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(Award winning author, Poet Fellow, Jeannie Angel Award winner as Creator, Producer & Host of radio and cable TV shows, Women Fight Back, Issues of the Day, and currently, Rose Colombo's World Views;  and Consumer Advocate for Social Justice, Entrepreneur - dedicated to fighting back against injustices helping people across this nation for 25 years as a Legal Coach and Activist.)

On or about 2007, Senator Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro announced in a taped interview that he would not run for U.S. President because he's too inexperienced.  Obama proved to be a flip flopper before the 2008 presidential campaign began!  After announcing his lack of experience to be a U.S. President, Obama changed his mind and announced he was a presidential candidate. He applied for the job after he succeeeded in the implementation of his worldwide mandated abortion bill, the Global Poverty Act, secretly requiring Americans to pick up the tab for worldwide abortions, which was approved by Biden, Kerry, Feinstein, and the CFR on or about December 7, 2007.  Immediately upon his inauguration, Obama signed his worldwide mandated abortion bill as an Executive Order aka the Millennium Development Goal, in line with the U.N.'s Agenda 21, which promotes reducing the population of the planet at 50% by the year 2015.   

According to a myriad of eligibility lawsuits, Obama traveled from Indonesia to Pakistan about 1980-1981 on a foreign passport and the question remains unanswered as to why he traveled to Pakistan right before his re-entry into the U.S.  Did Obama repatriate himself upon his re-entry into the U.S. as required by law, which would make him a "naturalized" citizen only?  Or, did Obama re-enter the U.S. using a foreign student visa?  And, what about his legal Indonesian adoption? Also, the question remains unresolved if Obama re-entered under the name of Barry or Barack or Bari and when did he legally change his name from Barry or Bari to Barack on U.S. soil?  When did he apply for a social security number so he could work or attend universities or take out foreign student loans within the United States? Also, the unanswered question is a criticial as to whether or not Obama legally repatriated himself upon re-entry into the U.S.? 

In fact, Obama states that his father entered the U.S. as a foreign born exchange student and attended the University of Hawaii as well as Harvard on America's dime, yet he's an alleged Communist and anti-American Muslim who believed Americans were an oppressive people. If you recall, Obama refused to wear "that pin" the U.S. flag on his lapel stating that other countries believed America was an "oppressive" nation. On the other hand, why would Obama be provided a U.S. Social Security number if he entered the U.S. with a foreign student visa after re-entering the U.S. about 1982?  Remember, Obama couldn't have been issued a U.S. Social Security number as a child even if born in Hawaii because the U.S. didn't issue social security numbers to U.S. natural born and naturalized U.S. legal citizens upon birth or as minor children until the late 70's, which was at a time, when he was alleged to be living as an adopted legal citizen of Indonesia. And, why did Obama register with the Selective Service if he entered the United States on a foreign student visa after his legal Indonesian adoption while living in Indoensia?  The Indonesian law at the time Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama's mother, married Lolo Soetoro, required that Obama automatically renounce his U.S. citizenship at the time of the legal adoption. According to documented records, Lolo Soetoro and Stanley Ann Dunham legally changed Obama's name to Barry Soetoro?  All these questions remain unanswered as well as a scandal and a mystery.

Shockingly, Obama stated on video that his "real" Muslim dad, Barack Hussein Obama, was a foreign student and that his dad and grandfather, were born and raised in Kenya, while under British rule. He states his grandfather herded goats. It's mind boggling and difficult to understand how the U.S. federal government and the media can hear those words from Obama's own lips and ignore his statements in writing and from his own lips that his long line of Muslim relatives, his grandfather and "real" dad, Barack Hussein Obama, was foreign born in Kenya and Kenya was ruled by Britain.  Yet, the congress and Justices intentionally "avoid" those words, which are not in accordance with Article II of the U.S. Constitution, which the U.S. Justices, Congress, Senate and law enforcement swore to uphold. Ironically, the U.S. federal government isn't concerned about Obama's identity, but they are over reaching and trampling on the U.S. Constitution and the power of "limited government" by intrusively invading and spying on every U.S. law abiding American who pay their wages.

In addition to Obama's words, the definition of constitutional laws are written in the book, the "Law of Nations."  The "Law of Nations" is the law book that the Framers used to define Constitutional Laws.  The Framers wrote the "Law of Nations" into the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence as their bible which lawmakers use when defining all constitutional laws, so judges and lawmakers wouldn't manipulate the laws, or abuse their power. So, for 235 years, the Justices, Judges, Congress, and Law Professors have used the "Law of Nations" as the final definition of constitutional laws which includes Article II.  The "Law of Nation's" definition clearly states only a U.S. Natural Born Citizen is to be eligible to be a U.S. President.  It clearly states that a "baby born on U.S. soil to two legal U.S. citizens" is the only citizen eligible to be a U.S. President, otherwise, the usurper steals the opportunity of the U.S. Natural Born Citizen to be a U.S. President for they believed that only a U.S. Natural Born Citizen will love his natural born nation like no other who has natural born foreign roots upon birth.  It is a birthright passed down from U.S. Natural Born fathers to their children to preserve U.S. Constitutional laws, the Bill of Rights, traditions, Western lifestyle, Judea-Christian roots, Western civilization, as well as, prevent foreigners from conspiring to steal America and change America into their nation.

Sheriff Arpaio and his posse as well as Obama's lawyers state that Obama's on-line birth certificates are forgeries or fraudulent which have been published on the internet since 2008. Obama and Michelle refer to Kenya as Obama's "home country."  His Kenyan grandmother and the Kenyan Parliament, and many Kenyan and worldwide newspapers and magazines over the years without opposition by Obama state that Obama was born in Kenya.  Yet, when questioned, they suddenly state it was a "mistake," but how could so many professional publishers with liability issues make up Obama's birth and risk publishing false information about Obama for decades? Michelle and Obama stated that he was born in Hawaii, but to my knowledge, he hasn't openly stated, "I am a U.S. Natural Born Citizen."  Isn't it a fact that some of the most famous and successful tyrannical leaders have suffered from illusions of grandeur and narcissm and ended up believing whatever they wanted to believe about themselves lusting for power - control - wealth - believing they're untouchable - indestructable -feared - for self-gain?

Consequently, the question remains a mystery why senators Obama and Hillary Clinton attempted to remove the words U.S. Natural Born Citizen by attaching an amendment to Rep. McCaskill's military bill prior to the presidential elections back in 2008.  After all, the only person who might be able to benefit from eliminating the words "U.S. Natural Born Citizen" from Arrticle II of the U.S. Constitution, would be Obama, not Hillary.  The question also remains why did Hillary Clinton assist Obama in an attempt to eliminate the words, U.S. Natural Born Citizen, from  Article II, if she wanted to win the presidential election?  Did Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and John McCain have knowledge that Obama's father was foreign born and a subject of Britain prior to the elections?  If so, why would they conceal that information during the campaign and mislead the American people? 

Again, Obama wrote in his book, Dreams of My Real Father, and stated on video more than once during speeches that his father was a foreign student and his grandfather and father were foreign born and raised in Kenya. He said that he comes from a long line of  Muslims born in Kenya and that his foreign born grandfather herded goats in Kenya. He also mentions that Kenya was under British rule.  So, how is it possible to be a U.S. President when one parent is admittedly born in a foreign nation and a subject of Britain even if Obama had been born in Hawaii, as he'd still be ineligible to be a U.S. President according to Article II.  In fact there are published articles stating Obama sr. was married with children in Kenya when he attended the University of Hawaii and Harvard, so how could he marry Stanley Ann Dunham?  Where's all the photos of Stanley Ann's pregnancy?  The photos of the happy grandparents?  The photos of the new mom and baby?  Why did Stanley Ann end up in Washington at the same time as Malcolm X, who also traveled to Jakarata, thereafter? This is a web that probably began after WWII ended.  The world cheered and were led to believe Communism was defeated, but was it defeated or just dismantled?  Could it be that underground reptilians began plotting to create a Manchurian Candidate and a movement for the resurrection of Communism on U.S. soil?   

Furthermore, shouldn't Obama be declared a "naturalized" citizen if he repatriated himself upon re-entry into the U.S. about 1981, which occurred after he was legally adopted by his Indonesian stepdad and legally named as Barry Soetoro, upon re-entry into the U.S.?  Obama inherited his birthright from his Kenyan born father, who was a subject of Britain, making Obama the son of a foreign born father and a subject of Britain at birth under the British Nationality Act of 1948, if Barack Hussein Obama, sr. is his "real" dad.   

Consequently, my research reveals that the U.S. and Indonesia did not recognize dual citizenship at the time of Obama's legal adoption by his Indonesian stepdad, Lolo Soetoro, an alleged Communist. Lolo Soetoro legally changed Obama's name from Barack or Bari Shabazz to Barry Soetoro according to many lawsuits and news articles, but when did Obama legally change his name from Bari or Barry to Barack on U.S. soil upon re-entry remains unanswered by the federal government.  Ironically, talk show hosts talk about dual citizenship, but as I stated many times, at the time of Obama's adoption, Indonesia didn't recognize dual citizenship but required that a U.S. citizen renounce his citizenship or he couldn't attend school in Indonesia which can be verified by researching Indonesian law. 

The significance of Article II is profound and most Americans don't understand why.  As I continue to reiterate because it is of the utmost importance, the Framers believed that only a baby born on U.S. soil and born to two U.S. legal Citizens (not one foreign born parent)  will love his country and her people with a natural passion and desire to preserve U.S. laws, roots, religion, traditions, culture, and Western Civilization for their children and grandchildren and future generations as a "natural" born act.  The Framers believed Article II could help Americans prevent a usurper, a foreigner, an anti-American enemy and his supporters, who loved their foreign nation, from infiltrating and stealing the United States of America, or exterminating Americans or enslaving them.  The Framers crafted the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence with the intent was to prevent foreigners, whose natural roots lie elsewhere or they are torn between two nations, couldn't change or dominate America with the intent of eliminating Western civilization and through attrition changing America into their foreign civilization. Hitler stole European countries during WWII through tyrannical laws using threats, fear, and punishment.  Hitler was extremely successful at implementing his evil and inhumane acts against humanity.  His laws mandated compliance or else people were indefinitely detained or inhumanely experimented upon, raped, starved or assassinated by his accusation alone for non-compliance.  

Remember, a baby born on U.S. soil to one foreign born parent and one U.S. Natural Born parent is not a U.S. Natural Born Citizen, but can only be a "naturalized" citizen, and naturalized citizens aren't eligible to be a U.S. President as stated in the "Law of Nations."  An adopted foreign who renounced his U.S. citizenship automatically according to that foreign nation's laws is no longer a U.S. Citizen,  For example, Indonesia at the time of Obama's adoption did not recognize dual citizenship nor did the United States of America. it would seem logical that upon Barry aka Bari aka Obama's re-entry into the U.S. as a young adult that he must have re-entered about 1981 using his foreign passport after traveling between Indonesia and Pakistan to the U.S.   Barry Soetoro would need to repatriate himself as Barry Soetoro, which would make him a U.S. "naturalized" citizen, not a U.S. Natural Born Citizen, but did he repatriate himself upon re-entry into the U.S.

Remember, only upon his re-entry into the U.S. could he legally file for a name change with the courts.  So did he have a U.S. Driver's License about 1981-1982 after re-entry and under which name did he apply for a U.S. Driver's License?  How did he register himself with immigration, law school, or Selective Service and so forth, yet, all that information has been concealed, but for what purpose?

The Framers believed that it is a right to inherit U.S. Natural Born Citizenship at birth as the birthright of the U.S. Natural Born baby is passed down from his or her father as a generational inheritance.  The Bible gives many examples of the importance of a birthright and that it should be respected, cherished, and preserved so strangers can't steal the birthright passed down through generations.  The Framers also used the Bible to write constitutional laws. The Framers intentionally included Article II and the words U.S. Natural Born Citizen so a usurper, a foreigner, a naturalized citizen, an illegal, and anti-American, who didn't believe in the Bible or Judea-Christian roots,  freedom and liberty, couldn't slip into the highest office in the land and change the nation to a foreign nation against the will of the American people.  They wanted to prevent a usurper from shredding their hard work including due process of law or shredding the entire U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights. 

After all,  American citizens can't enter into foreign nations and run for the highest office in their land because they'd be jailed, killed, or deported if the American stated they came to change their foreign nations and behaviors, laws, and religions or traditions and if their citizens didn't comply, they'd be punished.  So, why would Americans allow foreigners to change America?

Most important is the fact that the Framers wrote constitutional laws to prevent a usuruper or his anti-American supporters from eliminating Judea-Christian roots, or indefinitely detaining Americans and assassinating unarmed Americans based upon the accusation of one man. They didn't want Americans to experience full body radiation without protective coverings by strangers playing doctor without State Board Licenses. The Framers didn't want American women and children naked x-rayed, or molested by government.  They didn't want  American families radiated and spied upon with smart meters or tracked with microchips. They attempted to prevent a usurper and his supporters from  pilfering  America's wealth and resources or redistributing America's wealth to foreign lands.

Of course, there are people who say Article II is unimportant, but it is vitally important.  The Framers created and suffered for attempting to write laws that would prevent future innocent Americans after their passing from having their property stolen through eminant domain or wrongfully incarcerated. The Framers intentionally attempted to protect - the right to life - so that usurpers wouldn't slaughter millions of future U.S. Natural Born Citizens with the intent of reducing the population of future U.S. Natural Born citizens by implementing mandated abortions.  They wanted to prevent the reduction of U.S. Natural Born Citizens born on U.S. soil resulting in U.S. natural born citizens ending up as the minority in America.  If rationing and denying health care services and mandated abortions of U.S. Natural Born Citizens were to be enacted by the federal government under ObamaCare, similar to Communist China mandating abortions, the federal government could reduce the population of U.S. Natural Born Citizens in line with Agenda 21 within 10-20 years under the guise of of women's rights.  Such an evil mandate would reduce the number of U.S. Natural Born Citizens and create a majority of foreign born citizens and U.S. Natural Born Citizens could become a forgotten people and nation such as Atlantis. This is why Article II is vital to the preservation of the United States of America.  After all, Europe could have been a forgotten nation and it was nearly a reality that  the Jews and Catholics could have been totally exterminated if the United States of American hadn't intervened and defeated Hitler and his Nazi regime.

In conclusion, based upon Obama's public writings and statements exposing the fact that his grandfather and father were Muslims, foreign-born, and raised in Kenya under British rule, even at the time of Obama's birth, making Obama a subject of Britain established by the British Nationality Act of 1948, the eligibility issue according to Article II continues to remain a mystery as to how it is of little concern to the U.S. Congress and U.S. Supreme Court Justices as well as the mainstream media. 

Never forget that the "Law of Nations" defines a U.S.Natural Born Citizen as a baby born on U.S. soil to two U.S. Legal Citizens and as a Birthright.  John McCain was born on a U.S. Military base to two legal U.S. Natural Born parents making him a U.S. Natural Born citizen, so there is a big difference between Obama's eligibility and that of McCain's eligibility. It's important for every American to Preserve, Protect, and Cherish their Birthright inherited at birth when a baby is born on U.S. soil  to two legal  U.S. Citizens for the sake of their children and grandchildren. The U.S. Justices and Congress may "avoid" Article II, but they cannot avoid the fact that Article II is the law of the land.  All federal public servants, who have "avoided" or "ignored" properly vetting a U.S. President to determine if he is a "usurper" have done a great disservice to our Framers, U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, Freedom, Liberty, Republic, and U.S. Flag, as well as our nation and the U.S. Natural Born and legal generational American citizens, who by their blood and sweat pay the price and their wages believing that they would uphold, defend, protect, and preserve the U.S. Constitution, including Article II!  Shame on them!


Rose Colombo, an award winning author and public speaker as well as the author of the Irwin Award winner book seen in international magazines and on-line, "Fight Back Legal Abuse" empowering people to protect themselves from constitutional violations and legal abuses, is the host of a new on-line radio show - Rose Colombo's World Views Live on Wednesdays at 3:30 pm (pdt-usa) - and archived for your listening convenience -  (visit Rose on FB or Twitter: Rose4Justice) 




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  • Getting on here and ranting isn't solving anything.


    Who in this Tea Party Administration can help see that this is done?

  • Neither Obama or Romney want to talk about their "natural born citizen" qualifications because neither qualifies as an Article ll 'natural' born Citizen.

    It's interesting: the courts have recently stated that the 14th Amendment bestows Article II 'natural' born US citizenship on all those born within US jurisdiction.  

    But the truth is exactly the opposite.

    Only 'naturalized' citizens at birth who receive their US citizenship by privilege of positive law need be born "within the jurisdiction."

    A true Article II  'natural' born Citizen does not need to be born "within the jurisdiction" to receive its US citizenship at birth. Natural born Citizens receive their US citizenship rights naturally under the cloak of allegiance of the father and not by privilege of positive law. This is what the qualifier "natural' means in Article ll 'natural' born Citizen

    ex animo


  • sorry misspoke threats wont stop us. lies,coverups,deception,distortion distractions threats,bans,blocks, all will be exposed including muslum o with all corruption

  •  A week ago I posted a long list of conservative groups,media etc- nothing is off limits, no threats will stop us

  • It's off limits because Obama needs all the illegal aliens to vote for him,what else. MC

  • The only way the media will report the truth about Obama is to smack them in the face with the facts, Sooner or later it will catch up with them, like hiding the reall unemployment numbers. Hopefully the truth will come out for the October Surprise against them?

  • I have asked them same questions being asked here, not as well written or as easy to read, but the questions are still there, how did he travel, how come no one investigated both Barry and Moo-chelle making the Kenya birth comments, why has no one investigated his many photos of him dressed in full muslim garb, or ask how a christian believer can quote the Koran, but cannot answer  as simple question out of the bible? or the fact he made it clear the most beautiful sound in the world was the call to prayers, why would a christian make that statement?

    Obama (if I understand this correct, if not can or would someone help me understand this better) when he took the oath of office swore under oath he had never used a named other than Barack, the minutes he said no, under the law and in violation of the Contitution he was and did commit Perjury, and the minute he was not only able to state this lie, he was so damn arragant the inept prick made them do it again,

    I know this when I started seeing the frauds face over FDR, Kennedy and others I was first angered then I was livid with the fact the media was telling me how great he was, how he was the second coming of the lord, yet he had nothing to prove he could even part a stream let alone a ocean, I was angered that the media was compairing him and the knuckle dragging fat ass to the Kennedys, when in reality he was/is nothing more than a fraud 

    I could see right through all his lies, his hatred for the American Flag right from the start should have been a clue, or the comment about "FUNDAMENTALY CHANGING" the way we live, I knew when he said we are no longer a nation of Christain values, we was in trouble

    We as a nation, the strongest nation need to releive this inept arrogant of the job he does not want anyway, we need to make the fat ass heffer pay the country back for all her classy vacations and her familty, then since she told us we all think she is the "angery black women" we can send her and the two bit lying barry to Kenya, then she can be proud of someting for the sencond time in her life and barry can be their dict ator 

  • A radical muslim group are holding a "islam revival" in Chicago, IL, right here on American soil!! When are we Tea Partiers going to come together and do the same. We need to have a major conference somewhere in this country (Kansas City/Omaha) to let those that would try to destroy Our Country that we will not allow it to happen and we are fed up with the attacks on our Republic.


    It is imperitive that Americans Unite around a succint exspression of the American ideology.  At current Americans are too divided, aloof or indifferent to the dangers of usurpers working their combinations of destruction. The Constitutional "Ensign to the Nation" is the Rallying standard of restoration. Go to the link above to view the Ensign. Visit our group page on FB "Future Patriots of 1776" You may contact me at 662 574 1621 We can no longer wait for leaders who don't know the way.

  • @ Grace Polaris , You are 100% right in your acessment , THEY ARE, and have been ,from the very beginning !

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