained individual had been on the scene, odds are that the scene would have been quite different.

  •  You can buy school equipment that is damaged.....but?  You can never bring back murdered school children, who, by the way? DIED ON SCHOOL PROPERTY.... !  Because of a NUT BAG!!

  • HOW ABOUT ... WE BAN NUT BAGS !!!!  And?  TRAIN, AND ARM SCHOOL ADMIN, WHO ARE WILLING, AND ABLE TO ACT USING FORCE IF IT IS EVER  NEEDED? And have them re-train every three months to stay at the ready.

  • Just like the Columbine shooting, Bill Clinton wanted congress to pass a gun control bill. Congress would not do it. Then we had the shooting at columbine and Bill Clinton got on the news and said " If congress does not pass this bill then more of your children will die". Guess what , congress passed the bill. Just like now, there is a " small arms control" treaty in the U.N. where the U.N. will take control of all gun legislation in all signed member countries. this shooting and most all the other ones are a government false flag operation to have a psychological affect on the American public. How about we launch a "do away with the freedom of speech operation". After all. this talk about gun restrictions offends me and causes me great distress.

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