Why is Liberalism so Wildly Destructive?

8612633699?profile=RESIZE_400xIf Major Leftism, aka USSR & Commie China, Killed 200 Million, What's the Defect? Why is Liberalism so Wildly Destructive?

Intro: Having observed liberalism for many years, here are observations which would appear to explain its inevitably catastrophic nature. By reading history and observing current events one easily deduces that the more liberal ideas are applied, the more failure results. Total liberalism = absolute destruction.

I. Lack of Fact Centered Beliefs:
The first and most obvious trait of Leftism is the theory lacks any provable core facts. This explains why they deify a cult of ‘science”—because if they represent “science” then they can beat down opponents with this shtick yet avoid scrutiny. Again, much Leftism relies on impossible to prove postulates such as Evolution or Global Warming. If Evolution provides an unrepeatable set of events, it is un-testable and fails the scientific method outright. Again, recall, Anthropomorphic Global Warming has never given rise to any accurate predictions in 50 years, but is daily hyped in the press as menacing earth to sell public policy.

Now, claims to redefine gender plow new, toxic soil in the goal of propagandizing the credulous. How would anyone “prove” a person’s gender since it’s based upon their current, ephemeral mental state? If a person changed their mind many times a day on which sex they are, who could deny their gender flip-flopped like a boated fish – all day long?!! Overall, Leftism presents a kingdom of opinion, always expanding, never static which is then rigged to punish or outlaw any dissent. But how will a society survive without any debate over important issues?

II. Desire for Revenge & Need to Prove Evils of Capitalism
Another inescapable aspect of modern Leftism is its bottomless thirst for revenge. Revenge for what, you ask? Good question. Outside of slavery, which no one defends, it’s a litany of unproved accusations based on ever-increasing types of harm and oppression against an incredible, ever-expanding victim pool. But the casual approach liberals take to destruction of institutions, subsets of the population and the economy is jaw dropping. If the US economy collapsed due to Covid 19 incompetence and wild spending of deficit trillions, would the Democrats celebrate? Yes. The main reason capitalism is tagged as evil is because Marx claimed the rich steal from the poor. Therefore, mixed messages from Democrats reveals a true hatred of capitalism, merely providing funds for our democratic republic to survive and thrive.

III. Insatiable Need for Revolution
Leftist suffer from a sad bankruptcy of profound ideas or productive policies. This is why Leftists cannot separate from the umbilicus of Marxism. Because there are no wholesome thoughts associated with Leftism. Instead, following Marx’s crazy claims, they demand revolution in the most sanguine and sunny times. When Democrats support Leftist DAs who refuse to enforce “quality of life” laws, they are attempting to illustrate the unseemly underbelly of capitalist society. Massive homeless compounds, used needles littering city streets, fecal piles and scary crime rates all prove the need for “Revolution.” Karl Marx’s writing partner stated at his funeral, “For Marx was before all else a revolutionist. His real mission in life was to contribute, in one way or another, to the overthrow of capitalist society and of the state institutions which it had brought into being.”

IV. Unstable Rules, Evolving Ideas & Irrationality
Another unmistakable detail of Leftism is its addiction to chaos and evolving standards which are illogical, historically indefensible and clearly deleterious to society as a whole. The BLM/Antifa/Floyd riots, looting, assaults and arson across the country were ignored and even encouraged by Democrats like Pelosi. Vice President Harris actually bailed out rioters who returned to the affray. So, what sense does it make to decry “Capital Riots” after yawning at national violence for months? Ultimately, Leftists employing shifting standards, rules and laws fosters a sense chaos, anarchy and nihilism. According to Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle – If rules are not established, no one can predict the future. This gives Democrats a decided advantage. Because they never have to follow the rules in any encounter and will use subterfuge, dissembling and political pressure to rig a colossal and impossibly biased attack. Against a timid foe this makes them unbeatable.

V. Liberalism as Religion
The chief reason Leftism lacks rigor and historic structure is that it’s not really a political movement at all, but a religious belief system. This is why a lack of rigor doesn’t bother the adherents, who are fine with the command-control structure, not unlike Catholicism. Leftism as a pseudo-religious cult, it’s always adapting to a combination of the latest trending theories, presented as unimpeachable facts, then buttressed by statutes and punishments.

Influential Leftist philosopher August Comte first suggested a Religion of Humanity in a society led by various “scientists”, purifying society from all superstition. The dream of the Enlightenment! It’s no coincidence a flight from reason and God was introduced by Comte, a man institutionalized at Dr Esquirol’s Sanitarium, then released as “uncured.” Today this pseudo-political cult offers apocalyptic environmentalism, unbridled wealth redistribution, radical political monism, pseudo-scientific evolutionary ethics, a full-blown sex cult, anti-free speech politicking, and gender-erasing efforts of a Frankenstein movement to deliver hormone blocking, sex reorientation even on preteens.

VI. Why do the Heathen Rage
What is this crazed effort to overturn all human history for a techno-tyrannical Marxism – on the level of difficulty in trying to boil the ocean? Psalm 2 likewise asks “Why do the heathen rage?” The answer is because the Lord is scorned, so reality is rejected. At some level, all the present, crazed innovations are reducible to a war with God. Fake religions, driven by humanism are meant to replace authentic religion. As Eric Nelson wrote in The Theodicy of Liberalism, the entire argument is actually a debate over Theodicy (aka God’s goodness in a broken universe) which finally gives birth to liberalism. Two thousand years ago it started as a theological argument then migrated to the philosophical world and is now the hidden battle driving politics. But the same question is always jousted over – Whether God is truly good.

But as Eric Voegelin wrote in The New Science of Politics – the ultimate war involves attempted deicide – trying to murder God. Why? Consider, once we rid ourselves of God, the notion of sin can be jettisoned – no longer to torment and damn mankind. Yet, this massive historical folly is doomed to fail. And all wasted efforts eminently avoidable once humans admit the most basic facts of the universe. Unfortunately, we try to hide our essential nature, like Adam and Eve skulking off to hide in the Garden from God after sin.

Instead, we must accept our origin and the state of mankind in a world deformed by sin and its consequences, for only then can we logically accept and benefit from a gracious and unmerited salvation. 

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  • Title Correction: Nazi-ism.... Look it up, same definition what's happening now!!!!
  • The fool has said in his heart there is no God... his arrogance and pride drive him to rebellion as he seeks to replace God as god. Too, be God is his goal.
  • What a heap of sh-t! January 6. Rumphole wanted to overthrow the Constitutional government. that is the ultimate evil. We'd descend to Fascism.

    Col Nelson: I am a liberal; I am a faithful Christian. I see more occult in the Rumphole cult. I don't try to overthrow the Constitution that you served. January 6. That's the way of death.
  • Humanism is the religion of Liberals... they celebrate the fallacies of mankind. I am reminded of the scripture... Proverbs 16:25 - KJV - "There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death." Liberalism is an occult that is based on lies and death is its most stable and repeatable axiom.
  • Very well said.
  • Well said... Mankind is indeed wrestling with God and will find no rest until he surrenders unto his creator and benefactor.
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