4063624708?profile=originalWhat happened? What happened in America on November 6th in reelecting Barack Obama to a second term was indicative of how wrong conservative America is in standing up for principles. Instead, the result displayed how far left the mainstream media and the nation’s achievement challenged liberal president has performed.

Obama convinced the country to accept the notion that the America values was based on how much it could give away to targeted groups with welfare checks without work requirements. He increased food stamps to 47 million Americans and handed out education and housing vouchers to illegal immigrants, as well as gay marriage protection against federal laws that prohibit it.

The liberal pundits and mainstream media gotcha specialists have been pontificating about the Romney loss to the hate and revenge president. There are plenty of liberals and even some republican moderates in the media who have been wagging their fingers at conservatives and the Tea Party for not being more moderate in their views about abortion, illegal immigration and adding more crushing debt to the nation’s families.

In fact, conservatives did not lose this election, because in the end, they demonstrated to the nation that America does have a truly bona fide conservative movement in this country. This conservative movement is made up of the 57,588,360 plus voters who on November 6th did not compromise its values to meet the president’s liberal agenda. It will not support a president who engages in solutions which strip the nation of its sovereignty and diminish the founding conservative values and biblical principles.

What occurred in America on November 6th was the drawing of a true line in the sand. This line’s firmness is based upon conservatives and Tea Party supporters who categorically refuse to let themselves be swept away in a tidal wave of false security. These are patriots who will not accept deception from a president who believes that it is better to place a lie before the truth, and embrace character assassination instead of displaying presidential integrity.

What the nation and the world witnessed is quite clear. A community organizer from Chicago armed with the street tools he perfected from socialist Saul Alinsky’s teachings could manipulate the media and obscure the truth. This same president could even cover up the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya and lie with the full cooperation of CBS’s 60 Minutes. Worse yet, the media let him get away with it until Election Day.

So did Obama and the millions of Americans who believe that fictional accomplishments will somehow magically prevent the crushing debt from destroying their lives and their children’s future really not happen? Will the soul wrenching unemployment rate of 15 percent and more for black Americans and close to 50 percent among black teens suddenly disappear?

What about the Hispanic voters, who decided that a supporting more jobs and legal immigration was less important than supporting illegal aliens who are breaking the immigration laws of this nation. Did they embrace sticking their hands out for government handouts is an acceptable path to becoming an American?

The truth is simple. Liberals Americans believe that hope and change means that they hope that conservatives will change to adopt and embrace their failed presidential candidate’s principles. Liberal media pundits and reporters believe that conservatives should just morph into valueless citizens who are willing to embrace incompetence in Obama’s governance as the best Americans should expect. ( read more )

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  • It's time for a new party What do you think.  Tea party members-constitution party members and libertarian party members.And get involed with the tenth amendment grass-root movement.The republican party is done for me.    There are three documentries on the web and one you should buy.

    Agenda:Grinding Down America)  (Camp Fema:America Lockdown)( The great globle warming swindle)    (They came to America:Exposes the impact of illegal immigration)BUY) This documentary the producer tried to put it in the movies and on nexflix.They told him no.

  •    Obamass did NOT win the election , it was handed to him through fraud and deceit at the polls , in the corrupted counts , and the lying deceit of the mainstream media for the last six years .

  • We do not have the answers to the voting machines that were hacked, nor can we rely on any part of the government to investigate.  I am so tired of relying on the congress and senate to do anything that is of truth!  I feel we can't rely on anyone, anymore.

  • we will see

  • Thing is, planning can't wait for four years, it has to be done NOW. No more Republican Party for True Conservatives. We need ONE party, the CONSERVATIVE PARTY, and ONE Conservative Group, rather than a Tea Party and numerous others. UNITY and NUMBERS are what makes the difference. The Liberal whiners get everything they want because they know HOW to unite and work as ONE. We haven't learned that yet.

  • I don't blame the loss on Mitt. I heard his speech in Cleveland on Sunday. It was a great speech, he clearly laid out Obama;s record and his plans to put America on the right track. Mitt's speech was 95% conservative values. We lost because there are fewer conservatives. The young vote for Democrats because of the influence of the liberal media and schools. When someone with a record as bad as Obama's is elected, there is more to the loss than conservatives stayed home. Who would if he/she were a true conservative? We are seeing the beginnings of one party socialist rule in the USA. Only a new Constitutional Party with a clear conservative voice can make a difference in the disaster that will overcome this country in the next 4 years.

  •                                                          You want to know why we lost:

    "When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic."

    — Benjamin Franklin

                                              And truly, this occurred November 6, 2012
            #2 The media shut down any information that could have affected Obama's re-election
            #3 Free Stuff, #4 Stupidity and ignorance of the American public and the GOP good old   boys #5 Women who fell for the democrat tricksters and voted on single issues that did not have anything to do with getting America on track, again.
  • I was cheering for Mitt because of his business background.  I remember the mess Mitt inherited from Michael Dukakis.  Turned Mass. from Red to Black in 4 years.  And the current govenor spent it back into the red again.  I think the problem with this election was; no clear conservative choice.  We don't need more moderates we need more conservatives.  And I mean real Converatives, not just wearing the Conservative placard when it's convenient.

    We need a "True Conservative Party" ie Tea Party and there's no place for "Conservative Liberals" or "Liberal Conservatives".  That's just a different side of the same coin.

    We have 4 years to plan, and we need to plan. 

  • Elected Officials need to LEAD by example.  Let them take a pay cut, they do not get a raise unless WE VOTE ONE for them.  There are over 14,000 vacant Government Buildings in the US.  WHY IS THE GSA IGNORING THEIR JOB.  Have the Government OCCUPY these VACANT Government Buildings, Lease them out or Sell them to pay down our debt.  Don't talk about Social Security as an entitlement, I paid all my working career 47 years into it.  Entitlements are Something you get for nothing....like welfare, medicaid.  Let's also cut the funding to many of the programs that should be self-sufficient, including PBS, The Arts, eliminate duplicating education programs which eliminates 68 programs saving 1.3 billion annually.  Amtrak receives 1.565 billion a year, they purchase a hamburger for $9 and sell it for $7, something wrong with this picture.  They need to be self sufficient, don't take cash, only credit an debit cards, make people accountable.  No one is minding the store.  There are thousands of programs that need to be looked at.  I WOULD BE WILLING TO BE PART OF THE COMMISSION THAT LOOKS AT THE GOVERNMENT WASTE.  YOU CAN'T HAVE THE FOX GUARDING THE HEN HOUSE.  WE THE PEOPLE CAN FIND CUTS AND WE ARE FISCAL CONSERVATIVES.

  • Are you kidding. In NY  there was not a peep (maybe 2 peeps)about the Republican running for the Senate. I went to a Republican Rally and there were 5 people and they were tea party folks. So where were the Republicans?  My tea party states that we are Republicans, that is bull I am an independent, so now I will not go to any of their meetings. We have to get some sort of who we are, what we are, and what do we want to do

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