By Oscar Y. Harward

When will Capitol Hill Republican Party’s leaders see and/or hear the November 2014 election messages. The first message in the 2014 election season and ignored by the GOP leadership was the defeat by Virginian Republicans to retire one of the top GOP leaders on Capitol Hill. 

A few other wins with Conservative TEA Party Republican Party defeats followed; however, many other mainstream Republicans may have been defeated and Conservative TEA Party Republican Party candidates elected had Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker John Boehner stayed out of the local GOP ‘Primary’ Elections with their own Political Action Committee (PAC) money.

Local Republicans must be allowed to make their own preference selections in ‘primaries’.  Capitol Hill leaders may endorse their choices; however, national leaders should not, otherwise, get involved unless there is a reason involving a candidate embarrassment.

Conservative TEA Party Republican candidates were in full support of ‘repeal ObamaCare, get government out of our lives allowing entrepreneurs to create jobs in the private sector, stop-the-spending, and stop illegal immigration’; issues all supported by a majority of Republicans and Conservative TEA party Republican candidates.

Prior to the November Election, President Obama said, "I am not on the ballot this fall…. But make no mistake: these policies are on the ballot, every single one of them."

GOP ‘wins’ in the November General Elections results were based more on ‘defeating’ President Obama, his political policies, and his out-of-the-stream radicalism rather than based on Capitol Hill mainstream Republicans leadership proposals.

Will Republicans’  leadership listen now or will they take their own course?  The true message in the General Election is clear; ‘Repeal ObamaCare, get governments out of our lives allowing entrepreneurs to create jobs in the private sector, stop-the-spending, and stop illegal immigration’; issues all supported by a majority of Republicans and Conservative TEA party Republican candidates.

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  • That was the messege clear and precise but the GOPE missed it.  (democrat light).  They need to go as well as they do not represent the people.  They only represent their selves, what do I get out of it?$$$. 

  • If the Republican Party do not listen to us Voters who put them in Office well I don't see future for this party.

  • It is about time someone recognized the effect of Tea Party lobbying.  Get rid of the RINOs like Boehner, McConnel, and Goodlatte.

  • The TEA Party is looking better and better all the time.  Republicans and Democrats are simply two sides of the same tired old coin.

  •  I hope one day the Tea Party would help organize all the groups on Long Island. I would try but I am a little to old. It seems that groups start up and then drift apart. 

  • Hello Oren -

    I like the way you think!    "Anchor Babies" needs to be eliminated from our vocabulary.

    "Section One:   Only persons born in the United States or its Territories and who are born of two parents, both of whom are citizens of the United States at the time of the birth of the person, shall be citizens of the United States unless naturalized under the terms and conditions of the Constitution of the United States.

    Section Two:   Only United States citizens shall enjoy the rights, benefits, and privileges of United States Citizenship.

    Section Three:   Non-citizens shall not receive federal benefits or protections."

    Good job, Oren!

  • Both "Gen. Cornpone T." McConnell and "My best weapon is the white flag of surrender" Boehner have repeatedly demonstrated they are far more closely aligned with Obama's policies than the true Republican values.  What makes anyone feel they will change?

    Had voters wanted "cooperation" with Obama, they would have elected Democrats, not Republicans.  But McConnell and Boehner, being Establishment/RINOs, barely distinguishable from Democrats, chose to ignore that OBVIOUS FACT!  They, foolishly, interpret the election as a mandate to "cooperate" with Obama to enact more anti-American bills in Congress!  Stupidity runs deep in these too comfortable in the job "leaders".

    Fear runs so deep among McConnell and Boehner, they simply cannot accept the notion that shutting down the government was bad for Republicans ONLY in the Obama loving media.  If the voters were so angry at Republcians over the government shutdown, why o why would they have voted the Republican LANDSLIDE in 2014?

    McConnell and Boehner are so blind, they simply cannot see NOR LEAD!  If they are the best that the Republicans in the Senate and House have none better, we have a much broader problem.  We must remove more Establishment/RINO Republicans from Congress!

  • The question is not 'will they repudiate the voter's message' it is quite evident that they have repudiated the voter's message.  No matter how we cut it... the GOP leadership, in both Houses of Congress, are working to repudiate the voter's rejection of ANYTHING OBAMA and especially 'Amnesty' for illegal aliens and the Affordable Care Act.

    17 States have enjoined Obama in a law suite to stop his Executive overreach ... his ILLEGAL use of his Executive power to grant Amnesty to 5 million illegal aliens.  However, we understand that the use of 'Prosecutorial Discretion' is not only an overreach but constitutes criminal malfeasance and Misprision of a Felony illegal actions.... indictable offenses... they are not simply an oversight or a matter of legal opinion, they are criminal acts.

    Congress is a disgrace...  the GOP is not much different than the LEFTIST DEMOCRAT PARTY... The GOP leadership is more than willing to use their power to promote special interests over the general public's interest and the Constitution.  Prosecutorial discretion as an excuse for granting amnesty to illegal aliens, is more than a disingenuous use of the law, it is an outright attempt to dissimilate such abuse, thru an outrageous application of the law... It cries out for IMPEACHMENT not a law suite.

    However, our GOP Leadership has taken 'Impeachment' off the table... the single most powerful measure Congress has too combat an out of control President, has been tabled.  In addition, our GOP Leadership has stated it will not shut down the government, nor will it use the power of the purse, to control the overt illegal activities of this President. With Impeachment and the power of the purse tabled, Congress becomes a mere appendage of the IMPEARIAL PRESIDENCY. The people's representatives have surrendered to King Obama, even before attempting to negotiate a better position on the field.

    Has the GOP leadership repudiated the voter... ABSOLUTELY.

  • When will we start to riot and loot for our causes just like those other people are doing and getting away with their illegal activities?  Nobody listens till violence happens is the message so that seems to be the only option if the election results do not motivate the politicians to listen the only thing that works is violence is their message.  Look at Ferguson?  They are paying attention and allowing criminal actions to happen without consequences so our youth and children and veterans coming back see this message based on actions taken and not taken by our government.  I only see one course of action in our future and it does not look pretty.

  • The citizes of the US do not want to 'Go Against Their Own Covernmental Laws               "The Constitution for that 'old - Dusrty - peace - of - paper' IS what Makes & holds the United States of America Together

    The black are the original words of the Declaration of Independence. The blue is what the U. S. Supreme Court had to say in its decision. The red is what Constitutional Concepts added to define the meaning of the word "Let."

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