4063643188?profile=original NRA - Congress must pass a law putting armed police officers in every school in America

The NRA came out with a bold plan for congress to provide armed guards in all schools across the nation as a response to the tragic elementary school murders in Newtown, Connecticut, according to Fox News. National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre made it clear in a Washington D. C. Press Conference, Friday, December 21st that the only way to confront the issue of protecting the lives of school children, teachers and administrators is to not give an inch of ground to the future gunmen and gun control hysteria. Arm all the schools and protect the children is the answer!

LaPierre vividly pointed out, "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun!" His point resonates with the tens of thousands of trained, unemployed combat veterans, retired law enforcement officials, and even military reservists across America who are potential resources. These Americans are more than willing and able to help insure the safety and security of the nation’s 132,656

According to the Center for Education Reform’s latest 2010 report, there are approximately 55,235,000 children in enrolled in K-12 schools in America. This represents millions of potential targets for an unbalanced gunman like Adam Lantz to harm or murder innocent children, teachers and administrators. This is not an option that America’s parents or society should be willing to accept.

The NRA’s new plan to provide training for all public school teachers and students to help deal with safety and security in the school is far more acceptable than waiting for President Obama and his gun-czar task force head Vice President Biden to find more punitive ways to erode gun rights in America.

The biggest barrier to preventing escalating gun violence in American schools by shooters determined to kill innocent people, is a refusal by the mainstream media to acknowledge these murderers are domestic terrorists.

When Adam Lantz cold bloodedly murdered his mother, Nancy Lantz in her bed and shot and killed 20 children and 6 adults, he was a domestic terrorist. When James Holmes walked into an Aurora, Colorado movie theater in July fully dressed in protective body armor and armed with a Glock handgun, shotgun and assault rifle, he was a domestic terrorist.

So would make perfect logic to monitor and proactively apprehend these gunmen, who appear to be suffering from some type of psychotic break, and have demonstrated previous potential for deadly violence behavior. A national database to monitor these individuals is a useful first step when they send up red flags for habitually engaging in violent threatening behavior.

America needs more than a simple as well as predictable knee-jerk reaction to attack legitimate gun owners. America needs a true counter-terrorism response to this growing threat. A national registry of high-risk individuals like the Adam Lantz’s and James Holmes of the nation should be part of a national database, just as sex-offenders as well as potential terrorist threats are monitored.

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  • You will never win any argument with a communist (much more accurate term than libs or leftie) with truth. Never. They are trained to never admit defeat. The only way to win is with force.

  • The Libs either don't get it or don't want to get it. Hey Libs , where is hunting mentioned in the 2A or any  State Constitution ,,,,,,, its NOT.....


  • Only too well.

  •    H. GREGORY... Remember their Sal Alinski mental disorders ... re-infused by Van Jones into their sleepy little heads. :)))  but true.

  • The NRA speech is excellent...but...

    They (Communists) are changing the focus away from the real purpose of the 2nd Amendment.

    2nd Amendment has only one purpose = to stop a government run amok.


    How do you know for sure the government is amok???




    What do our Founding Fathers expect us to do in such circumstance???



    Have we reached this point?

  • I agree with him !! Only thing is to stop an armed bad guy attacked is a good citizen to attack back! As always NBC msnbc are tthe ret of government run media are making up crap as to say more people are up set with NRA of what he said..that's the criminl media its self says tttha.Thank you Nasty lying media ...But I'll keep my guns and agree with the NRA !
  • Rockford I'll school been thst way since about 96 was very safe
  • There is armed security in rockfordf illinois secondary school before sll these shooting was very safe guess the rockford schools care more students than others felt very safe
  • We have armed guards in our banks.  Is our money really more valuable than our children?

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