Why President Obama is tearing down America

We were attacked on the aniversary of 911 again!

Why weren't our American posts protected in preparation of 911? And why was President Obama NOT heeding all the warnings on line?

Maybe it's because as he did with the then President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev that after he becomes President "he will have more flexability", to support there nuclear efforts in sending them to Iran.

He is doing the same thing with the muslim countries, making them strong and the U.S. weak! He thinks being simpathic that he can get control of the world!

This sounds a lot like the description in the bible about the antichrist, charismatic, false promises, and world control?

I have been waiting for these Islamics to put on a military uniform and infultrate the trained guards!

Now that is happening, I think it will only get worse, as we pull more of our military out of Afganistan and other countries to better control and manage who is who over there to keep our milatrary safe!

So, do we still keep sending money to these countries?

And how do control the leaders who just want the money, will they get control of the brotherhoods?

What is answer?

Well, I'm sure that when Romney becomes President he will draw a line with these radicals and cut them off until they get things under control, and send more military with strick control of these out of control radicals in ALL the foregin regions, sending them on warning, NOT after they attack us but BEFORE!

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