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Source: USWGO Alternative News

Note: Don't use the term piracy Obama for non commercial file sharing of copyrighted files because that is a misuse of legal terms. Piracyis when you rob boats and non commercial file sharing is when peopleshare files to one another. Is that simple for you Bushama?

This is what I support politically about non commercial file sharing:

  1. I support the legalization of non commercial file sharing
  2. I support the end of Product Activation or legal rights to use activation workarounds for those that legally purchased the softwareand/or operating systems
  3. I support The Pirate Bay and other BitTorrent sites that are going against the corporate monopoly the RIAA and MPAA has over the musicindustry and movies.
  4. I also support that companies need to treat their paying customers with more respect and stop forcing them to get permission to usesoftware they already paid for. Just do something such as if it'spirated then no tech support then that will force those that need helpfrom the company to legally purchase the software and get tech supportand thats money worth spending.
  5. I will never purchase anything from Microsoft again until they remove Product Activation from all of their products, and Linux couldsound nice.
  6. I will never purchase any product that has product activation or forced Internet access install. When I pay for software I expect I willbe able to keep using it until it becomes totally obsolete. I will onlyuse operating systems without product activation.
  7. I also support that older versions of Windows should be released under Public Domain such as DOS, Windows 3.1, and Windows 95.
  8. I also will support the artists I enjoy listening to but I won't ever purchase music with digital protections on it because it violatesmy rights to reverse the audio data (Heck it could have subliminalmessaging which is illegal for advertisers) and it will violate myrights to put music I pay for on CD Players.

It made me feel as though Obama doesn't care about the oil spill victims when Barack Obama was setting a plan just like George W. Bushto crackdownon piracy which means more control of our own private lives. I amfor The Pirate Bay staying afloat and I am also for a File sharingsupporting political Party which thinks non commercial digitaldownloading and sharing should be allowed and totally legal and thatcommercial piracy and bootlegging should be punished under law.

Even if I dislike Michael Moore and his socialist views I do agree that sharing should be allowed as long as you don't make a profit out ofit and if The RIAA is losing money it has nothing to do with filesharing. The true reason the RIAA and MPAA is dying is because they keepforcing people to pay for the same movies and music in differentformats such as video tape (Tape cassette), then DVD (CD), then blu ray(WMA DRM), and then whats next. The economy is in bad shape and we justhad a oil spill and now all of the sudden Barack Obama has the nerveto say lets crackdown on piracy. Right now file sharing is not whatObama should be foscusing on right now he should be focusing every dayon the Oil Spill till it's disappeared.

I support The Pirate Bay now why? Because you have more freedom, independent (aka Indie) artists can finally havea network to publish their creations on, and a lot of times anymorewhen you legally pay for software you cannot use it without someforeign telephone assistants permission (Darn I hate calling into thoseand foreign tech supports suck most of the time and don't understandmuch of what you are saying and they make us get permission to usesoftware with these people). I think Activation workarounds should belegal because Activation is a pain for those that legally purchased acopy of any software or operating system plus their tech supportdoesn't care about you purchasing their software. The fact of thematter is once your treated like a criminal you have to repurchaseanother copy of the software and/or operating system. That is why Ithink activation workarounds should be legal and non commercial sharingshould also be legal is because if people like the software and canafford it they will buy the software but if they cannot afford it theyshouldn't be forced to pay hundreds of dollars. Also for those who havepaid for software I don't want to call in to Microsoft or any company,I just want to use the software and/or operating system because I paidfor it and they don't do this for Laptops that have preinstalledsystems, and they don't do this for TVs when we buy it they don't makeus activate our TV Sets.

Can you imagine being forced to activate your Music CD? Could you imagine being forced to get permission from the government anytime youput music on your MP3 Player?

As long as people don't make money off of software and operating system sharing I think it is OK and not a crime. If we start makingsharing copyright contents a crime it may even land poltical activistsin jail as well because some show news videos from corporate mediaoutlets and others may show parts of a documentary and if a crackdown onpiracy happens then this can also lead to political prisoners,activists being arrested for showing copyrighted content to make apoint. I know that's under Fair Use but even those exceptions havelimitations and the Obama Administration will look for loopholes toarrest activists and take away their fair use exception.

So Mr. Obama will you stop doing the same thing Bush did? Will you stop blaming non commercial file sharing and activation workarounds forthe economy and start trying to fix America like you promised when youwere a Candidate and drive out the illegal immigrants? Obama will youstart repealing NAFTA trade agreement and put a stop to GAT? Of courseyou won't you rather go after innocent customers who has decided theyrather find a way to avoid activating their copies then activate thembecause activation is annoying and makes the product you pay for totallyworthless and many advocates against Product Activation agree.

Micirosoft why don't you just stop product activation then maybe piracy will crackdown by itself!

I support the pirate bay and will add them to my list of links because they have helped the Indie community and made people more freesince they can work around product activation people can be more freeand not a slave to Microsoft and other companies strict licensingnightmares.

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I Support The Pirate bay

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