Why Soleimani Had To Die

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sbl-1.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710xNancy Pelosi has a brand new catch phrase that she’s been stammering and slurring at every opportunity. “He’ll be impeached forever.”

At best, it’s a rhetorical catch phrase, and to be completely honest, it’s a meaningless slogan. President Trump’s accomplishments will far and away overshadow the coup attempts. He’s set our economy on the path to greatness, he’s reset our position to the front and center of the world stage, he’s taken on the worst trade agreements in history and reversed the playing field to our advantage, he’s cut burdensome regulations, and he has stuck it to the United Nations of thugs, thieves and despots, while pushing NATO allies to do their fair share.

Those are the things that will be reflected favorably by history, but impeachment? That will go down in history as quite possibly the dumbest thing a political party has ever engaged in.

Pelosi knows impeachment is drawing its last gasps, and that her engineered and manufactured failed impeachment coup attempt will be her legacy, and hence the desperate slogan or catch phrase, as she, and her party of wadded panties now prepare to move to the next manufactured attempted coup…


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