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  • Common and try to behead me boy!!

  • Those are the politicians... Do not forget our radical media. They continue to support his lies or sidestep. Of course they are still blaming Bush for things Obama has done. Remember he blamed Bush for removing the troops! It was his promise to the American voter and not long after they started coming home. He did it, but lies and the Liberal media will support what ever he does. The use of the black against truth tellers is a sidestep by the media. What is their prime reason? A One World Government with Socialism in the forefront!

  • Simple really.

    First; They are stupid

    Second: They think Obama is the Stalin of their time. And he will over through our current system, of freedom, and government. As all sheeple do they follow the goat.

    Third: they think that once the government is over thrown, they will be put in positions of power, and not get sent to the internment camps.   

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