Why the Tea Party?

A participant on this blog, who calls himself an independent, writes that he agrees with me but not with my reasoning.

Let me make myself clear. I joined the Tea Party, not to gain back what has been taken from me, but because of what Godfather Obama and his organized band of criminals is trying to take from me.

Right away, Tea Party winner Rand Paul has turned defensive. He’s accused of being against civil rights legislation. And President Obama, in the same vein of thought, has invited Mexico’s president to trash Arizona’s new law to slow the influx of undocumented Mexicans. Mexico’s president was invited to address Congress. He again trashed Arizona’s law. Administration officials and the Democrats gave him a standing ovation. It is in the interest of Mexico to send their citizens to the United States for jobs. Their illegals are sending back to Mexico over a billion dollars a year. It is in the interest of America’s Godfather and his one-world establishment to spread the wealth, and their power and control.

Many Americans don’t see anything wrong with socialism. America’s Godfather is clearly a one-world socialist. Many don’t agree with my reasoning. Let me ask those who disagree, is it immoral to be prosperous? Ask the world that question and you would get a resounding yes. Misery loves company.

In the interest of fairness, should the individual be reduced to a powerless state? Clearly, the Godfather of America dislikes our liberty. Should the American people give up our liberty for the sake of the world’s poor? Would the world’s poor be benefitted? Take a look at history. Hardly. Pray tell me, where is my reasoning wrong? Why should America’s wealth be shared, by law, with the rest of the world?

An interesting thing happened. Glenn Beck told his audience that Congressman Wiener, a New York Democrat, on his Internet site, Wienerfacts, declared that Goldline and Beck were scammers. Beck explained that he bought gold as an inflation hedge. Apparently, that offends Democrats. Beck reminded us that Glodfather Roosevelt banned ownership of gold, and passed a law that put gold owners in prison for ten years. We don’t know today what happened to all that gold Godfather Roosevelt confiscated.

At any rate, at risk of having Godfather Obama pass a law to take all privately held gold, after listening to Beck I decided to contact Goldline and buy some gold. I wrote in Google search, “Goldline.” Under Goldline appeared the words “Goldline scam.” I went to Goldline scam. A page on Goldline scam appeared on my screen. I clicked on one of the entrees. Immediately, Norton anti-virus appeared with a notice that my computer had been attacked by a virus. I was automatically taken off the Internet. I could not get back on. The next day, Beck commented that Google was inundated with Goldline requests.

The next morning I tried again. Norton anti-virus appeared with a notice that my computer had been attacked by three Trojan Horses. I could not get on the Internet. My network connection had been changed to an unknown network. I could not change it back to my network. I’m now on the main computer in my network, which is connected directly with my Internet provider.

Thank you, Congressman Wiener, for not breaking my knees with a baseball bat. Anything is fair in love and war. Wiener is a member of the Obama mafia. After calling Beck a scammer, he went to see America’s Godfather , according to Beck. Our Godfather refuses to say we are at war with Islamic terrorists. Like I say, it’s not what I want to take back that made me join the Tea Party. It’s what America’s one-world socialist Godfather wants to take from me that made me join.

In my view , no foreign enemy could defeat America. The enemy within America is about to take our liberty from us and make us one-world slaves. Those who disagree with me better wake up.

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  • You maintain the "real issue" is that the government has created so many programs that give away our tax dollars that the actual programs are going broke. No way is that the issue! There is not enough money coming in. Why? You know full well that when there isn't enough money coming in you have to cut spending. Why do you think your government has not balanced the budget, why it insists on bankrupting America? That's the real issue you are ducking. Why?

    Going back in history to the 1930s, with Germany in a deep depression, Germany went bankrupt. Hitler brought to Germany the National Socialist Party. When the German people didn't know which way to turn, Hitler promissed the German people jobs and took charge of Germany. Me and my buddies left Germany flat on the ground so that you could remain free. For shame, Irene. The real issue is that America's liberty is at stake. I'd love to know why it is impossible for you to face that reality? There are millions of Americans just like you. You've given me a poor excuse here. Please do tell us why you are frightened over what I reveal.
  • We need to deal with the real issue of what is happening and that is when people that don't contribute to our system by paying taxes then get benefits this always hit the middle class the most. The government has created so many programs that give away our tax dollars that the actual programs are goint broke because their aren't enough monies going back in.
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