Tonight on the State of the Union speech Barack Obama will ask the secretary to Warren Buffet to stand up and then point out that she pays more in taxes than her boss. If Barry is honest of course (there is always a first time) he will qualify that by saying that it is her tax rate that is higher than Warren's not the amount of taxes that she actually pays. This will be part of Obama's class warfare approach to the American people.

Warren Buffet picked up the phone and told Barry do not authorize the keystone pipeline (that would create at least 20 thousand jobs) ! Why? In South Dakota where unemployment is at 3.9% thanks in part to the drilling of oil and natural gas, the oil is shipped by the Burlington LLC railroad that is is owned by Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway. Warren doesn't want the competition obviously. When Warren and George Soros tell Barry to jump he merely asks how high oh great puppeteer of mine.

Is Newt really more electable than Mitt Romney? Maybe not! Newt might be able to out debate Obama, but the media will have more dirt on Newtie than it thinks it has on Romney. Including, but not limited to: (1) Newtie voted for cap and trade. (2). He was for going green and the global warming propaganda before he was against it, as he sat with Nancy Pelosi on a sofa in the Whitehouse to supposedly share like concerns. (3). The media and Obama will gleefully point out that Newtie was drawing a $25.000 a month salary from Freddie Mac while said entity was in the process of creating the mortage fiasco. 

(4). Newtie is clearly a Washington D.C. insider, so how much schmoozing can we expect from Newt with the Democrats. (5). How did Newtie create jobs as speaker of the house? Others were actually responsible for that with Newtie just happening to be there during the job growth under reagan. (6). Although politicans will play to their particular audience, Newt will say what is convenient to the people he is talking to. At one campaign stop he took credit for being on the Barry Goldwater bandwagon early on when the conservative movement as taking hold. Yet, at another campaign stop he said he proudly served as an aid to Nelson Rockfeller at the same time, the liberal Republican from New York who would become a V.P. under Nixon. (7). Newt is a serial cheater. One affair perhaps is a lapse in judgment , but to casually enter into another one bespeaks a morally flawed person.  

The only real conservative in this race and who would also do a vary credible debate job with Obama is Rick Santorum, but he isn't funded that well which will severly handicap him. Yes, Romney is not capable of being as verbally viscious with Obama as Newt would be, but the media has far less ammuntion to use against him than it does against Newt. Hopefully, Mitch Daniels of Indiana who will give the response to Obama's speech tonight, is considered strongly as a V.P, on whomever gets the Republican nomination.    





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  • Pat - Your comments rightly touch on an area that has not been broached in any of the debates and probably won't be directly, that being the criminal element in the Congress and Senate that is reflected glaringly by insider trading which though legal is as unethical as it gets. Others go to jail for insider trading while elected politicians get rewarded by becoming wealthier. This also applies to presidents who have gotten extremely wealthy during and after their presidency, which includes influence peddling politely called lobbying, with Madelin Allbright and Bob Dole coming to mind among others.

    Voters have to give up looking for the so-called perfect candidate who is pristine in every way, leaving us with trying to figure out who will be the most ethical and not looking to enrich themselves and/or their friends. Poltically, Romney is a Rockefeller type Republican. Although, ethically and morally I grade him pretty high along with Santorum. He is known to be a cheapskate in his personal life and with his kids, and will be taking a serious paycut in any job he takes including the presidency,  and would probably donate his salary to charity. There does need to be a serious dialogue and commitment with whomever gets the nomination to taking serious efforts against criminal Congressional activities including insider trading, quid-pro-quo arrangements twixt corporations and polticians, lobbying after leaving office, etc. When Newt accepted a contract with Freddie Mac he wasn't all that financially solvent, But he can now buy 6 figure jewelry at Tiffanys for his wife. There is no doubt that he can out-debate Obama, but I'm left to wonder who is the most vulnerable when it comes to the media and Obama campaign after the Republican nominee has been selected. Beyond Romney's health care plan as governor which mirrors Obama's in many ways, there isn't too much substantive material for the media to blast away at. Politicians and others from Newt's past along with respected conservative oundits seem to have a love or hate stance with him. A third party adventure would of course give Obama a second term. Although, an independent party should start forming for the future so that it is fully functional and not just a last gap notion when the next election comes along.

    Whomever gets the Republican nomination at least we will have a non-socialist, and someone with a  strong American background who knows what this country's values are and will seek to restore them and not transform them to European socialism and morality as Obama desires to do.                             

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